Publii Ovidii Nasonis Fasti. From the text of J.P. Krebs, revised

1846 - Broj stranica: 160

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Stranica 152 - Hall's Trigonometry. The Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry. With an Appendix, containing the solution of the Problems in Nautical Astronomy. For the use of Schools. By the REV. TG HALL, MA, Professor of Mathematics in King's College, London. 12mo. 2s.
Stranica 91 - Illa papavereas subsecat ungue comas. Has, hyacinthe, tenes : illas, amarante, moraris : Pars thyma, pars casiam, pars meliloton amant : Plurima lecta rosa est ; sunt et sine nomine flores. Ipsa crocos tenues liliaque alba legit. Carpendi studio paullatim longius itur ; Et dominam casu nulla secuta comes.
Stranica 149 - The Student's Manual of Modern History : containing the Rise and Progress of the Principal European Nations, their Political History, and the Changes in their Social Condition. By W.
Stranica 149 - CHARICLES ; a Tale illustrative of Private Life among the Ancient Greeks : with Notes and Excursuses. New Edition. Post Svo.
Stranica 148 - STEMMATA ATHENIENSIA; Tables of BIOGRAPHY, CHRONOLOGY, and HISTORY, to facilitate the study of the GREEK CLASSICS.
Stranica 9 - Cernis, odoratis ut luceat ignibus aether, 75 et sonet accensis spica Cilissa focis? Flamma nitore suo templorum verberat aurum, et tremulum summa spargit in aede iubar.
Stranica 151 - A MANUAL of CHRISTIAN ANTIQUITIES ; or an Account of the Constitution, Ministers, "Worship, Discipline, and Customs of the Early Church ; with an Introduction, containing a Complete and Chronological Analysis of the "Works of the Antenicene Fathers.
Stranica 150 - Essays on Difficulties in the Writings of the Apostle Paul. By the same Author Cheaper Edition. 8s. Essays on Errors of Romanism. By...
Stranica 50 - Concipit, et caeco raptus amore furit. Forma placet, niveusque color, flavique capilli, Quique aderat nulla factus ab arte decor : Verba placent et vox et quod corrumpere non est ; Quoque minor spes est, hoc magis ille cupit.
Stranica 22 - Cacus, Aventinae timor atque infamia silvae, Non leve finitimis hospitibusque malum. Dira viro facies, vires pro corpore, corpus Grande — pater monstri Mulciber huius erat — , 555 Proque domo longis spelunca recessibus ingens, Abdita, vix ipsis invenienda feris.

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