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MILITIA. Laws now in force | relating to the volunteer forces | and | militia of Alabama. Published by the Adjutant-General, in conformity to section 3 of "An Act for the Organization and Discipline of the Volunteer Forces of Alabama," | approved March 1st, 1881. | Montgomery, Ala.: | W. D. Brown, State printers and book-binders. | 1883.

8vo. pp. 28, 1 1.

Copies seen: Owen.

Military Laws | of the | State of Alabama, | governing the | State Troops and Militia, | in force December 25th, 1887. | [State coat of arms.] | Published under Sec. 158 of the Code by the AdjutantGeneral. | Montgomery, Ala.: | W. D. Brown & Co., State Printers. | 1888.

8vo. pp. 63. Also half title on cover, 1 leaf.

Copies seen: Owen.

Passed at Session of General Assembly of 1888-89. Montgomery, Ala.: 1889.

8vo. pp. 10. Also half title on cover, 1 leaf.

Copies seen: Owen.

Roster of officers of Alabama State Troops. [Montgomery, Ala., 1891-1892.]


Roster for 1891. pp. 7.

Roster for 1892. pp. 10.
Copies seen: Owen.

MILLER, ANDREW. New | States and Territories, or the | Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, | North-Western, | Missouri, Lou- | isiana, Mississippi and Alabama, | in their real characters, | in | 1818; | Showing, in a new and short way, the sit- | uation, size, number of inhabitants, | whites and Indians-the number of counties, villages, printing offices, banks, factories, furnaces, forges, mills, | &c. of each; and the name, situation, ex- | tent, and number of inhabitants of each | county, with its county-town, & number of houses, stores, banks, &c. in each, by a map table. Also, a description of the rivers, roads, settlements, quali- | ties and prices of lands; the timber, | water, climate, diseases, prices of pro- | duce, stock, and goods-and the ad- vantages and disadvantages of each, and | of their particular parts; and of the new | parts of York State, Pennsylvania, Vir- | ginia and Kentucky; with a few words | concerning the impositions and difficulties experienced in moving, settling, &c. | By Andrew Miller. | Printed for the benefit of emigrants, and others, intending to visit the Western country. | 1819. |

24mo. pp. 96.

Mississippi and Alabama,“ pp. 85–88.

A curious and scarce little book. The promises of the title are sustained, however, in a very limited way, and all of its statements are exceedingly meager. Copies seen: Congress.

MILLER, STEPHEN FRANKS (1805-1867), Author,

From March 1840 to Oct. 1847 Mr. Miller edited the Monitor, at Tuscaloosa, Ala. About 1849 he removed to Ga. He was highly cultivated, and took much interest in Alabama during his whole life. He rendered great assistance to Mr. Garrett in the preparation of his Public Men in Alabama, an obligation acknowledged in the preface to that work.

[MILLER, STEPHEN FRANKS.] Heads of the | Alabama Legislature: | at the Session of 1842-3. | By the editor of "The Independent Monitor." | Tuscaloosa, (AIa.) | Printed and published by M. D. J. Slade. | 1843.

8vo. pp. 177 [1].

First published in the Independent Monitor, Tuscaloosa, between March 1 and April 26, 1843. A series of interesting character sketches of members of the Ala. bama legislature which convened Dec. 5, 1842, and adjourned Feb. 15, 1843. Contains sketches of the following:

House of Representatives.

Mr. Speaker Erwin, of Greene County. Kidd, of Shelby.

Abernathy, of Benton.

Banks, of Tuscaloosa. Barclay, of Talladega. Barron, of Perry. Bishop, of Talladega. Bothwell, of St. Clair. Bridges, of Wilcox. Caffey, of Montgomery. Cain, of Walker. Calhoun, of Dallas. Campbell, of Mobile. Clay, of Madison. Cochran, of Benton. Cooper, of Cherokee. Crowder, of Pike. Cunningham, of Monroe. Dear, of Wilcox. Dortch, of Sumter. Douglass, of Lauderdale. Dubose, of Clarke. Dunklin, of Lowndes. Dunn, of Mobile. Earle, of Jefferson. English, of Limestone. Erwin, of Mobile, Finley, of Jackson. Fletcher, of Marshall. Fowler, of Blount.

Gamble, of Henry.

Gardner, of Pickens.

Garland, of Franklin.
Gasque, of Baldwin.
Gresham, of Tallapoosa.
Griffin, of Marshall.
Harris, of Russell.
Harrison, of Lowndes.
Henderson, of Butler.
Hendrix, of Cherokee.
Henley, of Marengo.
Hill, of Bibb.
Hodges, of Pike.

Hubbard, of Lawrence.
Jackson, of Barbour.

Jones, of Conecuh.

Jones, of Covington.

Jones, of Greene.

Kendrick, of Coosa. Kennedy, of Lauderdale. Kennedy, of Marion.

Lankford, of Dekalb.

Marchbanks, of Fayette. Martin, of Benton. McClung, of Madison. McCoy, of Mobile.

Me Lemore, of Chambers.
McMillion, of Jefferson.
Merriwether, of Tuscaloos
Miree, of Perry.

Mitchell, of Autanga.
Moore, of Madison.
Moore, of Perry.
Morgan, of Autauga.
Morgan, of Chambers.
Morris, of Fayette.
Morrisett, of Monroe.
Morrison, of Bibb.
Mundy, of Jackson.
Murphy, of Randolph.
Norman, of Franklin.

Norris, of Dallas.

Oliver, of Macon.

Pettit, of Barbour.
Pickett, of Marengo.
Porter, of Tuscaloosa.
Pynes, of Henry.
Rice, of Morgan.

Richeson, of Franklin.
Robinson, of Madison.

Roby, of Morgan.

Scott, of Jackson.

Skipper, of Dale and Coffee.

Smith, of Lauderdale.

Smith, of Pickens.
Smith, of Tuscaloosa.
Storrs, of Shelby.
Tate, of Limestone.
Turner, of Washington.
Valliant, of Lawrence.
Walker, of Lawrence.
Ware, of Montgomery.

Watts, of Butler.
Wharton, of Blount.

Williams, of Jackson.

Williams, of Pickens.

Winston, of Dekalb,

Winston, of Sumter. Witherspoon, of Greene. Woodward, of Sumter.

[blocks in formation]

King, of Pickens.

Wilson, of Fayette and Marion.

McAllister, of Henry, Covington and Wilson, of Jackson.


Copies seen: Owen.

MILLER, STEPHEN FRANKS. The bench and bar | of | Georgia: | Memoirs and sketches. | With an appendix, | containing a court roll from 1790 to 1857, etc. | By | Stephen F. Miller. | Volume I [-II] | Philadel phia: | J. B. Lippincott & Co. | 1858. |

8vo. Vol. i, pp. 483; vol. ii, pp. 454.

Sketch of John A. Campbell, vol. i, pp. 137–139 (originally published in the Heads of the Alabama Legislature), and of Eli S. Shorter, with family history, vol. ii, pp. 248-261.

Copies seen: Hamner; Owen.

Wilkins Wylder; | or, | the successful man. | By Stephen F. Miller | author [-etc., 1 line.] | Philadelphia: | J. B. Lippincott & Co. | 1860. | 12mo. pp. 420.

Contains also “Mind and Matter: a Story of Domestic Life," written for Southern Field and Fireside, but not published.

Copies seen: Clark.

Claim of Stephen Miller upon the United States government, for the burning of the Washington Hall Hotel, in the City of Tuscaloosa, on the night of Nov. 1, 1865, by the garrison occupying it.

Broadside: 15 x 7 inches.

Copies seen: Owen.

MILLS, W. P. Sketch of Huntsville.

In Williams' Huntsville Directory, vol. i, 1859-60. pp. 9-20.

MILNER, JOHN TURNER (1826-1898), Civil Engineer, Ala. State Senator. Alabama: as it was, as it is, and as it will be. | A work | exhibiting the agricultural actualities of the soils of the State, when properly cultivated and tilled, in | comparison with those of the other States of the Union; its present agricultural deformities, and the remedy therefor; its mineral and | other industrial interests, founded | upon statistics and actual results. | Prepared at the request of the South and North Alabama Railroad Co. | By | John T. Milner, | late chief engineer and general superintendent. | Montgomery, Ala. : | Barrett & Brown, steam book and job printers and binders. | 1876. |

8vo. pp. 209 [1].

Copies seen: Owen.

MILNER, JOHN TURNER. The convict situation | in Alabama: | a reply to Dr. J. B. Gaston's annual address before | the State Medical Association in Mobile, upon | the sanitary condition of our prisons. | By | John T. Milner. | Smith & Armstrong, printers. | [Montgomery, Ala.] n.d. 8vo. Title, 1 leaf. pp. 22.

Dr. Gaston's address was made April 11, 1882.

Copies seen: Owen.

A review of the convict situation in Alabama. | Letters from | John T. Milner in reply to | Dr. J. B. Gaston. | Barrett & Co., printers, Montgomery. |

8vo. pp. 23, 22.

The first part consists of the letter contained in the preceding title, pp. 23; a second letter is added, pp. 22.

Copies seen: Owen.

Letter of John T. Milner, | to | Hon. A. A. Coleman, Chairman. | n. p. n. d.

8vo. Title, 1 leaf. pp. 8.

Mr. Coleman was chairman of a committee of the General Assembly, 1884–85.
Copies seen: Owen.

White men of Alabama | stand together. | 1860 and 1890. | By | Hon. John T. Milner, | Senator for the thirteenth district, State of Alabama. | Birmingham, Ala.: | McDavid printing company, | 1890. |

8vo. Cover title only, 1 leaf. pp. 80.

Copies seen: Owen.

State banks. The cry of wild cat and red dog | nailed to the counter | by Senator John T. Milner, | Birmingham, Ala. | n. p. n. d.

8vo. pp. 10.

Consists of a letter, dated Aug. 25, 1893, addressed to Senators Morgan and Pugh, of Alabama.

Copies seen: Owen.

A plan | suggested by | Senator Jno. T. Milner, | of Birmingham, | for the establishment of State banks | of discount, deposit and issue | in Alabama. | 1892: | Baine printing company, | Birmingham, Ala. | 8vo. pp. 8.

Copies seen: Hamner.

[ocr errors]

A plan to furnish an | uniform, stable and sufficient currency | to the people of the United States | by enlarging the | National Bank system and reducing the | rate of interest to 6 per cent. | By Senator John T. Milner. | Birmingham, Alabama. [1892.]|

8vo. pp. 16.

Copies seen: Owen.

The financial situation | and the remedy therefor | by | Senator John T. Milner | Birmingham, Ala. | Dispatch printing Co. Printers and binders. | 1894. |

8vo. Cover title only, 1 leaf. pp. 24.
Copies seen: Owen.

Currency system | in place of the proposed Carlyle plan | by | Senator Jno. T. Milner, | Birmingham, Ala. | Dispatch printing Company, | Birmingham, Ala. | n. d.

8vo. pp. 15.

Consists of a letter, dated Dec. 31, 1894, addressed to Hon. J. H. Bankhead Fayette C. H., Ala.

Copies seen: Owen.

MINNIS, J. A. Law of homicide in Alabama.

In Southern Law Journal, Montgomery, Ala., Mar. 1881, vol. ii, pp. 173–186.
Reply to second article of F. B. Clark, jr.

MISSIONS, BAPTIST DOMESTIC. Tenth annual report of the | Board of
Domestic Missions of the | Southern Baptist Convention, | from April
1, 1855, to April 1, 1856. | Located at | Marion, Alabama. | Marion, Ala. |
Printed by Dennis Dykous. | 1856. |

8vo. pp. 13 [3].

Copies seen: Curry.

MITCHELL. Mitchell's compendium of the | internal improvements | of the United States; | comprising | general notices of all the most important canals and rail-roads, | throughout the several States and Territories of the Union: | together with | a brief notice of works of internal improvement in Canada and Nova Scotia. | Philadelphia:| published by Mitchell & Hinman, | No 6 North-fifth street. | 1838. |

16mo. pp. 84.

Canals and railroads in Alabama for 1838 are given.

Copies seen: Hamner.

MITCHELL, A. H., D. D. Denominational education: a sermon before the
Alabama Conference, at its session in Talladega, Dec. 14, 1854.

In Minutes Alabama Conference M. E. Church, South, 1854, pp. 31-45.
Delivered Dec. 13, 1854.

MITCHELL, J. W., Editor. The Masonic Signet. (See that title.)

MITCHELL, SAMUEL L. Observations on the geology of North America. Appendix to Essay on the Theory of the Earth by M. Cuvier. New York. 1818.

8vo. pp. 321-341. 3 plates.

The author thus speaks of some fossil specimens sent him by Mr. Magoffin from the neighborhood of St. Stephens, on the Tombigbee river: "They consist of the shells of bivalve molluscas, and of sea urchins and radiary animals. Fifteen or twenty feet below the surface is a stratum where wood is found, of different kinds, partially decayed.”

MITCHELL, Rer. WILLIAM H. A discourse | on | christian patriotism; | delivered on sabbath preceding the 4th July 1848: | by | Rev. William H. Mitchell, | pastor of the 1st Presbyterian Church, | Wetumka, Ala., | printed by John Hardy, Wetumka, Ala., | 1848. |

8vo. pp. 24.

Copies seen: Curry.

A Farewell Discourse, delivered in the First Presbyterian Church, Wetumka, Ala., | on the 28th day of July, 1850, | by | the Reverend William H. Mitchell. | Tuscumbia: | printed by William Rallston, "North Alabamian" Office. | 1850. |

8vo. pp. 21. Errata slip insert after title page.

Copies seen: Owen.

MOBILE. [Plan for building steam propellers in Mobile, and the establishment of a direct trade with Europe and other countries.] n. p. n. d.

8vo. pp. 8.

Circular letter, dated Mobile, Dec. 12, 1850, inviting attention to report made by George G. Henry, chairman, on above subject.

Copies seen: Owen.

Premium list | and | rules and regulations for the second annual fair of the | Agricultural, mechanical | and | horticultural association, of Mobile, | to be held at Arlington, Ala., | Tuesday, April 27th,

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