The State I'm In

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Andrew James writes about the wretched life of an individual taxed too heavily by an abusive and excessive U.S. government. The main character of the story, Andrew Henry, resides in rural upstate New York and in his diary he writes: 'In a capitalistic society, the government should create and enforce laws, not redistribute the wealth. To give to one person, it must take from another, and for average income earners and the working poor, this burden is too great. The U.S. government has become a socialist regime, as opposed to a capitalistic state, and its quest for control of America's money has elevated its involvement in the economy to a level that borders on communism. Not only is the government's extreme redistribution of wealth unfair, it should be illegal since the current collective tax rate of 59.1 percent infringes on the dreams, ambitions, and desires of working families and individuals (see pp. 12 & 14). Also, the designed inequities of the American tax system discriminate against, and persecute, certain citizenry. In the United States of America, discrimination in any form should be illegal.'

Later in the story, America is attacked by a substantial multinational invasion force. Henry finds shelter in an Ohio fallout shelter while his wife and daughter find shelter in an upstate New York fallout shelter. The many countries harboring past grievances with the United States strike with surprising strategic planning and accuracy. While in the shelter, Henry is protected from the fallout generated from this limited nuclear attack. Henry describes the shelter construction and protective qualities.

This book offers a scholarly insight to the culture of rural upstate New York and other American communities that feel overwhelmed by our current tax system. It also lends insight to where we may be heading, as a peace-loving nation, in a militarily volatile world.



Military Personnel


Every U.S. Citizen.


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O autoru (2004)

Andrew James wrote this book to help express the views of millions of hard working Americans whose voices would otherwise never be heard. For those who work the hardest in America lack the time to adequately convey their grievances against excessive taxation, while those who work the least possess ample time to enact governmental change at the expense of the producer.

James is a graduate of the State University of New York at Marcy where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in business management and marketing. His graduate work was completed at Syracuse University. He writes in the pseudonym to prevent government persecution for his views.

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