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OATES, WILLIAM CALVIN. Repayment of the direct tax of 1861, the loan of 1836, and the cotton tax. | Speech | of | Hon. Wm. C. Oates, | of House of Representatives, | Tuesday, April 3,

Alabama, in the

1888. Washington. | 1888. |

8vo. pp. 15.

Copies seen: Owen.

Repeal of the Federal election laws. Speech of Hon. William C. Oates, of Alabama, in the House of Representatives, Friday, October 6, 1893. 8vo. pp. 24. No title page.

Copies seen: Owen.

An explanation of the Torrey Bill, for a uniform system of bankruptcy. Speech of Hon. William C. Oates, of Alabama, in the House of Representatives, Friday, Nov. 3, 1893.

Svo. pp. 4. No title page.

Copies seen: Owen.

His speech on the Agricultural Experiment | Stations and the Blair educational | bills fully explained | Speech | of | Hon. Wm. C. Oates, | of Alabama, | in the House of Representatives, Monday, June 4, 1894. | Washington. | 1894. |

8vo. pp. 8.

Copies seen: Owen.

Inaugural address | and | first message | of | William C. Oates, | Governor of Alabama. | To the | General Assembly of Alabama, | session 1894-95. n. p. n. d.

Copies seen: Owen.

Message | of | Hon. Wm. C. Oates, | Governor of Alabama. | 1895. | n. p. n. d.

8vo. pp. 23.

Senate edition, 300 copies.

Copies seen: Owen.

Biennial message | of | Hon. William C. Oates, | Governor of Alabama. | 1896. | Rosmer printing co., printers for the State, Montgomery, Ala. [ 8vo. pp. 76.

Copies seen: Owen.

Speech of Governor William C. Oates | of Alabama, | delivered at | Chattanooga, Tenn., | September 20th, 1895, on the Battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga. | Dedication of the National Park. | Quotation, 2 lines. | Montgomery, Ala. :| Rosmer Printing Co., Printers and Binders. | 1895. |

8vo. Cover title only, 1 1. pp. 18.

Copies seen: Owen.

Oates' Regiment. Advance notes of the book that will tell the story of the Fifteenth Alabama [Infantry C. S. A.]

In the Birmingham (Ala.) Age-Herald, Aug. 1891.

Oates' Regiment.

In the Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser.

May 30, 1897, Co. B, of Bullock County, Ala.

June 20, 1897, Co. C, of Macon County, Ala.

July 4, 1897, Co. F, Fort Browder Roughs," of Barbour County, Ala.

July 25, 1897, Co. A, of Russell County, Ala.

Jan. 23, 1898, Co. K.

Feb. 6, 1898, Co. L.

Feb. 20, 1898, Field and Staff, 15th Regt.

Feb. 23, 1898, True Blues.

Feb. 27, 1898, Summary.

OATES, WILLIAM CALVIN. Contested election case of. (See Mabson vs.


O'BRIEN, MARGARET E. (d. 1898.) Judith, | the daughter of Judas. | A tale. By | Margaret E. O'Brien. | [Quotation, 5 lines.] | Press of| J. B. Lippincott Company, | Philadelphia. | 1891. |

12mo. Title, 1 leaf. pp. 248.

The author married John D. S. Davis, 1897.

John Landon: Gentleman.

In Short Stories, New York, Oct. 1893, vol. xiv, pp. 182-192.

Written for Short Stories, and awarded the prize as the best story constructed from an outline plot by the Editor.

Copies seen: Owen.

OLDHAM, EDWARD A. Sketch of Anniston, Ala.

In Smith and De Land's Northern Alabama, Historical and Biographical, pp. 470-477.

O'NEAL, EDWARD ASBURY (1818-1890), Brig. Gen. C. S. A., Lawyer, Gov. of Ala. Inaugural address | of | Edward A. O'Neal, | Governor of Alabama, | delivered at Montgomery, December 1, 1882. | Montgomery, Ala.: | Allred & Beers, State printers. | 1882. |

8vo. pp. 19.

Copies seen: Owen.

Message | of | Edward A. O'Neal | Governor of Alabama, | submitted to the General Assembly, | November 13th, 1884. | Montgomery, Ala.: | W. D. Brown & Co., State printers and book-binders. | 1884. | 8vo. pp. 21.

Copies seen: Owen.

Message of Edward A. O'Neal, | Governor of Alabama, | submitted to the General Assembly, | November 10th, 1886. | Montgomery,

Ala. | Barrett & Co., State printers and binders. | 1886. |


8vo. pp. 33.

Copies seen: Owen.

Sketch of.

In Proceedings Alabama State Bar Association, 1891, pp. 48-49. OPELIKA SEMINARY.

The first [-seventh] | annual catalogue | and | announcement of the | Opelika seminary, | Opelika, Alabama. | 1885-6 [1890-91.] | Opelika, Alabama | [-etc., 1 line.] | 1885 [−1891.] |


First, 1884-85. pp. 22.

Third, 1886-87. pp. 24. Contains list of Alumnæ from 1885.

Seventh, 1890-91. pp. 16. Contains list, etc.

Originally founded in the fall of 1881 as the Opelika High School. Chartered by the Legislature and opened under the above title in the fall of 1884, Rev. D. M. Banks, principal.

Copies seen: Bureau of Education.

ORMOND, JOHN J. (1795-1866), Lawyer, Judge Ala. Sup. Ct. Compiler, Code of Alabama, 1852. (See Codes of Alabama.)

OSCEOLA. Osceola; | or, | fact and fiction, | a tale of the Seminole war. | By a Southerner. | [Quotation, 4 lines.] | New-York: | Printed by Harper & Brothers | No. 82 Cliff-street. | 1838. |

[ocr errors]

12mo. Title, 1 leaf. pp. 150. Portrait of author; also of Osceola.
Valuable for latter portrait.

Copies seen: Hamner.

O'SULLIVAN, Right Rev. JEREMIAH (1842-1896), Fourth Catholic Bishop of Mobile. Sketch of.

In Illustrated Catholic Family Annual for 1897, pp. 52-56, portrait. New York. 12mo.

OTTS, JOHN MARTIN PHILIP (1838- ), D. D. The fifth Gospel | the land where Jesus lived | By J. M. P. Otts, LL. D. | Author of [-ete, 2 lines.] [Quotation, 3 lines. ] Fleming H. Revell Company, | New York: [and] Chicago: | [-etc., 1 line.] | London: W. G. Wheeler, 21 Warwick lane. | [1892.]|

12mo. pp. 367. 4 maps.

Copies seen: Congress.

OVERALL, GIBSON YOUNG (1825-1896), Lawyer. Sketch of. (See Bestor, ,D. P.)

OWEN, THOMAS MCADORY (1866and Bells.

), A. B, LL. B., M. A. Peck's Cap

In Tuscaloosa (Ala.) Times, Nov. 17, 1886.

A review, under the nom de plume "Will Whiting."

Some facts and arguments | relative to the | formation of Houston County. Printed by the Bessemer Printing & Publishing Company, Bessemer, Ala. | [1890.]

8vo. pp. [8].

To be formed from lower Jefferson and adjoining counties.

The new county.

In the Bessemer (Ala.) Journal, Oct. 16, 23, and Nov. 6, 1890.

Series of articles setting forth the necessity for the formation of a new county out of portions of Jefferson, Bibb, Tuscaloosa, Shelby, and Walker counties, the county seat of which was to be at Bessemer.

Camp O'Neal.

In the Daily Bessemer, Bessemer, Ala., June 1891.

Three letters descriptive of soldier life in the First Brigade Encampment of the Alabama State Troops at Mobile, Ala., June 1891.

An address to the members of the General Assembly, | on the formation of | Houston County. | [Bessemer, Ala.] [1891.]

8vo. pp. [4].

Résumé of political matters connected with the campaign of 1891-92.
In the Birmingham (Ala.) Age-Herald, Jan. 4, 1892.

Review of history of the Democratic party in Jefferson County, Ala., 1890–92, and of the campaign of 1891–92.

Jefferson Soldiers who braved the Indians in the old days.

In Birmingham (Ala.) Age-Herald, Feb. 14, 1892.

Account of the service in the Indian war of 1836 of Capt. James McAdory's Company of mounted infantry, mustered from Jefferson County.

Alabama history.

In Birmingham (Ala.) Age-Herald, Feb. 28, 1892.

An analysis of the history of the State into periods.

New Jonesboro.

In the Bessemer (Ala.) Journal, April 7, 1892.

History of this town, which is located in the lower part of Jefferson County,__ Alabama.

Valley Creek. Traditions as to the original Indian name.

In Birmingham (Ala.) Age-Herald, Aug. 2, 1892.

An examination of the word "Cuttacochee," the Indian name of Valley Creek, in Jefferson County, Alabama.

OWEN, THOMAS MCADORY. Constitution, by-laws | and | rules of order | of the | Bessemer Rifles, and the | Bessemer Rifles Club, | together with a sketch of the company from its organization; | the hall regulations; the charter of the club; | and a roster of both the active and associate members. | Compiled by | Lieut. Thos. M. Owen. | 1892. | Bessemer Journal job rooms, | Bessemer, Ala. |

18mo. pp. 38.

History, pp. 3-14.

Facts relative to | Houston County. | Bessemer | Journal job rooms, 1892. |

18mo. pp. [4].

Judge William R. Smith. Some more incidents of his early history.
In Montgomerg (Ala.) Advertiser, April 12, 1896.

Relates principally to his ancestors and descendants.

John Owen's journal | of his | removal from Virginia to Alabama | in 1818 | Edited by | Thomas McAdory Owen | [-etc., 1 line.] | Baltimore, Md. | The Friedenwald Company | 1897 |

8vo. pp. 11.

Reprinted from Publications of the Southern History Association, April, 1897, vol. i, pp. 89-97.

Bryant Lester | of | Lunenburg County, Virginia | and his descendants By Thomas McAdory Owen | [-etc., 1 line.] | Baltimore, Md. | The Friedenwald Company | 1897. |

8vo. pp. 13.

Reprinted from Publications of the Southern History Association, April, 1897, vol. i, pp. 127-137.

West Florida and its attempt on Mobile, 1810-1811.

In American Historical Review, New York, July, 1897, vol. ii, pp. 699–705. Consists of five letters from the John McKee Collection of MSS. and Papers, the property of Mr. Owen, with short introduction and notes by the editor, J. Franklin Jameson. Biographical notes of the following persons are given by Mr. Owen, viz: Joseph Pulaski Kennedy, Harry Toulmin, James Innerarity, Reuben Kemper, James Caller, and John McKee.

The letters are as follows:

June 7, 1810.

July 19, 1810.

Nov. 15, 1810.

J. P. Kennedy to Z. Orso.

J. P. Kennedy to D. Perez.

H. Toulmin to J. Innerarity.

Nov. 22, 1810. J. Innerarity to H. Toulmin.

Jan. 21, 1811. J. Innerarity to J. McKee.

Compiler and Editor. A bibliography of Alabama

In Report of American Historical Association for 1897.

50 copies reprinted.

The present publication.

and FLANAGAN, THOMAS A. The city code | of | Bessemer, Alabama. | Adopted April 18, 1888. | Also an appendix of general and special forms. | Prepared by | Thomas A. Flanagan, | Thomas M. Owen, of the Bessemer Bar, | commissioners, | appointed by the Mayor and Aldermen of Bessemer, Alabama. | Bessemer, Ala.: | printed by the Bessemer Printing and Publishing Company. | 1888. |

8vo. pp. xii, 171.

OXANNA. City directory, 1896. (See Anniston.)
OXFORD. City directory, 1896. (See Anniston.)

OXFORD College.

Nineteenth annual catalogue | of the | Oxford College, (male and female.) | Oxford, Alabama. | 1886-87. | Atlanta, Georgia: | Dodson's printing office [-etc., 1 line.] | 1887. |

8vo. pp. 16.

Contains list of graduates.
Copies seen: Owen.


PALMER, SOLOMON, Ph. D. Sketch of.

In State Normal Exponent, Troy, Ala., May, 1896, vol. iii, pp. 61-62. Editor. The Educational Exchange. (See that title.) PANTON, LESLIE & Co., Merchants and traders.

In Claiborne's Mississippi, etc., pp. 132-133, note.

Sketch of.

This was a great firm of merchants and traders, having establishments at Pensacola, Mobile, and other places. It commanded the Indian trade, and exercised a vast influence.

PARDONS. Pardons granted by the Governor of Alabama, and his reasons therefor. Montgomery, Ala. 1870-1882.


Submitted to the General Assembly.

1868-69. pp. 29-55. In Docs. Accompanying Governor's Message, 1869.

1869-70. pp. 32.

1870-71, submitted to the General Assembly, Nov. 21, 1871. pp. 20.
1872-1873, submitted Nov. 17, 1873. pp. 12.

[blocks in formation]

PARKER, FOXHALL ALEXANDER (1821-1879), Commodore. The battle of Mobile Bay, and the capture of | Forts Powell, Gaines and Morgan, | by the combined sea and land forces of the United States, | under the command of Rear-Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, and | MajorGeneral Gordon Granger, | August, 1864. | By | Commodore Foxhall A. Parker, U. S. N., | author of [etc. 3 lines.] | Accompanied by two charts, printed in colors. | Boston: | A. Williams & Co., | 283 Washington street. | 1878. |

8vo. pp. 136. Portrait of Farragut; 2 maps.
Copies seen: Peabody.

PARSONS, LEWIS ELIPHALET (1817-1894), Lawyer, Gov. of Ala. Speech by Governor L. E. Parsons to the citizens of Mobile, on "how shall the white race in Alabama save itself from the dangers which now threaten its destruction." 1866 ?

8vo. pp. 14. No title page.

Copies seen: Curry.

PARTON, JAMES (1822-1891), Author. Life | of | Andrew Jackson. | In three volumes. | By James Parton.-author [-etc., 1 line.] | [Quotation 1 line]. | Vol. I[-III]. | New York: | Mason Brothers, | 5 & 7 Mercer street | 1861, |

8vo. Vol. I, pp. xxx. 1 l. (29-636, Vol. II, pp. 672; Vol. III, pp. 734. 4 portraits of Jackson.

The most exhaustive, and while it can be corrected in some points, perhaps the best life of Jackson. He played an important part in the early annals of the

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