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elaborate work yet to be published, but they may serve in their present form to gratify the general reader better than in a more staid and regular connection."Preface.

Copies seen: Owen.

MEEK, ALEXANder Braufort. Songs and poems | of | the South. | By A. B. Meek, | author of | [-etc., 1 line.] | Third edition. | New York: | S. H. Goetzel & Co., 117 Fulton street. | Mobile; -33 Dauphin street.

1857. |

8vo. pp. xii. 282.

The pieces in this collection are but a meagre [sic] selection from the writings of the author, and most of them have heretofore been published, and

have received the verdict of periodical criticism."-Preface.

Themes and sources of modern literature.

In Southern Teacher, Montgomery, Ala., Nov., 1859, vol. i, pp. 103–113.

MEEK, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1836—), LL. D., Prof. of English Univ. of Ala. Text books, what they are and what they should be.

In Alabama Educational Journal, Montgomery, Ala., June and July, 1859, vol.

i, pp. 273-279, 308-313.

Read before the Teachers' Institute of the Mobile Public Schools.

[blocks in formation]

In South Atlantic, Wilmington, N. C., Feb., 1878.

The student's guide to composition and reading. Tuscaloosa. 1893.

Not seen..

New and enlarged edition of student's guide to composition and reading. Charles Fitts. Tuscaloosa.

Not seen.

"Building" and "being built."


In Birmingham (Ala.) State Herald, Oct. 25, 1895.

The foregoing comprises by no means a full list of the writings of Dr. Meek. He has been a frequent contributor to the newspapers, and to educational magazines.

Conversation as a fine art, and Books and reading are titles of two lectures often delivered, but never published in full. He has many unpublished orations.

MEEK, T. B. Check-list of the invertebrate fossils of North America. Cretaceous and jurassic. Washington. 1864.

8vo. pp. 42.

Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, vol. vii, No. 177.

MEEK, T. B. Check-list of the invertebrate fossils of North America. Miocene. Washington. 1864.

8vo. pp. 32.

Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, vol. vii, No. 183.

MEEK, SAMUEL M., Lawyer. Address of | Col. S. M. Meek and ❘ Lt. Commander W. H. Sims | on January 20, 1890, | at the presentation ceremonies of the | portrait of Col. Isham Harrison | to Isham Harrison Camp No. 3, | Confederate Veterans | [Columbus, Miss.] n. d.

8vo. Cover title only, 1 leaf. pp. 10.

Col. Isham Harrison was born near Elyton, Ala., March 13, 1821; became a distinguished lawyer in Mississippi, residing at Columbus; and while colonel of the 6th Miss. cavalry was killed July 14, 1864, at the battle of Harrisburg, Lee Co., Miss.

Copies seen: Owen.

The power and influence of the bar.

In Proceedings Alabama State Bar Association, 1895, Appendix, pp. xi-xxxiii.
Delivered before the Association July 10, 1865.

MEIGS, HENRY V. Cotton manufacturing in Alabama.

In Berney's Hand Book of Alabama (2nd ed.), pp. 475–490.

MEISSNER, C. A. Analysis of limestones and dolomites of the Birmingham, Alabama district.

In Proceedings Alabama Industrial and Scientific Society, 1894, vol. iv, No. 1, pp. 12-23.

Notes on the formation of cyanides in the blast furnace.

Ibid. 1894. Vol. iv, No. 2, pp. 15-16 [68-69.]

MELISH, JOHN (1771-1822). A geographical description | of the | United States, with the | contiguous countries, | including | Mexico and the West Indies; intended as an accompaniment to Melish's | map of these countries. | By John Melish. | A new edition, greatly improved. | Philadelphia: | published by the author. | 1822. |

8vo. pp. 491. [15.] Map of U. S.

Alabama, pp. 285-294.

Copies seen: Hamner.

MELL, Mrs. ANNIE WHITE. Obstacles to D. A. R. Work in the South.
In the American Monthly Magazine, Oct., 1897, vol. xi, pp. 363–370.
Regent of Light Horse Harry Lee Chapter, Auburn, Ala.

MELL, PATRICK HUES (1850- ), Ph.D. Wild grasses of Alabama. | With full descriptions of twenty-five species | valuable for stockraising. | By | P. H. Mell, jr., Ph.D. | No. I. | Issued from the | biological laboratory of the State Polytechnic Institute. | [Vignette.]| Printed by the students. Auburn, Ala. : | 1886. |

8vo. pp. 35. 25 full page plates.

Copies seen: Owen.

Appendix to manual of parliamentary practice. | Decisions | on | parliamentary questions | rendered by | P. H. Mell, D.D., LL.D., late Chancellor of the University of Georgia [-etc., 3 lines. ] | An | introduction on his life as a parliamentarian, | by P. H. Mell, jr., Ph. D. | Macon, Georgia: | J. W. Burke & Co., printers, etc. | 1891. | 8vo. pp. 56. Portrait of P. H. Mell, sr.

Copies seen: Owen.

[MELL, PATRICK HUES], Editor. A manual of parliamentary practice. |

Rules for conducting business | in | deliberative assemblieg. | By | P. H. Mell, [Sr.] D. D., LL. D., | late professor [-etc., 3 lines.] | A new and thoroughly revised edition. | Louisville, Ky.: | Baptist book concern. | 1893. |

18mo. pp. 96.

Preface to third edition above, signed by P. H. Mell, jr., April 24, 1893.
Copies seen: Owen.

Report on the climatology of the cotton plant. | By | P. H. Mell,
Ph.D. | Professor [-etc., 2 lines.] | Published by authority of the Sec-
retary of Agriculture. | Washington, D. C.: | Weather Bureau. | 1893. |
8vo. pp. 68, 11. 7 charts paged with text.
Copies seen: Owen.

Laboratory guide | to | histological work | in | phænogamic botany. | Volume 1. | By | P. H. Mell, Ph. D. | Professor of geology and botany, Alabama | Polytechnic Institute. | Auburn, Alabama. | 1895. |

12mo. pp. 210. 94 figures.

Copies seen: Owen.

Life of Patrick Hues Mell | by his son | P. H. Mell, Jr. | Louisville, Ky. | Baptist Book Concern. | 1895. |

12mo. pp. 258. Steel portrait.

Copies seen: Curry; Owen.

MELTON, Wightman FletcheR, A. M. The | preacher's son. | By | Wightman Fletcher Melton, A. M., | President of Florida Conference College. Printed for the author. | Publishing house of the Methodist Church, South. | Barbee & Smith, agents, Nashville, Tenn. | 1894. | 12mo. pp. 197. Autobiographical.

The author is (1897) president of the Tuscaloosa Female College. MEMORIAL RECORD OF ALABAMA. (See Brant and Fuller.)

MEMPHIS & CHARLESTON RAIL ROAD. [Petition of the stockholders of the Memphis & Charleston Rail Road Company to the General Assembly of Alabaina, praying for State aid in the completion of said road. n. p. 1855.]

8vo. pp. 7. No title page.

Copies seen Curry.

MEYER, OTTO, Ph. D. Notes on tertiary shells.

In Proceedings Academy Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, 1884, p. 104.

Describes Tibiella marshi n. gen. et n. spe., Bulla biumbilicata, and Cadulus depressus, with figures, all Claiborne.

The classification and paleontology of the United States tertiary deposits.

In Science, New York, Aug. 21, 1885, pp. 143–144.

The genealogy and the age of the species in the Southern old tertiary. Part 1 [-3].

In American Journal Science, New Haven, Conn., 3d series, 1885.

Part 1: Tabulated list showing the successional relations of the Vicksburg, Jackson, and Claiborne species. Vol. xxix, p. 457.

Part 2: The age of the Vicksburg and Jackson beds. Vol. xxx, p. 60. Profile of bluff at Claiborne, Ala.

Part 3: Reply to criticisms. Dec. 1885, vol. xxx, p. 421.

E. W. Hilgard criticises this reply in Science, New York, Jan. 1886, vol. vii. p. 11. Contributions to the eocene paleontology of Alabama and Mississippi. In Geological Survey: Bulletin No. 1, 1886. pp. 61-85; 3 plates.

MEYER, OTTO. The genealogy and the age of the species in the Southern

old tertiary. Part III, reply to criticisms.

In Nature, London and New York, 1886, vol. xxxiv, p. 285.

Abstract of in American Journal Science, Dec. 1888.

Observations on the tertiary and Grand Gulf strata of Mississippi

In American Journal of Science, 3d series, New Haven, Conn., July 1886, vol. xxxii, pp. 20-25.

Mentions the occurrence of several fossils, and concludes: (1) That he does not know any place where Grand Gulf strata can be seen in actual superposition over the Marine Tertiary. (2) There are two places where strata which can not be dis tinguished from unquestioned Grand Gulf can be seen actually overlain by Marine Tertiary. In one of these cases, moreover, there is actual evidence that these strata were dry land, or nearly dry land, before the Marine Tertiary was deposited upon them. (3) The Grand Gulf formation, at least for its main part, is not a marine formation; it contains fresh-water shells. (4) A thick and extended marine green sand formation with a numerous fauna is found in Eastern Mississippi. It is parallel to the strata immediately below the Claiborne profile. Its fauna is Claibornian, but approaches the Jacksonian.

Observations on the tertiary and Grand Gulf strata of Mississippi.
In Nature, London and New York, 1886, vol. xxxiv, p. 330.
Noticed in American Journal Science, July, 1886.

Notes on the variations of certain tertiary fossils in overlying beds.
In American Naturalist, Philadelphia, Pa., July 1885, vol. xx, pp. 637, 638.

Describes variations in Cytherea sobrina Conrad, and Ficus mississippiensis
Conrad from the profile near Vicksburg, Miss.

Observations on the tertiary and Grand Gulf strata of Mississippi.
In American Naturalist, Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 1886, vol. xx, p. 969.
Abstract of.

Invertebrates from the eocene of Mississippi and Alabama.

In Proceedings Academy Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, 1887, pp. 51–56. Beitrag zur Kenntniss der Fauna des Altertertiärs von Mississippi und Alabama.

In Bericht über der Senkenbergische naturforschende Gesellschaft in Frank. fort am Main, 1887, pp. 1-22, pls. I, II.

On miocene invertebrates from Virginia.

In Proceedings American Philosophic Society, Philadelphia, 1888, p. 135.
Upper tertiary invertebrates from the West side of Chesapeake Bay.
In Proceedings Academy Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, 1888, pt. II, pp 170-171.
Bibliographical notes on the two books of Conrad on Tertiary Shells.
In American Naturalist, Philadelphia, 1888, vol. xxii, pp. 726–727.

Some remarks on the present state of our knowledge of the North
American Eastern tertiary.

In the American Geologist, Minneapolis, Minn., 1888, vol. ii, pp. 88-94. and Aldrich, T. H. The tertiary fauna of Newton and Wautubbee, Miss.

In Journal Cincinnati Society Natural History, Cincinnati, O., July 1886, vol. ix, pp. 40-50; plates II.

These fossils are all of Eocene age.

Milfort, Le CLERC (1750-1817). Half title: Mémoire | ou | coup-d'oeil rapide | sur mes différens voyages et mon | séjour dans la nation Creck.

Title: Mémoire | ou | coup-d'oeil rapide | sur mes différens voyages et mon séjour dans la nation Crëck. | Par le Gal. Milfort, | Tastanégyou grand Chef de guerre de la | nation Crëck, et Général de brigade au service |

de la République Française. | A Paris, | de l'imprimerie de Cignet et Michaud, | Rue des Bons-Enfans, No. 6. | An xi.—(1802.)

8vo. 2 prel. leaves, pp. 331 [1].

[Memoir, or rapid view of my different voyages and of my residence in the Creek Nation. By General Milfort, Tastenegy, or Great War Chief of the Creek Nation, and Brigadier-General of the French Republic, Paris, 1802.]

After his arrival among the Indians, through the influence of McGillivray, he was rapidly advanced in position, and married the latter's Indian sister. He left the nation at the breaking out of the revolution in France. The memoir has only a general value.

"These memoirs are interesting, but they could not have been written by Le Clerc, who was quite illiterate, and had almost forgotten his native language in the course of his travels."-Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography, vol. iii, pp. 651.

Copies seen: Hamner.

MILITARY ACADEMY, ALABAMA. Alabama | Military Academy | Huntsville, Alabama | Academical year beginning September 17, 1890. | n. p. n. d.

8vo. pp. 15. Cut of buildings and grounds.
Copies seen: Owen.

MILITARY INSTITUTE, ALABAMA. Catalogue | of the | officers and cadets | of Alabama Military Institute, | Tuskegee, Ala. | 1891-1892. | Montgomery, Ala.: | the Alabama printing co. | 1892. |

8vo. pp. 26.

Copies seen: Owen.

MILITIA. The militia and patrol laws of the State of Alabama. Cahawba, 1823.


Title from British Museum Catalogue, 1886.

Printed under the following authorization in Act of Dec. 31, 1822, viz: "That the Secretary of State cause this act and the patrol laws of this State to be printed together in a pamphlet, separate from the other acts of the General Assembly."— Acts, 1822, p. 50.

[Militia Laws of Alabama.]

Act of Jan. 13, 1827, adopts "the militia laws, digested and reported to the Gen. eral Assembly by Thomas W. Farrar, at the present session;" and directs "the Secretary of State to cause sixteen hundred copies of said digest to be printed and distributed among the different regiments of this State."-Acts, 1826-27, p. 115.

Report of the joint committee of the Senate and House of Representatives of the | State of Alabama, | "Providing for the security and protection of the | State, by arming and disciplining the citizen soldiery thereof," | with the bill reported by the committee. | Montgomery | Shorter & Reid, State printers. | 1859. |

8vo. pp. 19.

Copies seen: Curry; Owen.

Acts of the | General Assembly of Alabama, | for | reorganizing the State Militia, &c., | adopted at the called session, 1863, | held in the city of Montgomery, commencing on the seventeenth day of August, A. D. 1863. | [State officials, 4 lines.] | Montgomery, Ala.:| Montgomery Advertiser Book and Job Office. | 1863. |

8vo. pp. 16.

Edition, 1,500 copies.

This act was ordered printed separately, and is from same type, etc., as pp. [3]-16 of the acts of the called session, 1863.

Copies seen: Owen.

HIST 97.


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