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Dering, 1 Keen, 729 are among the equity cases reprinted, and the long case of Miller v. Knox, 4 Bing. N. C. 574 (in the H. L.), and the frequently cited decision of Line v. Stephenson, 4 Bing. N. C. 678, will be found among the common law cases. In the Preface the Editor calls special attention to the fact that the Revised Reports are an edition and not a selection.

A Practical Guide for Sanitary Inspectors. By F. C. STOCKMAN. With an Introduction by HENRY KENWOOD, M.B. London: Butterworth & Co. 1900. 8vo. xv, 252 and 12 pp. (58. net.)-This is not a law book, although it deals incidentally with the provisions of the various Acts regulating the sale of food, the inspection of factories, workshops and common lodging-houses, the testing of drains, the regulation of noxious trades, the prevention of infectious diseases, and questions of health and sanitation generally. It appears to include every subject likely to be of interest or value to the Sanitary Inspector or the Medical Officer of Health. Two chapters deal with nuisances under the various Public Health Acts and their remedies, one chapter with canal-boats and ships, and another with offensive trades. In the list of offensive trades is that of a fellmonger. We wonder how many people know what a fellmonger is.

Kelly's Draftsman: containing a collection of Concise Precedents and Forms in Conveyancing. Fourth Edition. By LEONARD H. WEST and WILLIAM AUSTIN. London: Butterworth & Co. 1900. 8vo. xlii, 582 and 29 pp. (158.)-The attainment of two editions within a few months is an unusual distinction for a law book. Probably much of the success of Kelly's Draftsman' is due to the fact that so many useful forms are crowded into a small space. Under the heading of Miscellaneous Forms' about 100 pages of all sorts of out of the way precedents are given; and solicitors will hardly look in vain for any form of notice of which they may be in search among the hundred odd precedents given in the work. This edition shows a considerable increase in bulk, mainly due, the editors state, to the inclusion of forms under the Land Transfer Act, 1897, and Rules, 1898.

Penological and Preventive Principles. By WILLIAM TALLACK, Secretary to the Howard Association. Second Edition. London: Wertheimer, Lea & Co. 1896.-This book comes very late to hand. In any case it does not offer much opportunity for notice in a purely legal review. It is the work of the secretary of the Howard Association, not that of a lawyer. That the law by which prisons, penalties, and punishments in general are instituted may be improved, no lawyer will doubt. But since 1896, when this second edition of this work was published, many reforms have been enacted by the legislature. There are punishments by fines, by imprisonment, and by whipping, constantly, as we write, considered and debated in Parliament. There is the classification of prisons and of prisoners, to be carried doubtless much farther than it is at present; and great as the improvement has been in the nineteenth century, with its convict prisons, local jails, reformatories, industrial schools, and truant schools, for both sexes, perfection has as yet by no means been reached, either in the law or in the administration thereof. The Howard Association has done infinite good in the past, but this book wants to be posted up throughout, and it would be all the better for the excision of some unbusinesslike ornament. A writer who calls Carlyle 'a hasty and growling cynic' merely shows his incapacity to understand Carlyle, and an absence of that sense of humour which, we hope, is sometimes found even in prison reformers.

Appeal Cases under the Sale of Food and Drugs Acts, 1875 and 1879, and the Margarine Act, 1887. By B. SCOTT ELDER. London: Butterworth & Co. 1900. 8vo. xii, 78 and 10 pp. (38. net.)—This little book contains notes on some eighty or ninety decisions on the above-named Acts. No comment is attempted, the author remarking that it is extremely undesirable, and indeed unsafe, to attempt to interpret any of the decisions, or to express any opinion thereon, as the decisions themselves are very often, apparently, contradictory to one another, and in direct conflict with the ordinary reading of the statutes.'

The Law relating to Electric Lighting and Energy. Second Edition. By JOHN SHIRESS WILL, Q.C. London: Butterworth & Co. 1900. La. 8vo. lxxxiv, 198 and 44 pp. (178. 6d.)—In this edition the Electric Lighting Clauses Act, 1899, the new Board of Trade Rules relating to Applications for Provisional Orders, and the Report of Lord Cross's Committee on compulsory acquisition of land for generating stations, &c., have been embodied, recent cases noted up, and the work generally brought down to date.

The Transvaal War. A lecture delivered in the University of Cambridge on Nov. 9, 1899. By J. WESTLAKE, Q.C. London: C. J. Clay & Sons. 1899. 8vo. 35 pp. (18.)-By an oversight we have omitted to notice this pamphlet in an earlier number. Mr. Westlake deals briefly with the early history of the English and Dutch in South Africa and the events leading up to the war.

The Yearly Digest of Reported Cases, 1899. Edited by EDWARD BEAL. London: Butterworth & Co. 1900. La. 8vo. lx pp. and 402 columns. (158.)-This new Yearly Digest bears so much resemblance to Emden's Complete Annual Digest, which has ceased to appear for some years, that it might almost be described as a revival of it with improvements. The arrangement appears to be good, and a very full list of cases affirmed, reversed, overruled, &c., is given.

Journal of the Society of Comparative Legislation. Edited by JOHN MACDONELL, C.B., and EDWARD MANSON. New Series, 1900. No. I. London: John Murray. 1900. 8vo. 192 pp.-Among the many excellent articles in this number are 'The English Law of Nationality and Naturalisation,' by Mr. E. L. de Hart; 'Mahommedan Law in India,' by Sir Raymond West; Martial Law in Rebellion,' by Mr. G. G. Phillimore; The English Statute Book,' by Sir Courtenay Ilbert; and 'The Teaching of Law in France,' by Mr. Thomas Barclay. The number also contains a portrait of Chief Justice O. W. Holmes.

English Common Law in the Early American Colonies (a Thesis submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin, 1898). By PAUL SAMUEL REINSCH. Madison, Wis. 1899. 8vo. 64 pp. (50 c.)— An interesting thesis, in which the most curious point is the evidence of a serious attempt on the part of the Puritan colonists to substitute the 'law of God,' i. e. the Mosaic Law, for the Common Law.

International Maritime Committee. London Conference, 1899, on the Law of Collisions at Sea, and Shipowners' Liability. Part I, Preliminary reports of the National Association and Committees. Part II, Proceedings of the Conference. Antwerp: J. E. Buschmann. vii and 208 pp.

Judicial Statistics, England and Wales, 1898. Part II, Civil Judicial Statistics. Statistics relating to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, the House of Lords, the Supreme Court of Judicature, County Courts and other Civil Courts. Edited by JOHN MACDONELL, C.B., a Master of the Supreme Court. London: printed for Her Majesty's Stationery Office, and to be purchased from Eyre & Spottiswoode. 1900. 221 pp. (28. Id.)

Commentaries on the Procedure of Civil Courts in British India, with special reference to the Code of Civil Procedure, being Act XIV. of 1882, with all subsequent Amendments. By HUKM CHAND. Vol. I. Bombay: Education Society's Press. 1899. La. 8vo. xiv, about 1,000 pp. (328.)

The County Palatine of Durham: A Study in Constitutional History. By GAILLARD THOMAS LAPSLEY. Longmans, Green & Co., New York, London, and Bombay. 1900. 8vo. xi and 380 pp. (Vol. VIII of Harvard Historical Studies).-Review will follow.

A Guide to Criminal Law, intended for the use of students for the Bar Final, and for the Solicitors' Final Examinations. By CHARLES THWAITES. Fifth Edition. London: Geo. Barber. 1900. 8vo. xi and 162 pp. (78. 6d.)

The Law of Animals. By JOHN H. INGHAM. Johnson & Co. London: Stevens & Haynes. 300 pp.-Review will follow.

Philadelphia: T. & J. W. 1900. La. 8vo. xiii and

A Selection of Leading Cases in the Common Law. W. S. SHIRLEY. Sixth Edition by RICHARD WATSON. & Sons, Lim. 1900. 8vo. lix and 658 pp. (168.)

With Notes. By
London: Stevens

Action at Law: being a concise Analysis of the Practice of the Courts. By JOSEPH A. SHEARWOOD. Second Edition. London: Geo. Barber. 1900. 8vo. xiii and 148 pp. (58.)

A Treatise on the Law relating to the Carriage of Goods by Sea. By T. G. CARVER, Q.C. Third Edition. London: Stevens & Sons, Lim. 1900. La. 8vo. lxxi and 923 pp. (368.)

A Concise Introduction to Conveyancing. By J. ANDREW STRAHAN. With a chapter on Registration of Title, by William Blyth. London: Butterworth & Co. 1900. 8vo. xix, 290 and 16 pp. (108. 6d.)

Outlines of Equity. A concise view of the Principles of Modern Equity. By SIDNEY E. WILLIAMS. London: Stevens & Sons, Lim.

xx and 172 pp. (58.)

1900. 8vo.

A Study of the Court of Star Chamber. By CORA L. SCOFIELD. Chicago: University Press. 1900. 8vo. xxx and 82 pp.

The Maritime Code of the German Empire. Translated by W. ARNOLD. London: Effingham Wilson. 1900. 8vo. vii and 151 pp. (68. net.)

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4. Digests.

MEWS' DIGEST of all the Reported Decisions of all the Superior Courts, including a Selection from the Irish, with a Collection of Cases followed, distinguished, explained, commented on, overruled or questioned, and References to the Statutes, Orders and Rules of Court during the year (issued Quarterly), will be supplied to Subscribers at the reduced rate of 6s.

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Including a selection from the Irish; with Collections of Cases followed, distinguished, explained and commented on, overruled and questioned, and References to the Statutes, Orders, and Rules of Court during the year. By JOHN MEWS, Barrister-at-Law. Issued in Three Quarterly, cumulative parts, and complete in 1 vol. Royal 8vo, cloth. Price 175. net.






Alphabetically arranged, with Notes, &c., by J. M. LELY, Barrister-atLaw, Editor of Chitty's Statutes, &c. Royal 8vo, cloth. Price about 10s. (Usually published in October.)

Contains all Important Rules and Orders issued under the various Acts except those appearing in the 'Annual Practice' and 'Annual County Court Practice.' The Acts are fully annotated and indexed.


Containing the Jurisdiction and Practice under the County Courts Act, the Bills of Exchange Act, and the Employers' Liability Act, with the Practice under the Admiralty Jurisdiction and other Acts, together with the Statutes, Rules of Practice, Forms, and Fees. By His Honour Judge SMYLY, Q.C. 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. Price 25s. (Published in January.)

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