The Formation of Croatian National Identity: A Centuries-old Dream

Manchester University Press, 2003 - Broj stranica: 211
This volume assesses the formation of Croatian national identity in the 1990s. It develops a novel framework, calling into question both primordial and modernist approaches to nationalism and national identity, before applying that framework to Croatia. In doing so it provides a new way of thinking about how national identity is formed and why it is so important. abstract, via a historical narrative that traces centuries of yearning for a national state. The book shows how the government, opposition parties, dissident intellectuals and diaspora groups offered alternative accounts of this narrative in order to legitimize contemporary political programmes based on different versions of national identity. It then looks at how these debates were manifested in social activities as diverse as football, religion, economics and language. study nationalism and national identity, and our understanding of post-Yugoslav politics and society.

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Reimagining the nation
Contemporary accounts of Croatian national identity
economy football and Istria
language education
competing claims to national identity
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O autoru (2003)

Alex J. Bellamy is Lecturer in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Queensland.

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