Slike stranica

Published by Robert Sears, 128 Nassau street. And sold by F. S. Saxton, Boston, | [-etc., 7 lines] MDCCCXLIX. [1849.]|

8vo. pp. 608.

Alabama. pp. 412-427.

Copies seen: Hamner.

SEAWELL, J. Valentia. | A play, | in five acts. |[Quotation, 2 lines. ] | By J. Seawell. | Mobile: | Farrow & Dennett, printers, Water-St. | 1859. | 12mo. pp. 96.

SEAY, THOMAS (1846-1896), Lawyer, Gov. of Ala. Message | of | Thos. Seay, Governor of Alabama, | to the General Assembly. | 1888. | W. D. Brown & Co., State printers, Montgomery, Ala. |

8vo. pp. 25.

Copies seen: Owen.

Governor's message. [Nov. 12, 1890.] n. p. n. d.

8vo. pp. 32.

Copies seen: Owen.

Sketch of. (See Webb, J. E.)


), M. D. Drainage and underdrainage, in their | sanitary and economic aspects, and the | sewerage of cities. | By | S. D. Seelye, M. D. | President [-etc., 4 lines.] | Prepared at the request of the chairman of the committee of | public health, and printed in the Transactions of the | Medical Association of the State of Alabama. | Montgomery, Ala.: | Barrett & Brown, steam printers and book binders. | 1880. |

8vo. Cover title only, 1 leaf. pp. 46. 6 figures.

Also in Board of Health of Alabama, Circular No. 4, pp. 105-150.
Copies seen: Owen.

SELMA. Selma, Alabama, | and | its attractive features | for the | immigrant, manufacturer and capitalist. | The railway centre of Alabama | and gateway to the Gulf of Mexico, | situated on the Alabama river, the finest navigable stream in the State, | surrounded by | fine timber and agricultural lands. | Selma, Ala.: | from the presses of the Selma printing company. | 1884. |

8vo. pp. 25 [2]. Map.

Copies seen: Owen.

The Selma city directory for 1880-81.

And a directory of each post

office in Dallas county. Ross A. Smith, publisher.

8vo. pp. 177.

Copies seen: Owen.

City directory, 1896.

8vo. pp. 178. No title page.

Prepared by the Maloney Directory Co.

First [-fifth] annual report of the City School Board of Selma, Ala

[blocks in formation]

Second annual report [23d of the academy], 1891-92. pp. 77.

Contains catalogue of the Dallas Academy Library.

Fourth annual report. Not seen.

Third annual report [24th of the academy], 1892-93. pp. 60.

Fifth annual report [26th of the academy], 1894-95. pp. 69.

An act of the Legislature, approved Dec. 10, 1890, incorporated The City School Board of Selma. This new body was the successor to the Dallas Male and Female Academy, which had passed its twenty-first year, 1889-90.

Copies seen: Bureau of Education.

SELMA AND GULF RAILROAD. Report | of the | special committee [General Assembly of Ala., 1872-73.] | appointed to enquire into the condition of the | Selma and Gulf Railroad Company. | Montgomery, Ala. | Arthur Bingham, State printer. | 1873. |

8vo. pp. 77.

Copies seen: Owen.

SELMA AND MERIDIAN RAILWAY. Plan of organization | of the | Selma & Meridian Railway | Company, and its agreement with the mortgage bondholders, creditors and stockholders of the Selma and Meridian Railroad Co. | New York: | Sackett & Mackay, stationers and printers, | cor. Pine and Williams streets. | 1868. |

8vo. pp. 11.

Copies seen: Owen.

SELMA, MARION & MEMPHIS R. R. Report | of the joint special committee, appointed to investigate the condition of the | Selma, Marion & Memphis R. R. | Montgomery, Ala. : | John G. Stokes & Co., State printers. | 1869. ]

8vo. pp. 7.

House edition, 150 copies.

Gen. N. B. Forrest, President.
Copies seen: Owen.

SELMA UNIVERSITY (COLORED). Catalogue of Selma University, | (formerly Ala. Baptist Normal and Theological School.) | Founded and incorporated in '78. | For 1886-87. | Progress printing works, Selma


8vo. pp. 18.

Copies seen: Bureau of Education.

SEMMES, RAPHAEL (1809- ), Rear-Admiral C. S. N. Service | afloat and ashore | during the | Mexican War: | by | Lieut. Raphael Semmes, U.S. N., late flag-lieutenant of the Home-Squadron, and aid-de-camp of Major-General Worth in the battles of the valley of Mexico. | Cincinnati: | Wm. H. Moore & Co., publishers, | [-etc., 1 line. ] | 1851. | 8vo. pp. xii, 7-479 [1.] Map; 6 illustrations.

Copies seen: Congress.

The | campaign of General Scott, | in the | valley of Mexico: | by | Lieut. Raphael Semmes, U. S. N., | late flag-lieutenant of the Home Squadron, and aid-de-camp of Major- | General Worth, in the battles of the valley of Mexico. | Cincinnati: | Moore & Anderson, publishers, | [-etc., 1 line.] | 1852. |

12mo. pp. 367. Map.

Copies seen: Congress.

Memoirs of service afloat, | during the | war between the States. | By | Admiral Raphael Semmes, | of the late Confederate States Navy, | author [-etc., 1 line.] | Illustrated with steel engraved portraits and six engravings from original designs | printed in chromo tints. | Baltimore: | Kelley, Piet & Co., [-etc., 5 lines.] | 1869. |

8vo. pp. 833. Steel portrait of author, 2 plates containing 7 portraits each, and six colored engravings.

Preface signed: "Anchorage near Mobile. Ala, December 1868."

Another edition, 1887.

"An Up-to-date Southern Pirate "is the title of an anonymous review of his life in the Birmingham Age-Herald, May 8, 1898.

Copies seen: Congress.

SEMMES, THOMAS J., Lawyer. Influence of the civil on the common law.
In Proceedings Alabama State Bar Association, 1894, pp. 66-84.
Read before the association July 10, 1894.


-1894), Lawyer.

[Head notes, and also

index to the Code of Alabama, 1852.] (See Codes of Alabama.)

Sketch of John A. Elmore.

In Southern Law Journal, Tuscaloosa, Ala., July 1879, vol. ii, pp. 324–329. In the matter of the charges against the. Hon. Richard Busteed, referred by the House to the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, U. S. [Montgomery, 1869.]

8vo. pp. 46. No title page.

An address "To the chairman and members of the committee," signed by Henry C. Semple.

Comments by Mr. Semple, | on the evidence before the committee of the House of Representatives of Alabama, on the inquiry into the official conduct of | James Q. Smith, | Judge of the Second Judicial Circuit. [Montgomery, Ala.] n. d.

8vo. Title, 1 leaf. pp. 20.

Copies seen: Owen.

Sketch of. (See Morrissett, E. P.)

SHACKELFORD, JOSEPHUS, D. D. History of the | Muscle Shoals Baptist Association from 1820 to 1890, a period of 70 years, with a history of the churches of the same and a biographical sketch of its ministers. | By | Rev. Josephus Shackelford, D. D. | Also | a short sketch of general Baptist history by | Rev. Mathew Lyon. | Trinity, Ala.: | Published by the author. | 1891. |

12mo. pp. 319. Portrait of author.
Copies seen: Hamner.


), Lawyer. A history of the Sixtieth Alabama Regiment, | Gracie's Alabama Brigade, | By | Lewellyn A. Shaver. | [Quotation, 1 line] | Montgomery, Ala. : | Barrett & Brown, publishers. | 1867. |

8vo. pp. 111.

Some copies were bound in cloth. These have as a frontispiece a photo. of "Brig. Gen. A. Gracie," inserted in an ornamental space, below which are the words: " Photographed by J. H. Lakin, Montgomery, Ala." In gilt on the cloth cover are the words: [ "Sixtieth Ala. Regiment. | Gracie's Alabama Brigade." | Prepared from personal observation of the author, who was sergeant-major of the regiment. No rosters.

"It is necessarily, to a considerable extent, a history not of that regiment alone, but also of the larger organizations of which it formed an integral part."—Introduction.

Copies seen: Owen.

SHEA, JOHN DAWSON GILMARY (1824-1892), Author. History of the | Catholic Missions | among the | Indian tribes of the United States, | 1529-1854. | By John Gilmary Shea, | Author [-etc., 3 lines.] | [De

sign.] | New York: | P. J. Kenedy, | Excelsior Catholic publishing house, 5 Barclay Street. | [1854.]

12mo. pp. 514. Illustrations.

Contains accounts of missions among the Appalachian and Creek Indians. pp. 499-506 contain lists of missionaries and bibliography.

Copies seen: Hamner.

SAEA, JOHN DAWSON GILMARY. History | of the | Catholic Missions | among the Indian tribes of the United States. | 1529-1854. | By John Gilmary Shea. | Author [&c., three lines]. | [Design.] | New York: | Edward Dunigan & Brother, | 151 Fulton-Street, near Broadway. | 1855.

12mo. pp. 514.

Copies seen: Congress.

There are copies with the date, 1857, but none seen.

Geschichte der | katolischen Missionen | unter den | Indianer-Stämmen der Vereinigten Staaten. | 1529-1860. | von | John Gilmary Shea, | Verfasser [&c., two lines]. | Aus dem Englischen übersetzť | von | J. Roth. | Sr. Heiligkeit Papst Pius IX gewidmet. | Mit 6 Stahlstichen. | Würtzburg. | Verlag von C. Etlinger. [1858.]

12mo. pp. 668.

No copy seen. Title from Pillings' Bibliography of the Muskhogean Languages. Washington, 1889. 8vo.

History of the | Catholic missions | among the | Indian tribes of the United States, | 1529-1854. | By John Gilmary Shea, | author of [&c., three lines]. [Design.] | New York: | T. W. Strong, | Late Edward Dunigan & Brother, | Catholic publishing house, | 599 Broadway. [1870.]

12mo. pp. 514.

Copies seen: Congress.

limits of the

A history of the | Catholic Church | within the United States, | from the first attempted colonization to the | present time. With portraits, views, maps, and fac-similes. | By | John Gilmary Shea. | [Design.] | New York: | John G. Shea. | 1886 [-1888, 1890, 1892.] |

8vo. 4 vols.

Vol. i, Colonial days, 1521-1763; Vol. ii, Life of Archbishop Carroll, and history, 1763-1815; Vol. iii, History, 1815-1843; Vol. iv, History, 1843-1966.

Contains passim full history of this Church in Alabama, with portrait of Michael Portier, first Bishop of Mobile.

Copies seen: Congress.

SHEFFIELD. Points of information | in reference to the establishment of a great manufacturing city | at | Sheffield, | Alabama. | Nashville: | Albert B. Tavel, stationer and printer. | 1884. |

8vo. pp. 36.

Copies seen: Owen.

SHELBY, DAVID D., Lawyer. Polling the jury.

In Southern Law Journal and Reporter, Montgomery, Ala., Dec. 1879, vol. i, pp. 8-17.

SHELLEY, CHARLES M. Contested election cases of.

(See cases of Craig

vs. Shelley, Haralson vs. Shelley, Jones vs. Shelley, and Smith rs. Shelley.)

SHELTON, M. B. Sketch of Lauderdale County.

In Culver's Alabama's Resources, pp. 47-50.
Statistical and descriptive.

SHEPARD, A. K. Alabama and her Material Interests. | Address | of | A. K. Shepard to the Board of Trade of Mobile, Ala. | May, 1885. | Birmingham, Ala. | Caldwell Printing Works. | n. d.

8vo. pp. 25.

Copies seen: Owen.

Birmingham | her resources and prospects | prepared by | A. K. Shepard | for the | Chamber of Commerce. | Roberts & Son, printers and binders, | Birmingham, Alabama. | 1890. |

8vo. pp. 22. Illustrations.
Copies seen: Owen.

SHEPARD, CHARLES U. Geological observations upon Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

In American Journal Science, New Haven, Conn., 1st series, 1834, vol. xxv, pp. 162-173.

Contains observations made at Prairie Bluff, Campbell's landing, also near Montgomery, and the Chattahooche river at Columbus, Ga.

SHEPHERD, JOHN WESLEY (1826-1894), Lawyer. Digest | of the | Alabama reports, from the | 17th to the 29th volume, N. S., | inclusive. | By J. W. Shepherd. | Montgomery: | Barrett & Wimbish, book and job printers. 1858. |

8vo. pp. xl, 784.

Covers the whole alphabet.
Copies seen: Owen.

Reporter. Opinions | of the | Judges | of the | Supreme Court of Alabama, | in “Conscript Cases"; | involving the question, | whether State Courts and Judicial Officers have juris- | diction, on habeas corpus, to discharge conscripts | from custody of enrolling officer of | Confederate States. | Reported by | J. W. Shepherd, | Reporter of the Supreme Court. | Montgomery, Ala. | Montgomery Mail book and job office. 1863. |

8vo. pp. 31.

State courts held to have no jurisdiction.

Copies seen: Owen.

Select cases | argued and determined in the | Supreme Court of Alabama, | during | the years 1861-'62-'63. | Reported by | John W. Shepherd, State Reporter. | Volume 1. | Montgomery: | Montgomery Advertiser Book and Job Office. | 1864. |

8vo. pp. 792.

No others published.

Copies seen: Owen.

Compiler. The penal code of Alabama, 1866. (See Codes of Alabama.)
Sketch of. (See Wood, Sterling A.)

SHERMAN, S. S. The Bible a classic. | A | baccalaurate address, delivered at the third annual commencement of | Howard College, | Marion, Ala., July 25th, 1850. | By S. S. Sherman, A. M., | president of the College. Tuskaloosa: | printed by M. D. J. Slade. | 1850. | published by request of the Board of Trustees. |

8vo. pp. 31.
Copies seen: Curry.

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