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SMITH, WILLIAM RUSSELL. The history and debates of the | Convention of the people of Alabama, | begun and held in the city of Montgomery, on the seventh day of January, 1861; | in which is preserved the speeches of the Secret Sessions, and many valuable State papers. By William R. Smith, | one of the delegates from Tuscaloosa. | Montgomery: White, Pfister & Co. | Tuscaloosa: D. Woodruff. | Atlanta: Wood, Hanleiter, Rice & Co. | 1861. |

8vo. pp. 464, 1, xii.

Of great interest and value. The entire debates are not given.

"My object has been to preserve the political features of the debates; and hence I have not attempted, as a general rule, to give the discussions on the ordinary subjects of legislation. Many of the ablest speeches delivered in the Convention were upon the changes in the constitution of the State, not touching the political necessities of the new condition of things."-Explanation by author.

"The reader may rely upon the perfect authenticity of the historical parts of the book, and upon the accuracy of the speeches as to the sentiments uttered and the positions assumed by the speakers on the points arising in debate."-Preface.

Copies seen: Owen.

An address to the people of the second Congressional District of the State of Alabama. Richmond, Jan. 20, 1865.

Broadside: 10 x 6 in.

The royal Ape: | a dramatic poem. | Richmond: | West & Johnston, No. 145 Main Street. | 1863. |

8vo. pp. 85.

A story of official life at Washington about the time of the battle of Bull Run.
Copies seen: Owen.

Synopsis of speech as candidate for Governor of Alabama, at Selina.
In Selma (Ala.) Weekly Reporter, extra, Oct. 19, 1865.

Broodside: 4 columns.

Diomede: from the Iliad of Homer. | By William R. Smith. | London: D. Appleton & Co., | 16 Little Britain street. | New York: 90, 92 & 94 Grand street. | 1869. |

8vo. pp. 52.

A translation of Homer s Fifth Iliad, and takes its name from the chief hero of that particular book. A preliminary note gives a brief account of some of Homer's English translators.

Editor. Reports | of | decisions in the Supreme Court | of the | State of Alabama, | originally prepared by Henry Minor, George N. Stewart, Stewart & Porter, and Benj. F. Porter. | A new edition, with notes and a digest. By William R. Smith. | Vol. I. [-X.] | Tuskaloosa, Ala.: | William R. Smith. | 1870. |[Munsell, printer, Albany N. Y.]


In vols. 4 and 5 the title-pages bear the words "Montgomery, Ala.: | Joel White" just after the vol. number.

Volume I. Minor, 1st and 2d Stewart's reports. pp. 720.

Volume II. 2d and 3d Stewart, 1st and 2d Stewart & Porter. pp. 766.

Volume III. 3d, 4th, and 5th Stewart & Porter, 1st and 2d Porter. pp. viii. 708.

Volume IV. 3d, 4th, 5th, and 6th Porter. pp. vii. 649.

Volume V. 7th, 8th, and 9th Porter. pp. 681.

Volume VI. 1st and 2nd Ala. pp. 756,

[blocks in formation]

SMITH, WILLIAM RUSSELL. Key | to the Iliad of Homer. | For the use of schools, academies and colleges. | By William R. Smith, | President of the University of Alabama. | [Quotation, 3 lines.] | Philadelphia: Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, | [-etc., 1 line. ] | 1872. | 8vo. pp. 346.

Carrier's address to the patrons of the [Northport, Ala.] Spectator. [1872. ?]

Broadside: 16 x 6 inches.

Carrier's address to the patrons of the [Northport, Ala.] Spectator. [1873. (?)]

Broadside: 10 x 6 inches.

Address to the voters of the sixth Congressional District of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Oct. 4, 1878.

Broadside: 8 x 5 inches.

This was in the campaign against B. B. Lewis, in which the latter was suc cessful.

Lord Jeffreys.

In Southern Law Journal, Tuscaloosa, Ala., Feb. 1878, vol. i, pp. 65–75.

Sir William Jones.

Ibid. May 1878, vol. i, pp. 225-231.

[-] Polyxena, | a | tragedy. | 1879. | n. p.

12mo. pp. 84.

Copyright by William R. Smith, 1879.

For private circulation only.

Towards the close of the Trojan war, Achilles became enamored of Polyxena, the most beautiful of the daughters of King Priam. By the King's consent the lovers were betrothed, and during the performance of the marriage ceremony, in the Temple of Apollo, Paris clandestinely slew Achilles with an arrow. On this fable the following drama is founded.-Note.

Copies seen: Owen.

[—] The Chief. | A poem, in ten epistles, | containing | some political hints. [Quotation three lines.] | March 4, 1881. | n. p. n. d.

12mo. pp. 37 [1]. 11.

Copyrighted by Alphens P. French, 1881.

Copies seen: Owen.

Editor. The Law-Central, | a monthly magazine | devoted to the interests of the legal profession; | edited by William R. Smith. | Number one [-three.] | [Contents. ] | Washington, D. C.: | Office 122 East capitol street. | 1881. |

8vo. Nos. 1-2, pp. 128: No. 3, pp. 96.

No. 3 contains the article, Assassination and Insanity: Guitau's case.
Copies seen: Owen.

Assassination and insanity: | Guittau's case | examined and com-
pared with | analogous cases | from the | earlier to the present times, |
by William R. Smith. [Quotation one line.] Washington, D. C.,
1881 | William R. Smith, | 122 East capitol street, and 456 Louisiana


8vo. Printed cover, 1 leaf; title, 1 leaf; "Note Preliminary," 1 leaf; "Contents," 1 leaf; pp. 1-96. "Contents" also printed on back of cover.

"Originally published in the Law-Central in numbers."—Preliminary note by


Copies seen: Owen.

SMITH, WILLIAM RUSSELL. Reminiscences | of | a long life, | historical, political, personal and literary. | By William R. Smith, Sr. | Vol. I. | Washington, D. C.: | published by William R. Smith, Sr., | 122 East Capitol St. | [Press of Rufus H. Darby.] [1889.]

8vo. pp. 375 [1]. Portraits.

Published originally in the newspapers of Tuscaloosa County. One of the most entertaining books of the kind. Preserves many historical and biograph ical facts.

Contains a reprint of "The Uses of Solitude."

Vol. II never published.

Contains many personal references, and the following more or less complete biographical sketches:

Aiken, John G.

Anthony, Henry T.
Anthony, William L.
Ashe, Paoli Pascal.

Ashe, Thomas S.

Ashe, William C.

Ashe, Ruffin.

Banks, Marion.

Ball, Dr. Doric S.

Barnard, F. A. P. (portrait).

Barton, Seth.

Baylor, R. E. B.

Bolling, Thomas R.

Bomar, R. D.

Boykin, Burwell (portrait).

Bracy, J. D.

Brown, George.

Bouchelle, F. C. D.
Boucbelle. Dr. Ezra.
Carson, Thomas L.
Clare, William.
Clements, Hardy.
Clements, Hon. N. N.
Click, Matthew.
Click, John.
Childress, James.
Collier, Henry W.
Colver, Elisha.

Colgin, William R.

Colgin, Caroline.

Cochrane, William.

Cochrane, Mrs. Louisa.

Cochran, Hiram P.

Cochran, Dr. William A.

Comegys, Ed. F.

Cox, George.

Crabb, George Whitfield.

Crabb, Mrs. Elizabeth.
Cummings, John O.
Davenport, Thomas M.
Davenport, Eliza.
Davis, John.

Davis, Reuben.

Dearing, Capt. James H.
Dent, Gen. Dennis.
Donaldson, Col. Peter.
Drish, Dr. John R.

Duffee, Matthew.

Dyer, Otis.
Dyer, Mrs.

Ellis, Harvey W.
Ellyson, Col. Robert.
Ewing, Samuel B.
Field, Judge Hume R.
Files, Manly.

Fontain, Benj. B.

Frierson, Samuel G.

Friend, John.

Glover, William Y.
Glover, Benjamin N.
Gould, William P.

Gould, Col. McKee.
Grantland, Thomas.
Guild, Dr. James, sr.
Guild, Dr. La Fayette.
Hale, Col. Steven F.
Harris, Rev. Nath.
Hart, Velina.

Harding, Col. Horace.

Hargrove, Jack.

Hargrove, Hope.

Hargrove, Hon. A. C.

Hilliard, Henry W.
Hodge, John.
Hogan, James.
Hogan, Mrs. Sarah.
Hogg, James.
Haughey, John.

Hullum, Dr. James.
Hunter, Dr. Thomas.
Huntington, Bakus W.

Inge, Dr. Richard.

Inge, Maj. Frank.

Inge, Hon. S. W.

Inge, Col. William M.

Inge, Lieut. Montgomery Pike.
Inge, Judge Robert S.

Irby, John Tyler.

Isbel, Dr. James.

Jack, William H.

Jemison, Robert (portrait).

Jemison, William H.

Jenkins, John M.

Jenkins, Elias.

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SMITH, WILLIAM RUSSELL. Ingersollism and better brains: | an address | delivered before the | Alumni of the University of Alabama, | in June, 1889, | by Wm. R. Smith, Sr. | Published for the Alumni of the University of Alabama | by Rufus H. Darby, Washington, D. C. [1889.]| 8vo. Cover title only, 1 leaf. pp. 25. Copies seen: Owen.

Was it a pistol? | A nut for lawyers. | [Quotation two lines. ] | Rufus H. Darby, | 1308 Pennsylvania avenue, | Washington, D. C. | 1890. | 12mo. pp. 110.

A humorous poem descriptive of a trial by jury for the offense of carrying a concealed pistol.

Copies seen: Owen.

The first matriculation--1831, [at the University of Alabama.]
In the Corolla, 1893, vol. i. pp. 69–73. See University of Alabama.

William Russell Smith, fourth President of the University.
Ibid. 1895, vol. iii, pp. 75-76; portrait.

SMOOT, BENJAMIN S. Report of committee on claims adverse to petition of, for destruction of his property at Fort Bowyer by order of U. S. Army (House Rep. 61, 21st Cong. 2nd sess. In vol. 1.)

officers, Feb. 4, 1831.

8vo. pp. 4.

Copies seen: Owen.

SNEDECOR, VICTORIA GAYLE (1824-1888). A | Directory | of | Greene County for 1855-6, | embracing the names of voters in the County generally, alphabetically arranged, their occupation, | residence and post office; numerous tables of County statistics, a short sketch of | the early settlement of the County; advertisements, &c. &c. | By V. Gayle Snedecor, | Forkland, Ala. | Mobile: | printed by Strickland & Co., 28 Dauphin street. | 1856. |

8vo. pp. 74.

Map of the county intended to accompany the Directory issued separately. Contents: Title, Introduction to Map, and Introduction to Directory, pp. 5; County directory, pp. 6-48; Courts, p. 49; Officials, pp. 403-50; Abstract of special acts for Green County, pp. 50-53; Rates of ferriage, p. 53; Nativities of voters, p. 54; Marriages since 1850, p. 54; Religious denominations, pp. 54-58; Election precincts, p. 59; Newspapers, p. 59; Early settlement, pp. 60-53; Geographical sketch, pp. 63-65. Towns and villages: Eutaw, Greensboro, Clinton, New bern, Havana, Forkland, Pleasant Ridge, and Springfield, pp. 65-68; Education, pp. 68-69: Rivers, pp. 69-70; Creeks, p. 71; Antiquities, pp. 71-73. (Contains a letter from Wm. B. Inge descriptive of the ruins of an old fortification southwest of Forkland, about three miles, on the Tombigby River); Acknowledgement, p. 74. The whole work abounds in detail, and possesses an interest that does not usually attach to such an effort.

Copies seen: Owen.

SOLDIER, THE ALABAMA. The Alabama Soldier. | Devoted to the Alabama State Troops. | Vol. 1. Birmingham, Ala., July 30, 1891, [-July 11, 1892.] No. 1 [−40.]|

4to. Each issue, usually pp. 8., numbered separately. T. J. and E. B. Jones, brothers, editors and publishers. Only 40 numbers issued. Published weekly, but irregular toward the last. Devoted to the current news of the State troops, but contains a veteran's column in which appear short articles, reminiscences, and poems relating to the late war.

Copies seen: Owen.

SOMERVILLE, HENDERSON MIDDLETON (1837– ), Lawyer, LL.D. Doctrine of equitable estoppel, as applicable to married women and their separate statutory estates.

In Southern Law Journal, Tuscaloosa, Ala., Jan. 1878, vol. i, pp. 2-7.
Husband and wife as witnesses for and against each other.
Ibid. April, 1878, vol. i, pp. 175-182.

Reduction of judicial salaries.
Ibid. Oct. 1878, vol. i, pp. 489-492.

Alabama State Bar Association.

Ibid. Feb. 1879, vol. ii, pp. 77-79.

Sketch of.

In Medico-Legal Journal, New York, March, 1891, Vol. viii, pp. 415-420; portrait. 8vo.

Sketch of.

In University Magazine, New York, April 1893, vol. viii, pp. 308-309; portrait.


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