Developing Cultural Identity in the Balkans: Convergence Vs. Divergence

Peter Lang, 2005 - Broj stranica: 239
The fundamental contrast between convergent and divergent tendencies in the development of Balkan cultural identity can be seen as an important determinative both in the contradictory self-images of people in the Balkans and in the often biased perceptions of Balkan societies held by external observers, past and present. In bringing together case studies from such heterogeneous lines of research as linguistics, anthropology, political, literary and cultural history, each presenting insightful analyses of micro- as well as macro-level aspects of identity construction in the Balkans, this collection of essays provides a forum for the elucidation and critical evaluation of an intriguing paradox which continues to characterize the cultural situation in the Balkans and which, moreover, is of undeniable relevance for our understanding of recent political developments. As such, it also provides a window into the actual state of scholarly interest in the rich interdisciplinary field of Balkan studies.
This book contains a selection of papers presented at the international conference «Developing Cultural Identity in the Balkans: Convergence vs. Divergence», organized by the Center for Southeast European Studies at Ghent University on 12 and 13 December 2003 in Ghent.

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Christian and Muslim Converts from the Balkans
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TsarigradIstanbul and the Spatial Construction
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The Editors: Raymond Detrez is professor of East European history and director of the Centre for Southeast European Studies at Ghent University. He is the author of several specialized works on nationalism and ethnic conflict in the Balkans, and on Bulgarian history and culture.
Pieter Plas holds a Ph.D. in East European languages and cultures from Ghent University, where he is currently affiliated with the Centre for Southeast European Studies. His main academic interests are in Slavic folklore, anthropology and ethnolinguistics, with emphasis on the Balkan Slavs.

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