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MAPS OF ALABAMA. Tourrette, John La. An accurate | map of the State of Alabama | and | West Florida: | carefully compiled from the original surveys of the General | Government; designed to exhibit at one view each section | and fractional section, so that each person can point to the | tract on which he lives: | by John La Tourrette. | Mobile, Ala. | Engraved by S. Stiles & Co. | New York. | Anno Domini 1838.

Scale: 6 miles to an inch. Size: 5 x 3 feet.

This is one of the very best maps of the State extant, although for present practical business purposes it is of course out of date.

Contains the following on the border:

Illustrations: State house at Tuscaloosa; The cotton plant; View of U. S. arsenal, Mt. Vernon; University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa; View of Fort Morgan, Mobile Point; Portraits (7) of the Presidents.

Town maps: Florence, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Pensacola, Tuscaloosa, Tuscumbia, Wetumpka.

Tables: Population of U. S. by States for each census; Population of Alabama by counties for each census.

- Tourrette, John La. Map | of | the State of | Alabama | carefully compiled from the original surveys | of the General Government: | and published by | John La Tourrette | Mobile, Ala. | 1844. | Engraved by John Atwood, Jr. N. York. |

Scale: 15 miles to an inch.

On the margin there is a list of the land districts of Alabama, and the census of Alabama, 1840, by counties.

Cram, D. H., C. E. La Tourrette's | map | of the State of Alabama | and | West Florida: | carefully compiled from the original surveys of the General Government; revised, corrected and published with the approval of the Governor and other State officers. | By D. H. Cram, civil engineer. | Montgomery, Ala. | Assisted by many of the prominent engineers of the State. | 1856. | Eng. & printed by | Geo. E. Sherman. | Mounted by Ensign, Bridgman & Fanning. |

Scale: 6 miles to an inch.

Contains the following on the border:

Illustrations: Capitol at Montgomery; View of U. S. arsenal, Mount Vernon; University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa; View of Fort Morgan, Mobile Point.

Town maps: Florence, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Pensacola, Tuscaloosa, Tuscumbia.

Also a census of Alabama, 1855.

Tourrette, John La. Map of the Choctaw Territory in Alabama, from the U. S. surveys. Shewing [sic] each section & fractional section. Mobile, Ala. Engd. by S. Stiles & Co. N. York.

Scale: 4 miles to an inch. Size: 24 10 inches.


Shows all of Sumter and part of Pickens and Choctaw counties, but they are not so designated.

Tunnison, H. C., Publisher.

of Ala., from official surveys. Scale: 10 miles to an inch.

Railway, Post Office and distance map
New York. [189 .]



Little, John B. Map of Butler County. 1884. O. W. Gray & Son, Philadelphia.

Scale: 12 miles to an inch.

Accompanying his History of Butler County.



Bozeman, J. E., C. E. Map of Dallas County. From

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The original drawing is in the probate office of Dallas County. The above is reduced to one-fourth the original size.

Snedicor, V. Gayle.

bama | 1856. | n. p.

Size: 47 x 60 in.


Snedicor's map of Greene County | Ala

Maps of Eutaw, Greensboro, and Newbern on the margin. Also cut of county court-house at Eutaw.

Originally intended to accompany his Directory of Greene County.

This is the most valuable local map of which the compiler knows. It includes every class of local detail roads, ferries, towns, distances, and landowners, with outline of extent of their holdings.


Snedicor, V. Gayle. Snedicor's | map of | Hale County | Alabama. | 1870. | Manufactured by Walling & Gray, 8 Arch st. Boston. Scale: 1 mile to 14 inches. Size: 4 ft. 5 in. by 3 ft. 3 in.

Map of Greensboro, county seat, on margin.


Greig, E., C. E.

Map of Jefferson County.

Compiled from most

authentic sources. 1889. Photo-Gravure Co. N. Y.

Scale: 2,933.33 ft. to an inch.

Schoel, H., C. E. Map of Jefferson County. Compiled for the Elyton Land Co. 1892. N. Y. Photogravure Co.

Scale: 2 miles to an inch.


Peel, Hunter. Map of Madison County.

Hunter Peel, who came to Huntsville in 1816, was a useful citizen. He was an Englishman, and had served in the British Army as an engineer. He surveyed part of the public domain in 1818, and was an excellent draughtsman. His admirable map of Madison County was lost or destroyed during the sectional war. His map of the old Huntsville corporation is extant." Smith and De Land's Northern Alabama, p. 251.

Mayhew, James H. Map of Madison County. Strobridge & Co., Lith., Cincinnati. 1875.

Scale: 1 mile to an inch.

The topography is from the original Government field notes.


Little, John B. Map of Marengo Co. 1895. S. Wangersheim, Litho., Chicago.

Size: 17 x 15 in.


Shepard, J. Jos. Map of Tallapoosa County. From field notes of original surveys. 1885. Rand, McNally & Co., engravers, Chicago.

Size: 38 x 22 in.



Robertson, W. E., C. E. Map of Anniston. 1890.


Scale 400 ft. to an inch.

Heliotype Printing Co. Boston.

Prepared for the Anniston City Land Company.


Map of Bessemer, and contiguous territory, showing coal fields, iron ore deposits, mines, railways, etc. Issued by the Bessemer Land and Imp. Co., Sept., 1889. Julius Bien & Co., Photo. Lith., N. Y.

Scale: c. 6 miles to 24 inches.

Contains on the margin "Plat" of Bessemer, and cut of city hall.

Robinson, A. J., C. E. City of Bessemer, Jefferson Co., Ala. Photogravure Co., N. Y. [c. 1890.]


Schoel, H. Map of Birmingham and suburbs. Drawn for the Elyton Land Company. 1888. Rand, McNally & Co., Chicago.

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Compiled from the early records and an old map on the fly leaf of Vol. 1 of Jefferson County deed records.


Kirby, M. A. Map of Florence. Showing property of the Florence Land, Mining and Manufacturing Co. 1888. Krebs Lith. Co., Cincin

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Hartley & Drayton. City of Huntsville. Surveyed & published by. 1861. Hart & Mapother, Lith., Louisville, Ky.

Scale: 200 ft. to an inch.

The twenty central squares represent Huntsville as originally surveyed in 1820. Map of Huntsville, looking northwest. 1871. Erghet & Kerbs, Lith., Cincinnati.

Barrett, N. T., and Jones, P. Map of Huntsville and vicinity, showing property belonging to the North Alabama Imp. Co. Hunt & Von -Am, New York. n. d.

Scale: 400 ft. to an inch.

Simmons, H. J., C. E., and Hays, J. O.
Barnard & Co., Photo. Lith., St. Louis.

Map of Huntsville.

Geo. D.

MAPS OF ALABAMA. McCalley, J. T., C. E., and Golman, O. R. Map of

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- Foster, John S., C. E. Map of Jasper. 1891. Rand, McNally & Co.,


Scale: 300 ft. to an inch.

Reduced map of Ala. on the margin.


The list here presented is made up almost exclusively from details contained in Colonial Mobile (Boston, 1897, 8vo.), and the Municipal Code of Mobile (1897), both by the able and scholarly Peter J. Hamilton, Esq., of Mobile, for which due acknowledgment is made. For all other maps than of the city of Mobile proper see Mobile County, supra.

Cheuillot. "Plan de la Ville et Fort Louis de la Louisiane établies par les Francois en 1711."

French official map. It gives no street names, but streets from Royal to Conception and about Madison to St. Anthony are shown, with Fort Louis in the center, at the present intersection of Church and Royal streets.

A well-executed copy is given in Hamilton's Colonial Mobile, where will be found a translation of the descriptive matter on the margin, and a most intelligent discussion of the data shown by the map, pp. 69-76.

De Vin. About 1730 he made one or more plans which appear to have been mislaid or lost.

Mentioned in French's Historical Collections of Louisiana.

Phelypeaux. "Veritable plan de la Mobilie; Tous les Batimens; Marqué de rouge appartienne au Roy; on les occupe; fait a la Mobille le 20 8bre 1760-Phelypeaux."

French official map.

It is reproduced in Hamilton's Colonial Mobile, where an account of it is given, pp. 134-138:

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"The general identity with the plan of 1711 is evident. The plan was made in 1760, and in one corner Carlos Trudeau, the Spanish surveyor has written, Plano que je ha hallado en la tomada de la Mobila, 4 Mayo 1780.' Plan found at the capture of Mobile, May 4, 1780. What next became of it no one knows, except that it is now in the Department of the Interior, bearing the signature of the United States Surveyor-General Freeman, and that in 1842 it was referred to in the case of Watkins v. Holman, 16 Peters Rep., pp. 30, 52; but no copy was actually made a part of that record. On the first organization of Mobile under the Americans attempts were made by the local authorities to find the plan of the city. Money was sent to New Orleans on the report that a notary had it there, and then to Pensacola, but in vain. This map was afterwards found in New Orleans, and apparently purchased by the United States authorities for $500, in order to lay off the fort property for sale."

Roberts, William. Plan of Mobile.

In Roberts's Florida. See that title.
Substantially follows Phely peaux.

None of the city (Movila) is now known.

Spanish map.

The General Land Office, however, has had one made of Spanish Mobile compiled from confirmed Spanish grants that is full of interest. It has never been published, but several copies are extant.

HIST 97-66

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Found in the present City Atlas of Mobile, and apparently taken from Gaillard's Map of 1866. Author and origin are not certainly known, but from mention of "Gas Works" it is certain that it has been dressed up since 1815. Shows the town west to Joachim, etc., with street names.

Mathews, Wm. 1818. Private map for Wm. E. and Joshua Kennedy.
Shows some proposed division of the Price Claim rather than the town of Mobile.
Troost copied it.

Dinsmore, Silas. 1820.

Map of Fort Charlotte and its esplanade. U. S. official map. The actual arrangement, however, is based on a new survey and plan for the town company, who bought from the Government. See Hamilton's Colonial Mobile, pp. 406–414, for account of subdivision and sale of Fort Charlotte lots.

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First official American map. Shows streets from Madison to Adams, from the river to Broad street, all with names. Old Fort Charlotte has disappeared. On the margin are views of Mobile and prominent buildings.

It is reproduced in Hamilton's Colonial Mobile, p. 410.

De Lage, Charles. Map of Mobile. Adopted by the city 1837, published 1838.

Shows the city in streets from the Bay to One Mile Creek, and extending west beyond Monterey street. Much of the southern part of the map, however, was never carried out in the actual development of the city. Includes also Jacksonville and Summerville.

Tourrette, John La. Map of Mobile. 1838.

This was a private enterprise, but in some respects is the most attractive of the maps in execution. It has pictures of prominent buildings at the top, and shows the city out to Marine street.

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Official. This map is said to have been taken away by the Federal troops at the close of the civil war and has never been recovered.

Robertson, W. H. Private map. 1856. Surveyed by P. J. Pillans. It is a small wall map, but of interest from the loss of the Troost plat. Shows the Mobile & Ohio R. R.

Gaillard, P. J. Private map. 1866.

Particularly valuable historically as showing the lines of fortification around Mobile. The same author also published a chart of the Bay at that time.

Pillans, Harry. Map of Mobile. 1868.

Official. The original is in the city Engineer's office, and smaller lithographs, with pictures of the municipal buildings, are in common use. This is the best of all the maps of Mobile and the basis of all since its date. It shows more especially the first street railways and the post-bellum growth of the western and southern portions of the city.

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A Baltimore publication, with general map and detailed plats. On account of its detail this is the work most in use.

Koch, Augustus. Birdseye View of Mobile. 1873. Ehrgott & Krebs. Lith., Cincinnati.

Size: 26 x 36 in.

Quite accurate in many respects.

Flamm & Co., W. A. Map of Mobile and country out to Spring Hill. 1890.

The scale is necessarily small and the work not accurate.

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