The Ontario Law Reports: Cases Determined in the Court of Appeal and in the High Court of Justice for Ontario, Opseg 19

Canada Law Book Company, 1910

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Stranica 29 - Any carrier or party liable on account of loss of or damage to any of said property shall have the full benefit of any insurance that may have been effected upon or on account of said property, so far as this shall not avoid the policies or contracts of insurance: Provided, That the carrier reimburse the claimant for the premium paid thereon.
Stranica 155 - Judge may, at any stage of the proceedings, either upon or without the application of either party, and on such terms as may...
Stranica 262 - That he became the holder of it before it was overdue, and without notice that it had been previously dishonored, if such was the fact.
Stranica 460 - ... (3) A retiring partner may be discharged from any existing liabilities by an agreement to that effect between himself and the members of the firm as newly constituted and the creditors, and this agreement may be either express or inferred as a fact from the course of dealing between the creditors and the firm as newly constituted.
Stranica 125 - Any person aggrieved who desires to question a conviction, order, determination, or other proceeding of a court of summary jurisdiction, on the ground that it is erroneous in point of law, or is in excess of jurisdiction, may apply to the court...
Stranica 105 - It is undoubtedly not competent for the prosecution to adduce evidence tending to show that the accused has been guilty of criminal acts other than those covered by the indictment, for the purpose of leading to the conclusion that the accused is a person likely from his criminal conduct or character to have committed the offence for which he is being tried.
Stranica 376 - If then the damages are not to be calculated on either of these principles, nothing remains except they should be calculated in reference to a reasonable expectation of pecuniary benefit, as of right or otherwise, from the continuance of the life.
Stranica 29 - No carrier shall be liable for loss, damage, or injury not occurring on its own road or its portion of the through route...
Stranica 29 - The amount of any loss or damage for which any carrier becomes liable shall be computed at the value of the property at the place and time of shipment under this bill of lading, unless a lower value has been agreed upon or is determined by the classification upon which the rate is based, in either of which events such lower value shall be the maximum price to govern such computation.
Stranica 331 - By reason of the negligence of any person in the service of the employer who has any superintendence entrusted to him whilst in the exercise of such superintendence...

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