Slike stranica
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Blauwberg, Battle of, 181.
Bleek, Herr, referred to, 375.
Blink, Dr. H., Het Kongo-
Land, rev. 628.
Bloemfontein, Meaning of the
Name, 319.

Blood's Range, Mr. Tietkins
at, 213.

Bloomfish River, Explorers at,

Bloomplaats, Battle of, 184.
Board of Geographical Names,

Establishment of a, 164.
Boas, Dr. referred to, 335.
Bocarro, Gaspar, Discoveries
of, 310.

Bodenbender, Dr., Explora-
tions by, 38.

Boehm, M., referred to, 549.
Boer Republics, Area and
Population of, 270.

Trek abandoned, 616.

Boers in South Africa, 183.
Bogart, Mr., on the Niagara
Falls, 500.

Bogdanovitch, M., referred to,

Bogue Forts fire on British
Vessels, 13.

Boguslawski referred to, 260.
"Boguslawski's Law," 263.
Bohemia contrasted with Hun-
gary, 9.

Böhm, Herr, Explorations by,

Böhmerwald, Meaning of the
Name, 316.


Boileau Mariotti Barometer,
The, 642.

Bokhara, Description of, 69.

Exploration of, 443.

Fate of Stoddart and

Conolly at, 59.

Irrigation at, 325.

[blocks in formation]

Duties on, 462.

NEW, 42, 100, 166, 221,
278, 336, 387, 452, 503, 560.
623, 674.

Boor Grond. See Goshen.
Boqueron, Cape, Mountains at,

Borax, Trade in, over the
Himalayas, 585.

Borchert, Mr. Oscar, referred
to, 114, 115.

Border Abbeys and Abbotsford
(Macleod), rev., 456.
Borneo, British North, Explo-
rations in, 324.

Die Bildenden Künste bei
den Dayaks auf (Hein), rev.,

Dutch, Herr Tromp on,

Bosnia, Railways in, 558.
Bosphorus, Discharge of the,

Survey of the, 274.
Bosse, Mr. F., referred to, 125,
Boston (Lodge), rev.,


Botletle, Journey to, 477.
Boundaries formed by Deserts,


of Misiones, 620.
Rivers as Political, 3.

Boundary between British Ter-
ritory and Alaska, 100.

between British Territory
and Siam, 612.

Cape, Mr. Forbes and, 451.
Rock, Height of, 162.

Bourne, referred to, 542.
Bouza, Elisée, Explorations of,

Bowring, Sir John, and the
Chinese War, 17.
Braai, Exploration at, 448.
Bradley, Discovery of the
Aberration of Light by, 543.
Brahan Castle, Earthquake at,

Brahmaputra River, Meaning
of the Name, 313.
Branco, Rio, Meaning of the
Name, 319.

Brand, Sir John, referred to,

Brazil, Claims of, 165.

Climate of, 619.
Exploration of, 386.
Peoples of, 334.

Trade of Newfoundland
with, 409.

Brazzaville, M. Fourneau at,


Decline in

Population of, 487.

Bregenz, Meaning of the Name,

Breisgau, Map of, 544.
Bremen, Die freie Hansestadt,
und ihre Umgebungen, rev.,


Trade of Australia with,

Bremer, Admiral Sir John,
Attacks on the Chinese by,

Brichetti-Robecchi, Signor, in
Somál-land, 37.
Bridge over the Oxus, 67.

over the Syr-darya, 73.
Brisbane, Population of, 671.
Bristowe, Lindsay W., The
Handbook of British Hon-
duras, rev., 512.

and Philip B.
Wright, The Handbook of
British Honduras, rev., 228.
Britannic Confederation, I. A
Survey of Existing Condi-
tions. By Sir John Colomb,
K.C.M.G., M.P., 233.

II. The Physical and
Political Basis of National
Unity. By Edward A. Free-
man, 345.

III. The Commerce of
British Empire. By
George G. Chisholm, M.A.,
B.Sc., 401.

IV. Tariffs and In-
ternational Commerce. By
Professor Shield Nicholson,

V. On Alternative
Measures. By Maurice H.
Hervey, 569.

British Association, Report on
Canada by the, 335.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Budi, People of, 585.
from, 152.
Buitenzorg, Meaning of the
Name, 314.

Ayres, Expedition

Bulawayo, Railway to, 616.
Bulet River, Notice of the,

Bultfontein Mine, 179.
Bumba River, Position of the,

Bunut, Capital of a Malayan
Kingdom, 95.

Bureya River, Navigation of
the, 664.

Burgess, James, LL.D., C.I.E.,
Mapping and Place Names
of India, 357.
Burghas, Soundings off, 274.
Burgomese, Climate of, 204.
Burial Customs of Orabili, 36.
of the Machingas,


[blocks in formation]

OF, 86.

referred to, 298,

Buoys, Beacons, Maritime Tele-
graph Systems, Tidal Sig-
nals, etc. (Carlson), rev., 228.
Bushmen, Number of the, 517.
Busi River, Trade by the, 381.
Butler, Sir William F., Sir
Charles Napier, rev., 50.
Büttikofer, J., Reisebilder in
Liberia, rev., 171.

Büttner, Herr, Travels of, 472
Buxton, Mr., referred to, 182.

CABUYARO, Steamboat Service
to, 673.

Caçapava, Minerals of, 555.
Cacequay, Railway to, 555.
Cadastral Survey. See Ord-
nance, Survey.

Caithness, Earthquake in, 32.
in Relation to West-
minster, 355.

Place Names of, 258.
Calcutta, Chinese Embassy at,

Destruction of Documents
at, 358.

Meaning of the Name,

Caledonian Valley, Earthquake
in the, 32.

California, Granite in, 387.

Maps of, 595, 604.

Rainfall of, 163.

Call. Colonel, and Indian Sur-

veys, 358.

Callao Painter, The, 668.
Cambodia, Early Trade with,

[blocks in formation]


Canton, British Vessels first Carnic Alps, Derivation of the
approach, 13.


Capture of, 17.
opened to Foreign Trade,

Cape Agulhas and Cape Lee-
uwin, Shortest Route be-
tween, 385.
Boqueron, Mountains at,


[blocks in formation]

and the United States,



[blocks in formation]


British Trade with, 405.

Census of, 667.

Defence of, 578.

Glacial Phenomena in,


Pamphlet on, 277.

Maps of, 588.

Mean Temperature of the

Ground in, 98.

Rise of, 350.

Taxation in, 464, 469.
The Dominion of, and
Newfoundland, Geography
of (Greswell), rev., 283.

The Statistical Year Book
of (Roper), rev., 632.

Trade of, 401, 405.
Unexplored Portions of,


Pacific Railway,
Speed attained on the, 387.
Canal across Holstein, 559.
Caledonian, Earthquake

at the, 32.

de Panama, Le (Paponot),
rev., 174.

Manchester Ship, Pro-
gress of the, 451.

São Gonçalo, Salt Water

in the, 554.

Suez, and the Trade of

Australia, 578.

Effects of the Open-
ing of the, 414.


Trade through the,

[blocks in formation]

First Settlement of,

Political Changes in,

Population of, 443.
Trade of, 412.
See also Cape of Good

Cross, People of, 515.
Delgado, Meaning of the

Name, 315.

East, 163.
Espiritu Santo, Mountains
at, 556.

Gardafui, anciently Aro-
mata, 304.

Kara-Barun, Delta of the
Vardar at, 335.


Kumârî, Survey Work at,

Leeuwin and Cape Agul-
has, Shortest Route between,

Mohn, 672.

Nelson, Bays at, 162.
of Good Hope and Aus-
tralia, Trade Routes be-
tween, 385.

Dutch at the, 656.
Rainfall of the,


[blocks in formation]

Verde Islands, Area and
Population of, 270.

Meaning of the

Name, 315.
Capus, M., Paper on the Pamir
by, 335.

Cardiff, Meeting of the British
Association at, 532.
Cardiganshire, Decline of Popu-
lation of, 487.

Carlson, Victor, Maritime Tele-
graph Systems, Buoys, Bea-
cons, Tidal Signals, etc., rev.,

[blocks in formation]

Description of the, 60.
Fluctuations in the

Level of the, 332.

Cassel, Meaning of the Name,

Cassini referred to, 541, 543,

Catalan Map, Italy on the, 540.
Cantanlil, Rio, Explorers at,

Cataracts and Navigation, 2.
of the Tana, 114.
Catat, M., in Madagascar, 164,

Paper by, noticed,

Cathay, Early Trade with, 13.
Cattle of South-West Africa,

Caucasia, Maps of, 129.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
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Chin-Lushai Country, Expedi-
tion to the, 612.

Chirazulo, People of, 658.
Chisholm, Mr. Geo. G., referred
to, 469.

Commerce of the
British Empire, The, 401.
Chitlatepetl, Meaning of the
Name, 315.

Chittagong, Survey Work at,

Chobe River, Journey up the,


Cholet, M., Explorations by,

referred to, 666.

Chorigraphic Curves, 214.
Chrestographic Maps, 195.
Christendom, Western, The
Vikings in (Keary), rev.,


Christiania. See Kristiania.
Christy, Mr. Millar, Paper by,
noticed, 534, 617.

Chronometer, Invention of the,

Chrystal, Prof., referred to,
Chung-kiang, Meaning of the
Name, 312.

Chur, Meaning of the Name,

Chusan occupied by the Brit-
ish, 16, 17.

Chus-Malal, Trade of, 39.
Circumcision among the Yaos,

Cities and Plains, 4.

of Central Italy (Hare),
rev., 394.

of Northern Italy (Hare),
rev., 394.

of Southern Italy (Hare),
rev., 394.
Citlaltepetl. See Orizabo.
Civilisation in Ancient India,

History of (Dutt), rev., 390.
Clarke, Colonel, A. R., re-
ferred to, 248.

Clerk, Sir George, in South
Africa, 184.

Clerke, Miss, Paper by,
noticed, 535.

Climate, Changes in, during
the Pleistocene Period, 81.
Conditions necessary for
a Healthy, 653.

Influence of, 653.
of Acheen, 158.
of Colorado, 527.
of Corea, 324.
of Domasi, 657,

of East Africa, 204.
of Kamtchatka, 206.
of New Guinea, 163.
of Rhodes, 615.

of Rio Grande do Sul,


of St. Bernardino, 669.

[blocks in formation]

Coal, Duties on, 462.

in South Russia, 449.

of Yezo, 613.


Coast-Distances, Mean, of the
Continents, 213.

Lands of Africa, High
Value of, 194.

Line of the Oil Rivers,

Coblenz, Meaning of the Name,

Cocanada Anchorage, Plan of
the, 551.
Cochin-China, French, Maps
of 151.

New Map of, 380.
Cocos Islands, Survey of the,

Codihue, Trade of, 39.
Codrington, R. H., D.D., The
Melanesians, rev., 562.
Coetsee, Discovery of the
Orange River by, 519.
Coffin, Mr., Explorations by,

Cogan, Henry, The Voyages
and Adventures of Ferdinand
Mendez Pinto, rev., 507.
Cohen, Professor, Report on the
Aaland Islands by, noticed,
Cole, Professor Grenville A.
J. Aid to Practical Geology,
rev., 168.

Colebrooke, Lieut., Observa-
tions by, 358.

Coles, John, F. R. A. S. The Art
of Observing, 633.

[blocks in formation]

Colombia, Maps of, 610.
Resources of, 673.
Colombo, Meaning
Name, 314.

of the

Colonial Trade of the British
Empire, 576.

Colonies, British, An Historical
Geography of the (Lucus),
rev., 282.


Area of the, 239.
Freedom of the, 350.
Population of the,

Trade of the, 238.

German, Home Trade
with, 377.

La France et ses (Levas-
seur), rev., 396.
Colonisation chez les Peuples
Modernes, De la (Leroy-
Beaulieu), rev., 560.

Difficulties of, 246.

Russian, The Physical
Conditions of Central Asia in
Relation to. By Lieutenant-
General Annenkoff, 75.
Colonist, British, in North
America, rev., 172.
Colonists in Yezo, 613.

Mountaineers the best,

Colorado, Maps of, 595, 605.
Mineral Resources of. By
Wm. A. Bell, M. A., M.B.,


(Chapin), rev., 173.

[blocks in formation]

Commonwealth of Australia,

Comoros, Area and Population
of, 269.
Comparative Climatology of
London and the chief English
Health Resorts (Thornton),
rev., 511.
Compass, Mariner's, Introduc-
tion of the, 540.

Prismatic, Use of the, 642.
Solar, Use of the, 638.
Concepcion, Trade of, 669.
Confederation, Britannic, I.


Survey of Existing Condi-
tions. By Sir John Colomb,
K.C.M.G., M.P., 233.

II. The Physical and
Political Basis of National
Unity. By Edward A. Free-

man, 345.

[blocks in formation]

Confucius on Foreign Trade,



Rio, Exploration of the,


Springs, Conveniences of,
Columbia, British, Dr. Boas
on, 335.

Maps of, 593.
Population of, 668.
Trade of, 406.

Frontier of, 559.

Congo, French, Area and
Population of, 269.

Journey in, 335.
River, Continuous Water
Supply of the, 2.

State and France, 335.

and Portugal, 443.

Area and Popula-

tion of, 270.


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