Slike stranica

Toba, Lake, Exploration of,

Proposed Explora-

tion of, 41.

Situation of, 34, 35.
Plateau, Survey of, 612.

Tobacco Plantations of Deli,
Importance of, 159.
Tobago, Maps of, 611.

Tobas, Character of the, 155.
Togodo, Position of, 268.

Togoland, Area and Popula-
tion of, 270.

Capt. Kling in, 161.

Tokio, Meaning of the Name,

Population of, 380.

Proposed Harbour Im-
provements at, 217.
Toledo, Observatory of, 540.
Tolok Dalam Bay, 36.
Tomsk, Railway at, 217.

Shipping Trade of, 664.
Tonden-he People, 613.
Tonga and Zulu Lands, Area
and Population of, 269.

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Tong hai, Meaning of the
Namie, 311.
Tong-kiang, Meaning of the
Name, 312.

Tong-king. See Tonquin.
Tonka River, Swamps of, 477.
Tonquin, Chinese Traders in,


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of Touron, 94.

of Uzunada, 60.
of Vladivostok, 157.
of Zanzibar, 673.

River, of Siberia, 664.
Routes between the Cape
of Good Hope and Australia,

Russian, with Persia, 612.
with the East, 297.
Trafalgar, Mount, Height of,
Traffic in Paraguay, 669.
Transcaspia, Maps of, 128.
Russian Troops in, 71.
Soil of, 78.

Water Supply of, 63, 64.
Transcaspian Railway, Import-
ance of the, 78.


Scenery along the,

Transit Theodolite, Use of
the, 636.

Transport, Animal, in Africa,


par Mer, Notice Histo-
rique sur les Divers Modes
de (Trogneux), rev., 52.
Transvaal, Boers in the, 183.
Expeditions from the,



Formation of the, 182,

Geological Features of the
(Alford), rev., 396.

Gold Fields of the, 412.
Travailleur Expedition Deep

Sea Fishes, 552.

Travel and Adventure, Recent,

[blocks in formation]

Travellers, Foundation of a
Training School for, 219.
Travels in Africa (Junker),
rev., 509.

Treaty Rights, French, in New-
foundland (Winter, Scott,
and Morine), rev., 173.
Trees of North-Eastern Ame-
rica, The (Newhall), rec.,

Trevelyan, Sir E., Spelling of
Indian Place-Names by, 363.
Triangulation first used in
Surveys, 542.

of Haka, 612.


Trieste, Population of, 551.
Trigonometrical Survey
India, Origin of the, 358.
Surveys, 430.

Trinidad, Maps of, 611.

Minerals of, 528.

Tripoli and Egypt, Area and
Population of, 270.

Influence of France on the
Trade of, 496.

Proposed Railway to, 502.
Tripp, Mr. Wm. B., on the
Rainfall of the Globe, 163.
Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena,
and Ascension, Area and
Population of, 269.
Trobriand Islands, Sir W.
Macgregor at, 163.
Trogneux, G. Notice Historique
sur les Divers Modes de
Transport par Mer, rev.,

Tromp, Heer, on Dutch Borneo,

Tromsö, Start of an Expedi-
tion from, 97.
Trondhjem, Population of,


Railway to, 442.
Troops, Bokhariot, 69.

British, in India, 71.
See also Army.
Tropen, Die Klimatologie der
(Schellong), rev., 677.

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Ukassa, Dr. Peters at, 123.


Ulan-assu River, Source of
the, 33.

Ulansu, a Winter Pass, 33.
Ulster, Population of, 492.
Umanak Fiord, Position of,

Umfeti in Edinburgh, 441.
Umlauft, Dr., on Geographical
Education, 333.

on Kamtchatka, 205.
Unapproachable, Mount, Mr.
Tietkins at, 213.
Unguz, "Chinkis" of, 77.
United Kingdom, Census of the
277, 485.

Causes of the Pro-
sperity of the, 9.
United States, a Federation,

and Britannic Con-

[blocks in formation]

Trade of, with

Japan, 217.

Treaty of Newfound-
land with the, 236.

Typical Features of

the People of the, 654.

Urban Population of

the, 444.

Waste of Timber in

the, 165.

White and Coloured
Population of the South,

Unity, National, The Physical
and Political Basis of. By
Edward A. Freeman, 345.
Universal Atlas, The, rev., 400,

Unknown Horn of Africa, The
(James), rev., 49.
Unorganised Territory of Can-
ada, Population of, 668.
Unterwalden, Meaning of the
Name, 316.

U-nya-mwesi, Meaning of the
Name, 315.

Mountains of the Moon
sought for in, 301.

Unyoro, Arabs in, 122.

Ivory from, 204.

Upolu Island, Rainfall Obser-
vations on, 96.
Upsala, Rain at, 164.

Ural Mountains, Influence of,
on Siberia, 5.

Iron from the, 449.
Uruguay River, Navigation of
the, 555.

Uruguayana, Railway to, 555.
Urumchi, Explorers at, 33.
Ururas, Herr Spengler


Usambara Country, Dr. Bau-
mann in, 41.

und Seine Nachbargebiete
(Baumann), rev., 629.
Useless Bay, Explorers at, 556.

[blocks in formation]


referred to, 59, 75,

Van Gèle, Capt., on the
Mobangi, 209.

Riebeck, First Governor
of Cape Colony, 181.
Vanapa River, Dangers in
crossing the, 445.
Vancouver, Population of, 667.

Quick Railway Passage
to, 387.
Vanua Levu, Meaning of the
Name, 434.
Vardar River, Silt carried by
the, 335.
Vassapol, Loch, Meaning of
the Name, 259.
Vassif Efendi in England, 290.
Veldschoendrager People, 515.
Venezuela, Frontier of, 559.
Venice, Power of, 349.

Venice, Trade of India with,


Venukoff, M., referred to, 450,

Vera Cruz, Railway to, 450.
Verata, Old River Bank at,

Veraval, Lieut. Gunn at, 551.
Verde, Cape, Meaning of the
Name, 315.

Verhoeff, Mr., Proposed Ex-
pedition by, 499.

Vermont, Maps of, 596, 597.
Verneau, Dr. R., Les Races
Humaines, rev., 631.
Viazemsky, Prince, in Central
Asia, 674.

Victoria Falls, Expedition to
the, 479.

Height of the, 621.
Fort, The Pioneer Road

at, 616.

Mount, Ascent of, 445.
Nyanza Lake, Attempt to
Identify, with one of
Ptolemy's Lakes, 301.

Herr Ganzen-
müller on the, 335.

the, 198.

Viria, Floods at, 438.
Rainfall at, 435.
Viscount Hardinge (Hardinge),
rev., 452.

Visit to the Summer Home in the
Sætersdal and Southern Nor-
way (Ogilvie), rev., 398.
Viti Levu, Area of, 434.

Meaning of the

Name, 434.
Vitu, Dr. Peters at, 113.
Vladivostok, Port of, 2, 156.
Railway to, 156, 217, 377.
Rainfall at, 157.
Trade of, 157.

Vlassoff, M., referred to, 62.
Voeikoff, Profr., on the Tem-

perature of the Black Sea,

Voeltzkow, Dr., Paper by,
noticed, 273.

Vogel, Cape. See Sebiribiri.
Volcano Bay, Agriculture at,


[blocks in formation]

Mr. Jackson at


[blocks in formation]

Vidal-Lablache. Histoire et
Géographie, rev., 400, 568,

Vienna, Geographical Congress
at, 219.

Exhibition at, 333.
Meeting of the Deutscher
Geographentag at, 330.
Population of, 551.

Teaching of Oriental
Languages in, 21.
Vignoli, Dr., Abandoned by
his Comrades, 153.
Vignols, M., on France in
Madagascar, 99.

Vikings in Western Christen-
dom (Keary), rev., 169.
Villa Beltran, Temperature of,

Rica, Railway to, 669.
Villages of Flores, 447.

of Sumatra, 35.

of the Machingas, 658.
Vinburg, Explorations at, 477.
Vincent, Dr., referred to, 304.
Virchow, Profr., Papers by,
noticed, 648, 651.
Virgin Islands, Maps of the,

Virginia, Maps of, 597.

West, Maps of, 597.

Mud, Eruption of a, 33.
Allagua, The, 668.
of Mount Victory, 162.
of Poás, 501.

of Pusuc Buhit, 614.
Si Baiyak, 34.

Volcanoes of Flores, 447, 448.
of Kamtchatka, 205.
Volga River, Discharge of the,

Importance of the, 2.
Influence of, on the

Caspian Sea, 333.
Von Benko, Capt., referred to,

Brenner-Felsach, Baron,
in Sumatra, 34.

Drygalski, Dr., Proposed
Expedition by, 100.
François, Capt., Expedi
tion by, 96.

Gautsch, Count, referred
to, 330.

Haardt, M., Maps by,
548, 549.

Haardtenthurm, M., Ex-
hibition by, 549.

Hauer, Hofrath, referred

to, 331.

Höhnel, Lieut., at Mount
Kenia, 207.

Jankovich, Mr. A., Lec-
tures by, 387.

Jedina, Leopold. An
Asiens Kusten und Fürsten-
hofen, rev.,

Koenen, Dr., Geological
Collections of, 38.

Marenzeller, Dr., and the
Levant Expedition, 41.

Von Siemeradski, Dr., Expedi-
tion by, 386.

Steinäcker, Herr, Travels
of, 472.

Stetin, Herr, on the
Tcheremis, 322.

Tiedemann, Lieut., re-
ferred to, 114.

Toll, Baron, on Siberia,

NAMES, 372.
Vogage au Pays du Déficit
(Neukomm), rev., 110.

Crozet's, to Tasmania, New
Zealand, the Ladrone Islands,
and the Philippines (Roth),
rev., 674.

Voyages and Adventures of
Ferdinand Mendez Pinto

(Cogan), rev., 507.
Voyampolka Mountains, 206.
Vrassky, M., referred to, 72.
Vryburg, Railway to, 616.
Vu, Capt. Kling at, 161.
Vuci-Maca, Old River Bank at,

Vuni-cibi-cibi, Mud Flat at,

Vyrnwy, Lake, Formation of,

Vyshnegradsky, M., referred
to, 59, 72.

[blocks in formation]

Wallace, Alfred Russel, The
Malay Archipelago, rev., 343.
Wallace, Dr., referred to, 157.

Profr., F. L.S., F.R.S. E.,
The Rural Economy and
Agriculture of Australia and
New Zealand, rev., 623.
Waller, Rev. Horace, Irory,

Apes, and Peacocks, rev.,


Wallraff, Herr, Paper by, no-
ticed, 164.

Walsenburg, Minerals of, 528.
Walther, Profr., Die Denuda-
tion in der Wüste, rev., 504.
Walukuma People, Character
of the, 122.
Walundu People, 122.
from, 472.


Bay, Expeditions

Ivory Exports from,

Wanderings in South America
(Waterton), rev., 343.
Wandorobbo People, a Masai
Tribe, 117.

Wanipi, Slave Raiding at, 199.
Wapokomo People, Hardships
of the, 114.

War Expenses of the British
Empire, 575.

Ward, C. S., M. A., Surrey and
Sussex, rev., 343.
Wargla, Decline in the Trade
of, 496.

Warmbath, Mission Station at,

Warren, Lieut., and Indian
Surveys, 359, 361.

Sir Charles, Expedition

by, 185.
Warrender, Margaret, Walks
near Edinburgh, rev., 169.
Warrina, Railway at, 39.
Warsaw, Population of, 494.
Warwick the King Maker
(Oman), rev., 229.
Washington, American Prime
Meridian at, 421.


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Congress of Geologists at,

Major, referred to, 255.
Territory, Increase in the
Population of, 444.
Water, Cause of Want of, in
Parts of Africa, 481.
Drinking, in East Africa,

[blocks in formation]



Sea, Specific Gravity of,


Supply of Rhodes, 615.
Waterfall of Lake Toba, 615,
See also Falls.

Waterford, Population of, 493.
Waterton, Charles, Wander-
ings in South America, rev.,

Wathagga People, Relation-
ships of the, 118.

Correderas del Yoguy,

Whishaw, B. A., Guide Book
to Books, rev., 680.
White, Arthur Silva, British
Association, 1891, 532.

On the Compara-
tive Value of African Lands,
The Develop-
ment of Africa, rev., 43.

White, Rev. Gilbert, A.M., The
Natural History and Anti-
quities of Selborne, rev., 632.

Sir Wm., referred to, 298.
Whitford, John, F.R.G.S.,
The Canary Islands, rev.,
Whitman, Sidney, Imperial
Germany, rev., 454.
Whitney, Profr., on Prairies,

Wichmann, Profr., on Flores,

Wick, Proposed New Railway
from, 216.
Wiedemann, Dr. A., Religion

der Alten Aegypter, rev., 281.
Wiggins, Capt., referred to,


Wigtonshire, Place-Names of,


Wilberforce, Mr., referred to,


Wilberg, Herr, referred to, 302.
Wild Beasts and their Ways

(Baker), rer., 340.

Wild, Profr., referred to, 550.
Wilhelmshaven, Meaning of the
Name, 317.

Wilhelmshöhe, Meaning of the
Name, 317,
Willems, M., in Tierra del
Fuego, 550.

William, Fort, Meteorology
of, 267, 276.

Wills, C. J., M.D., The Land

of the Lion and the Sun, rev.,

Wilson, Colonel Sir Charles,

K.C.B., K.C.M.G., F.R.S., The
Methods and Processes of the
Ordnance Survey, 248.

430, 433.

referred to,
Mr., Discovery of Minerals

by, 197.

Professor H. H., referred
to, 364.
Winchell, Profr., on Prairies,

Wind, Velocity of the, 384.
Windhoek, Hot Springs of,


Winds, Arctic, and Polar Ex-
peditions, 671.

Early Map of the, 545.
High, The Relation of, to
Barometric Pressure, 276.
of Ben Nevis, 219.

of Corea, 324.

of Russia, 383.

of the Andes, 38.

of the Indian Ocean, 386.
of the River Oxus, 66.
of the Southern Ussurian
District, 157.

of Tierra del Fuego, 556.
of Viti Levu, 435.

of Western Siberia, 383.

Windward Islands, Maps of
the, 611.
Winnipeg, Increase in the
Population of, 667.
Winter, Sir J. S., K.C.M.G.,
Q.C., French Treaty Rights
in Newfoundland, rev., 173.
Wisconsin, Maps of, 598,

Witbooi, Hendrik, Exploits of,

With Gordon in China (Lyster),
rev., 455.

Sack and Stock in Alaska
(Broke), rev., 512.

the Bedouins (Hall), rev.,

Wood, Colonel, and Indian
Surveys, 358.

J. T., Modern Discoveries
on the Site of Ancient Ephesus,
rev., 101.

Woodlark Island. See Murua.
Woodroffe, Mount, Position
and Height of, 39.
Wool Growing in South-West
Africa, 519.

World, Chambers's Brief (co-
graphy of the, 168.

Mercantile, Map Studies
of the (Yeats), rev., 106.




Population of the, 97,

Proposed Colossal Map of
the, 550, 557.

Railways of the, 672.
The Mapping of the. By
J. G. Bartholomew, F.R.S.E.,
F.R.G.S., 124, 586

See also Earth and Globe.
Worlds, The Birth and Growth
of (Green), rev., 107.
Wörth-See, Temperature Ob-
servations in the, 332.
Wragge, Mr. Clement W.,
referred to, 164, 207.
Wrangel, Mount, Height of,

Wrangell, Baron, and the Sur-
vey of the Black Sea, 274.

referred to, 450.
Wright, Philip B., and Lind-
say W. Bristowe, The Hand-
book of British Honduras,
rev., 228.

Wubushi River referred to,

Wuhu opened to Foreign
Trade, 19.

Wüste, Die Denudation in der
(Walther), rer., 504.
Würtemberg, Population of,
Wyld, Mr. Norman, Lectures
by, 387.

Wyville-Thomson Ridge, Ef-
fects of the, 264.

YAKATAT BAY, Expedition to,

Yalmal, Proposed Journey to,
Yang-tse-kiang River, Course
of the, 23.

Meaning of the
Name, 312.

Yao People. See Ajawa.
Yarkand River, Journey by
the, 33.

Yate, Captain A. C., A Journey
to Tashkent, 57.

on Irrigation in Cen-

tral Asia, 325.

on Western Baluchi-

stan, 377.

Major C. E., referred to,

Yates, Dr., and Indian Place-
Names, 363.

Yaunde, Lieut. Morgen at,
269, 665.

Year Book of Memory Maps,
Arnold's Abridged P.T.'s,
rev., 632.

Statistical, of Can-
ada (Roper), rev., 632.

The Statesman's

(Keltie), rev., 225.

The Victorian (Hay-

ter), rev., 227, 395.
Yeats, Dr., referred to, 535.
Commercial Instruc-
tion: The Golden Gates of
Trade with our Home Indus-
tries, rev., 106.

Map Studies of the
Mercantile World, rev., 106.
Yellow Fever and Altitudes,

Yellowstone National Park,
Maps of the, 598.
Yenikale, Straits of, Sound-
ings near the, 274.
Yenisei River, Navigation of
the, 664.

[blocks in formation]
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