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RAILROADS. Report | of committee to investigate | alleged frauds | in issuance of railroad bonds and bonds of the State | for the use of railroads. | Montgomery, Ala.: | W. W. Screws, State printer. | 1871. |

8vo. pp.-.

House edition, 500 copies.

Contains reports, suggested bills, and testimony.

Report of the | special house committee, | appointed to | investigate railroad matters. | Montgomery, Ala. : | W. W. Screws, State printer. | 1872. |

8vo. pp. 187.

Burwell Boykin Lewis, esq., was chairman.

The report contains a mass of facts and information in relation to railroad affairs in the State.

Copies seen: Owen.

RALPH, JULIAN, Author. Dixie | or Southern scenes and sketches | By | Julian Ralph | author [-etc., 2 lines] | Illustrated | [Design] | New York | Harper & Brothers publishers | 1896 |

8vo. pp. xii, 1 1, 411 [1].

Contains a chapter on the industrial region of northern Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia, pp. 206-247, very little of which relates to Alabama, however.

RAMSAY, ERSKINE. The Pratt Mines of the Tennessee Coal and Iron Company.

In Transactions American Institute Mining Engineers, 1890. Map of mineral regions near Birmingham, showing the Warrior and other Alabama coal fields and their relation to the iron ore deposits.

The generation of steam from waste heat and gases of coke ovens.
In Proceedings Alabama Industrial and Scientific Society, 1893, vol. iii. pp.


RAMSAY, JAMES GATTYS MCGREGOR (1796-1884), A. M., M. D. annals of Tennessee | to the | end of the eighteenth century: | comprising its settlement, as | the Watauga Association, | from 1769 to 1777; a part of North-Carolina, from 1777 to 1784; the State of Franklin, from 1784 to 1788; | a part of North-Carolina, | from 1788 to 1790; the Territory of the U. States South of the Ohio, | from 1790 to 1796; | the State of Tennessee, | from 1796 to 1800. | By | J. G. M. Ramsay, A. M., M. D., | corresponding secretary [-etc., 3 lines.] | Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co. | 1860. |

8vo. pp. xvi, 744. Map. "His history is * * something more and better than the ordinary compilations, so styled. It is a mass of minute narrative material relating to the Indians, the border wars, and the principal pioneers, moulded into a consecutive and regnlar story. Although he has copied somewhat from the rare book of Haywood, his work is almost wholly original, and contains a vast amount of aboriginal history never before printed."-Field's Indian Bibliography, p. 322.

Copies seen: Owen.

RAUM, GREEN BERRY (1829- ). The existing conflict between | republican government and Southern oligarchy | by | Green B. Raum | Washington, D. C. | 1884. |

[blocks in formation]

Contains sketches of political affairs in Alabama during the seventies; refers to Kuklux Klans.

Copies seen: Hamner.

[RAVESIES, PAUL.] Scenes | and | settlers | of Alabama. | By | Sub Rosa. | [Mobile. 1886.] n. p. n. d.

8vo. pp. 71.

Interesting reminiscences of Mobile and vicinity in early days.

Contains also: Forests of the Vicinity of Mobile, by Dr. Chas. Mohr, pp. 48–53; and St. Francis-Street Baptist Church, pp. 54-59.

Copies seen: Owen.

The Mobile oyster and its destiny, | and | other attractions. | By Sub Rosa. | Mobile, Ala., | printed at the Daily Register office. | 1884. | 8vo. pp. 32. Map.


Dog River; Magnolia Cemetery: Mobile Street Railroads; Mobile Winter Sports; Mobile Women and Men; Orange and Pecan Trees, with names of grow ers in vicinity of Mobile; Point Clear; Portersville; Why called Alabama, or Here we rest.

Copies seen: Owen.


), M. D. Review | of | Dr. J. B. Read's | improvements and discoveries | in the material and form of | projectiles for rifled ordnance. | [-etc. 9 lines.] | Tuscaloosa, Alabama. | Printed by W. H. Sugg. | [1884.]

8vo. Cover title only, 1 leaf. Illustrated. pp. 14.

Copies seen: Owen.

REALIST, THE. The Realist. A monthly, edited by Robert J. Hargrove. Tuscaloosa, Ala.

8vo. vol. i, Nos. 1-12, pp.

Begun publication Feb. 1897.

Discontinued after No. 12, Jan. 1898.

Copies seen: Owen.

REAVIS, TURNER (1812-1872), Lawyer. A | digest | of the | Alabama Re ports. | By T. Reavis. | Volume I. | Tuscaloosa: | printed by M. D. J. Slade. | 1850. |

8vo. pp. cii. 464.

Vol. II never printed.

Only subjects from "A" to "D" inclusive are presented.

Volumes of reports digested are minor to Vol. 16, New Series, inclusive.
Copies seen: Owen.

RECONSTRUCTION. Memorial | of | the General Assembly of Alabama | to the President and Congress | of the United States. | November, 1872. | n. p. n. d.

8vo. Title only, 1 leaf. pp. 20.

Signed by Geo. M. Duskin, A. H. Curtis, J. C. Goodloe, Senate Committee, and by J M. Moss, Alex. White, N. B. Cloud, House Committee.

A Republican Committee.

Copies seen: Johns Hopkins Univ.

How the South is kept "Solid." | The efficiency of a fraudulent count in Alabama. | n. p. n. d.

8vo. pp. 8. No title page.

No. 44 of political documents.

Signed: "By order of the | Republican State Committee, | of Alabama. | Charles W. Buckley, | Paul Strobach, | George Turner, | Executive Committee. | August, 1880. "'

Copies seen: Johns Hopkins Univ.

RED MEN. Constitution | by-laws and rules of order

of the Great

Council of Alabama | Improved Order of Red Men with general laws for the government of great councils in States, Territories, | Districts, or Foreign Countries, to- | gether with constitution and | by-laws for tribes. | Adopted Flower Moon, G. S. D., 399, | at Phoenix City, Ala. | Birmingham, Ala.: | Austin & Jones, printers. | 1890. |

16mo. pp. 94.

Copies seen: Owen.

REGENTS OF THE WHITE SHIELD. Constitution and by-laws | for the gov ernment of subordinate conclaves of the | Regents of the White Shield of the United States, | under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Conclave | R. W. S. of U. S. A. | Birmingham, Ala. | Leslie Brothers, printers. | 1896. |

16mo. pp. 18.

Copies seen: Owen.

REID, JOHN, and EATON, J. H. Life of Andrew Jackson. (See Eaton, John Henry.)

RENFROE, JOHN DE YAMPERT. Six soldiers illegally shot at Mobile during the second war with Great Britain.

In Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser, May 20, 1894.

RENFRO, JOHN J. D., Baptist clergyman. The | Kingdom of Christ | not of this world. | A sermon preached, on Sabbath night, before the Tallassehatchie Baptist Association, | Cherokee County, Alabama, October 4th, 1856. | By | John J. D. Renfro. | Printed by Graves, Marks & Co., | Nashville, Tenn. | 1857. |

8vo. pp. 64.

Copies seen Curry.

A model Confederate soldier, | being a brief sketch of the Rev. Nathan- | iel D. Renfro, lieutenant of a company | in the Fifth Alabama Battalion, of | Gen. A. P. Hill's Division, who fell | in the battle of Fredericks | burg, December 13th, 1862. | By the | Rev. J. J. D. Renfro. [Quotation, 3 lines. ] | n. p. n. d.

24mo. pp. 16.

Reprinted from the South Western Baptist, and from the Religious Herald.
This sketch was issued above as a Tract.

Copies seen: Owen.

REPRESENTATIVE | MEN | of | the South. Philadelphia. | Chas. Robson & & co. | 1880. [

4to. pp. 553.

Contains sketches of the following Alabamians: W. H. Anderson, pp. 136–143; Wm. O. Baldwin (steel portrait), pp. 220-239; W. L. Bragg (steel portrait), pp. 304-315; David Clopton, pp. 475-482; Jerome Cochran, pp. 384–402; J. L. M. Curry, pp. 287-289; John A. Elmore (steel portrait), pp. 402-406; H. S. Foote, pp. 326–328; John B. Gaston, pp. 97-111; George A. Ketchum, pp. 328-337; C. C. Langdon, pp. 190-197; George N. Stewart (steel portrait), pp. 296–300; Thomas H. Watts (steel portrait), pp. 40-70; J. S. Weatherly, pp. 173-186; Joseph Wheeler, pp. 239-245. Copies seen: Owen.

REPUBLICAN MEMORIAL. Report of the | Committee [of the General Assembly of Alabama] on Memorial | of the | Republican members [to Congress. Montgomery, Ala.: | W.W. Screws, State printer. | 1875. | 8vo. pp. 35.

Copies seen: Owen.

REQUIER, AUGUSTUS JULIAN (1825-1887), Journalist. Bonaparte and


In Southern Teacher, Montgomery, Ala., Oct. 1860, vol. ii, pp. 106-110.

Poems | by | Augustus Julian Requier | Philadelphia: | J. B. Lippincott & co. | 1860. |

12mo. pp. 190.

Copies seen: Hamner.



Revenue laws of Alabama. 1866-1897.

Compiled by the State Auditor.

Laws of the Legislature, 1865-6. pp. 38.

Act of Dec. 12, 1884. pp. 19. No title page.

Acts of session, 1886-7. pp. 42.

Revenue code, 1881. pp. 72.

Revenue code, 1884-85. pp. 91.

Revenue code, 1891. pp. 109.

Revenue code, 1896-97. pp. 160.

Copies seen: Owen.

REYNOLDS, BERNARD. Sketches of Mobile. | From 1814 to the present time. | Incidents connected with the occupa- tion of the town. | Anecdotes of old citizens, etc., etc. | Mobile, Ala: | published and printed by B. H. Richardson. | 55 Dauphin street. | 1868. |

8vo. Title, 1 leaf. pp. 80.

Cover title: Sketches of Mobile. | Reminiscences, Anecdotes, | Incidents, &c. | B. H. Richardson, Printer, Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. |

"The first portion of these sketches were (sic) published in The Mobile Tribune under the title of Mobile in Slices."-Preface.

A valuable pamphlet, preserving many interesting and important facts relating to early days in Mobile.

Copies seen: Owen.

RHETT, Col. ROBERT BARNWELL. Sketch of Madison County.

In Culver's Alabama's Resources, pp. 53-59.
Statistical and descriptive.

RICE, SAMUEL FARROW (1816-189-), Lawyer, Chief Justice Sup. Ct. Ala. Americanism and Southern Rights: | an address, | by Hon. Samuel F. Rice, of Montgomery. | Delivered before a mass meeting of the American Party of Talladega County, September 6, 1855. | Published by request. Montgomery: | Barrett & Wimbish's book and job office. | 1855. |

8vo. pp. 15.

Copies seen: Curry.

RICHARDSON, WARFIELD CREATH (1823- ), A. M. The moral element in education.

In Alabama Educational Journal, Montgomery, Ala., Feb. 1859, vol. i, pp. 137-145.

Stray thoughts.

Ibid. May 1859, vol. i, pp. 238-240.

Shall I write a grammar.

Ibid. Sept. 1859, vol. i, pp. 365–368.

Gaspar. A romaunt. | By | W. C. Richardson, A. M. | [Quotation, 1 line.] [Design.] | George A. Searcy and Co.: | booksellers and stationers, Tuscaloosa, Ala., and Meridian, Miss. | 1873. |

8vo. 3 p. 1. pp. 82.

Edition, 500 copies.
HIST 97-71

"The author in parts has successfully emulated the playful manner of the Italian poets in their favorite stanza, 'Ottava Rima.'"-W. C. Bryant.

Copies seen: Owen.

RICHARDSON, WARFIELD CREATH. Sketch of Alexander Beaufort Meek. In Southern Law Journal, Tuscaloosa, Ala., Nov., 1878, vol. i, pp. 537–541.

The human will.

In Methodist Quarterly Review, Nashville, Tenn., April, 1885.

Will o' the wisp.

Ibid. Nov., 1892.

Cap and Bells.

In the Tuscaloosu (Ala.) Times 1886.

Review of Dr. Samuel Minturn Peck's poems.

Sketch of Tuscaloosa Ala.

In Smith and De Land's Northern Alabama, Historical and Biographical, pp. 506-519.

Rings and loveknots.

In Birmingham (Ala.) Age Herald, Jan. 1, 1893.
Review of another volume of Dr. Peck's poems.

Poems by Robert Loveman.

Ibid. May 21, 1893.


To my Alma Mater.

In the Corola, University of Alabama, 1894, vol. ii, pp. 64–70.
The author of this essay in verses was of the class of 1843.

RICHARDSON, W. C. L. Reception address. (See Comegys, Miss Mary E.) RICHARDSON, WILSON GAINES (1825-1886), M. A. Catalogue of the library of the University of Alabama, with an index of subjects. By Wilson G. Richardson, M. A., | member of the Faculty, and librarian of the University. | Tuscaloosa: | printed by M. D. J. Slade. | 1848. |

8 vo. pp. 257.

"The plan of the present work is substantially the same with that of the Catalogue of the Edinburgh Signet Library."-Preface.

At date of preface, June 20, 1848, the library contained 4,231 volumes, exclusive of such pamphlets, publishers' circulars, and other unbound matter, as were not embraced in catalogue.

Copies seen: University, Owen.

RICHARDSON'S ACADEMY. Catalogue | of | Richardson's academy, | (S. E. cor. Government and Warren streets.) | Mobile, Ala. | A select day and boarding school | for boys and young men. | [-etc., 2 lines. ] | 1881-82. | Mobile: | Geo. Matzenger, printer [-etc., 1 line.] | 1882. |

16 mo. pp. 24.

Copies seen: Bureau of Education.

RIGGS, BENJAMIN HOGAN, (1838-1888), M. D. A biographical sketch | of| Albert Gallatin Mabry, M. D., | of Selma, Alabama, by Benjamin H. Riggs, M. D., of Selma. | Read before the "Medical Association of the State of Alabama," | at its annual meeting in Eufaula, April 9th, 1878, and | published in its volume of Transactions. | Barrett & Brown, State printers. | n. d.

8vo. Title, 1 leaf. pp. 26.
Copies seen: Owen.

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