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SMITH, JOHN LITTLE. The Most Noteworthy changes in Statute Law on points of general interest made in the several States and by Congress during the preceding year.

In Proceedings Alabama State Bar Association, 1879-1881, pp. 181–200.

The State debt. An address delivered before the Alumni of the University of Alabama at their 14th anniversary, July 10, 1848. By John Little Smith, Esq. Tuscaloosa: printed by J. W. Warren, Observer Office. 1848.


Not seen.

SMITH, JOHN V., Lawyer. The age of consent in Alabama.

In Proceedings Alabama State Bar Association, 1896, appendix, pp. xlvii-lii.
Read before the Association Aug. 5, 1896.

SMITH, MAC A. Sketch of Autauga County.

In Culver's Alabama's resources, pp. 206-211.
Statistical and descriptive.

SMITH, NELSON FOOT (1813-1861), Lawyer, Editor. History | of! Pickens county, Ala., | from its first settlement | in | eighteen hundred and seventeen, to eighteen hundred and fifty-six. | By Nelson F. Smith. | Carrollton, Ala.: | printed at the "Pickens Republican" office. | 1856. | 16mo. pp. 272.

First printed as a series of sketches in the Pickens Republican, 1854.


Title, Dedication, Contents, Errata, Preface, and Acknowledgments, pp. xvi.
Chapter I. Aborigines. The heroic period. pp. 17-23.

Chapter II. Organization of Pickens County. pp. 23-30.

Chapter III. The earliest settlers. pp. 30-39.

Chapter IV. More settlers-Character-Land sales and “Old Sol." pp. 40-45.

Chapter V. Pioneer life. First mills. pp. 46-51.

Chapter VI. Public functionaries prior to 1830. pp. 51-57.

Chapter VII. Judges of Pickens. pp. 57-74.

Chapter VIII. County court clerks. pp. 74-79.

Chapter IX. Sheriffs of Pickens-some anecdotes. pp. 79-110.

Chapter X. Commissioners' court from 1830 to the present time. pp. 110–114.

Chapter XI. Circuit court clerks. pp. 114-119.

Chapter XII. Representatives of Pickens. pp. 119-177.

Chapter XIII. General view of Pickens county. 177-189.

Chapter XIV. General view continued, pp. 189–211.

Chapter XV. Senators of Pickens. pp. 211-243.

Appendix. pp. 245-272.

This is a highly creditable work, full, accurate, and well-executed.

The people of Pickens will owe you a permanent debt of gratitude for thus rescuing from oblivion the memories of their ancestors, of their pioneers, and of their public functionaries."-A. B. Meek in the Introduction.

Copies seen: Owen.

SMITH, ROBERT HARDING (1814-1878), Lawyer, Member Conf. Cong. from Ala., Col. 36th Ala. Inf. C. S. A. An address to the | citizens of Alabama, on the Constitution and Laws of the Confederate States of America, by the | Hon. Robert H. Smith, | at Temperance Hall, on the 30th of March, 1861. | Published by request of the citizens of Mobile. | Mobile: | Mobile Daily Register print. | 1861. |

8vo. pp. 24.

Copies seen: Curry.

SMITH, ROBERT HARDING. Review of the evidence against | Richard Busteed, | U. S. District Judge for Alabama, | by | Robert H. Smith, | of Mobile; with copies of charges appended. | Mobile, Ala. | 1869. | 8vo. Cover title only, 1 leaf. pp. 40.9.5.

Smith's review, pp. 40; charges against Busteed, pp. 9; and charges and specifications, pp. 5.

Copies seen Owen,

SMITH, ROSS C., Associate R. R. Com'r of Ala. The development of railroads in Alabama.

In Culver's Alabama's Resources, pp. 288-291.

SMITH, SOLOMON FRANKLIN (1801–1869), Actor. The theatrical journeywork | and | anecdotical recollections of | Sol. Smith, | comedian, attorney at law, etc., etc. | Comprising a sketch of the second seven years of his professional life; together with sketches of adventure in after years. With a portrait of the author. | [Quotation 2 lines.] | Philadelphia: | T. B. Peterson, No. 102 Chestnut street. |

12mo. pp. 254.

Many references to his touring in Alabama, etc.
Copies seen: Hamner.

Theatrical management in the West and South | for thirty years. | Interspersed with | anecdotical sketches: | autobiographically given | by Sol. Smith, | retired actor. | With fifteen illustrations and a portrait of the author. | [Quotation, 1 line.] | New York: Harper & Brothers, publishers, | Franklin Square. | 1868. |

8vo. pp. 275 [1].

Copies seen: Hamner.


Report of the mineral lands and resources of the Alabama and Chattanooga Railroad Company. Troy, 1871.

8vo. pp. 47. Map of the U. S.

Gives analysis of Dyestone ore of St. Clair Co.; and Trussville and Elyton, Jefferson Co., Ala. The Warrior coal fields are described.

SMITH, WILLIAM (1762–1840), Lawyer, U. S. Senator from S. C. Speech | of | the Hon. William Smith, | delivered | on Monday, August 1, 1831, | at a meeting of the citizens of Spartanburg District | against the doctrine of Nullification. | Columbia, S. C. | Printed at the office of the hive. | 1832. |

8vo. pp. 54, 1 1.

Mr. Smith resided in Alabama some time before his death.

Copies seen: Curry.

Address of William Smith, | of| Huntsville, Alabama. | [Printed at the office of the Huntsville Democrat.

8vo. pp. 14. Double columns.

Edition. 5,000 copies.


This address contains all of the correspondence, papers, etc., in a controversy between Mr. Smith, on the one hand, and Hon. Benj. Watkins Leigh, of Richmond, Va., Dr. Miles Selden Watkins and Le Roy Pope, jr., Huntsville, Ala., as to a statement made by the former concerning the connection of Chief Justice Marshall with the U. S. Bank at the time he decided the case of M'Culloch vs. The State of Maryland.


), Lawyer, Circuit Judge, Gov. of Ala. Message of William H. Smith, | Governor of Alabama, | to the | Gen

eral Assembly, | November 15th, 1869. | Montgomery, Ala.: | J. G. Stokes & Co., State printers. | 1870. |

8vo. pp. 30.

The message is accompanied by the following:

Half title: Documents accompanying Governor's annual message. | 1869. | 8vo. pp. 1-80.

This latter contains: Agreement as to acquisition of West Florida by Alabama; Report of Lehman, Durr & Co., State financial agents; Report of Sec. of Board of Trustees of Freedman's Hospital; Report of commissioners to examine State offices: List of pardons granted by the Gov.; List of Alabama school lands in Nebraska; and, Report of inspectors of Alabama penitentiary.

Copies seen: Owen.

SMITH, WILLIAM HENRY. Special message | of | Gov. William H. Smith | to the | General Assembly of the State of Alabama, | January 10, 1870. Montgomery, Ala. | J. G. Stokes & co., State printers. | 1870. |

8vo. pp. 16.

Relates to a suit instituted in the U. S. Court for the Middle Alabama District restraining the collection of the tax assessed upon the Southern Express Company by the laws of Ala.

Copies seen: Owen.

Annual and special messages | of | Gov. William H. Smith, | to the General Assembly of Alabama, | at the | session commencing Nov. 21, 1870. | Montgomery, Ala.: | John G. Stokes & co., State printers. [ 1870. !

8vo. pp. 7 [1.]

Senate and House editions, 2,500 copies each.

Annual message, dated Dec. 5, 1870; and special message, dated Dec. 5, 1870. These messages were sent to the State Senate by Mr. Smith, the incumbent Gov. ernor, who claimed that he had been elected in the contest of this year with Robert B. Lindsay. Notwithstanding there was much excitement in the State the matter was finally settled in favor of Gov. Lindsay, who served out his term of two


Copies seen: Owen.

SMITH, WILLIAM RUSSELL (1815–1896), Lawger, Circuit Judge, Maj. Gen. of Militia, M. C. from Ala., Col. C. S. A., Member Conf. Cong., Author. Editor. The Bachelor's Button, 1837. (See that title.)

[-] College musings, | or | twigs from Parnassus. | "A schoolboy freak, unworthy praise or blame, | I'll print-for older children do the same." | Tuscaloosa: | D. Woodruff-Broad-street. | 1833. |

Square 16mo. pp. 112.

Probably the first literary effort as such printed in Alabama.

Title supplied by Librarian of Brown University, Providence, R. I., from Harris Collection of American Poetry.

Hard Cider: | a poem, | descriptive of the Nashville convention [Aug. 17, 1840. | Louisville, Ky. | 1840. |

18mo. pp. 56.

Modeled after Hudibras.

War and its incidents.

In Southern Quarterly Review, Charleston, S. C., Jan., 1848, vol, xiii, pp. 1-54.
A review of several works of a military character. Foreshadowed the nomina-
tion of Gen. Scott for the Presidency. Its author attributed his own election to
Congress from Ala. to this paper.

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SMITH, WILLIAM RUSSELL. Kossuth and his mission: | a speech | by | Mr. ✔ Smith, of Alabama, | delivered in the House of Representatives, December 15, 1851. | Washington: | printed at the Congressional Globe office. | 1851. |

[blocks in formation]

"It is unnecessary to remark that after the delivery of his Kossuth speech, Judge Smith was a prominent man in Congress. He did not take the floor of.en, but when he did occupy it, he was thoroughly prepared, and was heard with much attention. All his speeches read well. Owing to a weak voice, he is sometimes inaudible in distant parts of a large room. His delivery is at other times very animated and impressive, and always pleasant."-Garrett's Public Men in Alabama, p. 562.

The census printing and presidential candidates. The speech of Mr. Smith, of Alabama, delivered in the House of Representatives March 18.1852.

8vo. pp. 7. No title page. Double columns.

The social independence of the American laborer. Speech of Mr. Smith, of Alabama, on the Homestead Bill, delivered in the House of Representatives, April 27, 1852.

8vo. pp 8. No title page. Double columns.

Kossuth Coppered, | or | the Banquet at the Capital of Laputa. | Containing Gulliver's great speech. | Illustrated by F. Bellew. | New York: | Published by Thomas Frere, 87 Nassan-Street. | 1852. |

8vo. pp. 32

A portion of this poem first appeared in the New York Herald.

Lieutenant General. Speech of Mr. Smith, of Alabama, delivered in the House of Representatives, January 5, 1853.

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8vo. pp. 7. No title page. Double columns.

Hards" and "Softs." Speech of Mr. Smith, of Alabama, in the House of Representatives, Jan. 18, 1854, upon the subject of the differences between the two branches of the Democratic Party of New York, and in reply to Mr. Cutting, of New York.

8vo pp 8. No title page. Double columns.

The American Party, and its mission. Speech of Mr. Smith, of Alabama, delivered in the U. S. House of Representatives, January 15, 1855. [Colophon:-Washington, D. C. Printed at the American Organ office. 1855.]

8vo. 20. No title page.

"While serving in Congress in 1855-'56, when the American or Know-Nothing organization was striving for power as the rival of the Democratic party in public favor, Judge Smith was a member of it, and his name was suggested in some of the papers for the Vice-Presidency."-Garrett's Public Men in Alabama, p. 562. Copies seen Curry.

Letter of Mr. Smith, of Alabama, on the occurrences which have prevented an organization of the House of Representatives of the Thirty-fourth Congress.

8vo. pp. 8. No title page.

Dated, Jan. 23, 1856.

Kansas contested election. Speech of Mr. Smith, of Alabama, in the House of Representatives, March 10, 1856.

8vo. pp. 7. No title page. Double columns.

SMITH, WILLIAM RUSSELL. Speech of Mr. Smith, of Alabama, | in defense of Mr. Welch, of Connecticut; | delivered | in the House of Representatives, February 27, 1857. | Washington: Printed at the office of the Congressional Globe. | 1857. |

8vo. pp. 7. Double columns.


The jurisdiction | of | justices of the peace, | in | civil and criminal s; | and the office and duties of | judges of probate: | with explanations and forms for the use of executors, | administrators and guardians, and the | commissioners of roads and revenue. | To which is added the | duties of every subordinate civil officer in commission | in the State of Alabama, | all a ranged under the laws as now in force. | By William R. Smith, with an | appendix, | containing numerous forms for conveyancers, and the school law. | Montgomery, | White, Pfister & co. | 1859. |

8vo. pp. 558.

First edition not seen.

Third edition, 1860. 8vo. pp. 5-255. Index, 297-304.

An edition similar in all respects to this was issued, 1860. It may be termed the Mississippi edition, the apparent gap, pp. 257-295, in the third edition being filled in this one as Appendix - Laws of Mississippi. The title pages are different. 8vo. pp. 5-255; Miss., etc., pp. 257-295; Index, 297–304.

Copies seen: Owen.

Carrier's address to the patrons of the "Tuscaloosa Observer." January 1, 1860.

Broadside: 11x8 inches.

The uses of solitude. | By William R.Smith. | [Quotation five lines.] | Printed for the | Alabama Alpha of the Phi Beta Kappa Society of the University at Tuscaloosa. | 1860. |

8vo. pp. 45. Errata slip inset between pages 44 and 45.

Delivered July 11, 1860.

"Besides the copies published for the society, a small edition was printed for the use of the author, which latter was dedicated to Dr. F. A. P. Barnard.”—Smith's Reminiscences, etc.

This poem was also republished in a volume of Reminiscences by the author but with some slight changes, pp. 345-375. See that title.

Copies seen: Owen.

-] As it is. [Quotation, 2 lines.] | Albany: | Munsell & Rowland. | 1860. |

12mo. pp. 260.

A novel.

· Circular to the voters of the counties of Tuscaloosa, Fayette, Marion, Winston, Walker, Blount and Jefferson. Issued from "Camp of

Instruction, Tuscumbia, October 17, 1861."

Broadside: 9x6 inches.

Mr. Smith was at this time colonel of the 26th Ala. Regt. Inf. C. S. A., and was elected to the Confederate Congress at this election.

Circular, to the citizens of Tuscaloosa County, with resolutions, and appealing for support of candidates, R. Jemison Jr. and William R. Smith, to election to the Secession Convention of 1861.

Broadside: 9x7 inches.

Signed by the executive committee.

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