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Union Female COLLEGE. Catalogue | of the | Union Female College. | [Cut of buildings.] | Established 1853. | Eufaula, Alabama. | 1879-1880. [-1894-95.] | Montgomery, Alabama: | [-etc., 1 line. ] | 1880. |

8vo. and 18mo.

1879-80. pp. 15.
1883-84. pp. 31.

1894-95. pp. 39.

Copies seen: Bureau of Education.

UNIONTOWN FEMALE ACADEMY. Uniontown | Female Academy, | Uniontown, Ala. | W. W. Wilson, principal. | Crandall & Morrison, print, Chattanooga. | [1886.]

8vo. pp. [7].

Copies seen: Bureau of Education.

UNITED STATES COURT. Rules of practice | of the | United States Courts | for the Southern division | of the | Northern District of Alabama. | Adopted March term, 1888. | With an appendix | containing orders for U. S. Commissioner. | n. p. n. d.

8vo. pp. 19.

Copies seen: Owen.

UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA. [Report of a committee of the Board of Trustees to that body, Jan. 8, 1834. Tuscaloosa. 1834.]

Referred to in Clark's History of Education in Alabama, pp. 41-42.

The financial condition of the University.

[The killing of Edward L. Nabors, of Pickens County, Ala., by David A. Herring, of Franklin County, Miss., at the Univ. of Ala., June 4,1858.] n. p. n. d.

8vo. pp. 7. No title page.

Printed in the Tuscaloosa Monitor, and reprinted in the Gainesville (Ala.) Independent, June 19, 1858.

An address to the patrons of the university, by L. C. Garland, Presd't, to which is added a full report of the testimony of witnesses, and of the trial of Herring.

Copies seen: Curry.

Report of President Garland & Judge Ormond | of the | University of Alabama. | 1860. | "Observer" print, Tuscaloosa, Ala.

8vo. pp. 14.

Copies seen: University.

[blocks in formation]

President Garland | of the | University of Alabama. |

Copies seen: University.

Report of James W. Lapsley, | State Examiner, | on the accounts of
the University of Alabama, | and the correspondence of | J. H. Fitts, |
treasurer of the University, | in regard to said report. | n. p. [1886.]
8vo. Cover title only, 1 leaf. pp. 32.

Also in report of Mr. Lapsley, as State Examiner, for 1886.
Also in Mr. Lapsley's report as State Examiner, 1886.

Copies seen: Owen.

Correspondence | between | Gov. O'Neal and President [H. D. Clayton] of State University, | at Tuscaloosa. | n. p.

8vo. Cover title only, 1 leaf. pp. 7.


Edition, 150 copies, printed for House of Representatives.
Copies seen: Owen.

UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA. Constitution, by-laws, | and | general rules | of the University of Alabama | Athletic Association, | Tuskaloosa, Ala. | Printed at the book and job office of J. F. Warren. | Tuskaloosa, | 1892. I

18mo. pp. 18.

Copies seen: Owen.


Catalogue of the | officers, alumni, and students | of the | University of Alabama, | 1821-54. | Tuskaloosa: | printed by M. D. J. Slade. | 1854. |

[blocks in formation]

Pp. 1-24 contain matters embraced in above title; pp. 25-40 contain annual catalogue, 1853-54, with separate title on p. 25.

Lists of alumni and officers appear in annual catalogues from 1842 to 1848, for 1849-50, 1853-54 (above), and for 1856-57; and also in Law Catalogue, 1880–81. Copies seen: University; Curry; Owen.

Historical catalogue | of the | officers and alumni of the | University of Alabama, | 1821 to 1870. | Selma, Ala.: | Armstrong, Duval & Martin, Book and Job Printers. | 1870. |

8vo. pp. 41 [2].

Pp. 33-41 [2] contain the annual catalogue for 1869-70.

First alumni catalogue after 1856-57, and last until 1878.
Copies seen: University; Owen.

Trustees, faculty, and graduates of the University of Alabama.

In Garrett's Reminiscences of Public Men in Alabama, pp. 791-800.

A register of the | officers and graduates | of the | University of Alabama. [Seal of University.] | Tuscaloosa, Ala.: | Geo. A. Searcy, bookseller and publisher. | 1878. |

4to. pp. 58.

Compiled by Dr. William Stokes Wyman and Col. Thomas Chalmers McCorvey.
An excellent work.

Copies seen: University; Owen.

A complete list of the matriculates of the | University of Ala-
bama | from 1869 to 1897. | Not including those in attendance during |
the session 1897-'98. | Giving name, degree in course last year in
attendance at the University, last known address. [-etc., 2 lines.] |
Printed at the Institute for the Deaf, | Talladego, Ala. | 1898. |
8vo. pp. 61.

Copies seen: Owen.

Proceedings of the Alumni Society of the University of Alabama at its 9th meeting, Dec. 12, 1843.



Annual catalogues, 1831-1897.

8vo. and 12mo.

None issued for 1837-38, 1838-39, 1839-40, 1840-41; 1861-1869, except 1861-62, 1862-63, and 1863-64 (copies of which have not, however, been seen), and 1870-71.

[blocks in formation]

Catalogue, 1843. pp. 16.

Catalogue, 1844. pp. 19.
Catalogue, 1845.
pp. 10.

Catalogue, 1846. pp. 20.

Catalogue, 1847. pp. 14.

Catalogue, 1848. pp. 16.

Catalogue, 1849-50. pp. [24.]
Catalogue, 1850-51. pp. 14.
Catalogue, 1851-52. pp. [16.]
Catalogue, 1852-53. pp. 14.

pp. 25-40. (See Alumni Register above.)

Catalogue, 1853-54.
Catalogue, 1854-55. pp. 14.

Catalogue, 1855-56. pp. 16.

Catalogue, 1856-57. pp. 38. Includes Triennial catalogue.

Catalogue, 1857-58. pp. 16.

Catalogue, 1858-59. pp. 16.

Catalogue, 1859-60. pp. 24.

Catalogue, 1860-61. pp. 32.

Catalogue, 1869–70.

In Historical Catalogue, 1821 to 1870, pp. 34-41. (See Alumni Registers above.) Catalogue, 1871-72. pp. 30.

[blocks in formation]

In Southern Law Journal, Tuscaloosa, Ala., Jan., 1878, vol. i, pp. 55-57.

Law Department of the University of Alabama. (Triennial catalogue.) 1880-1881. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 1880.

8vo. pp. 17.

Contains roll of alumni, 1874-1880. No other copies seen, and none later issued.
Law school opened at session, 1872-73, H. M. Somerville, Esq., Professor.
Copies seen: Owen.

UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA. University law school. | Announcement | of the Law Department, University of Alabama. | 1884–1885. | Twelfth year. | Tuscaloosa, Ala.: | 1884. |

12mo. pp. 8.

Copies seen: Owen.


· Ordinances | and | resolutions | of the | board of trustees | of | the University of Alabama, | which are of a general and public nature, | passed since the session of 1826,-and | some previous to that period— up to the close of the session, on the 15th of January, 1831. | Together with a list of the trustees and professors of the University. Tuscaloosa: | printed by Jno. R. Hampton: | 1831. |

8vo. pp. 30.

Copies seen: University.

Ordinances for the government of the University of Alabama.


8vo. pp. 8.

From card catalogue of Library of Congress.

[Other editions.]


n. p.

For 1837, pp. 43; 1839, pp. 27; 1850, pp. 26; 1854, pp. 24; 1858, pp. 18; 1873, pp. 36; 1877, pp. 38; 1889, pp. 36.

Copies seen: University.



Report of committee. Tuscaloosa.

Referred to in Clark's History of Education in Alabama, pp. 39-41.

This was in reference to University expenditures, etc.

Report of the | committee on education, | in relation to the University of Alabama. | In Senate-1000 copies ordered to be printed. | Tuscaloosa | Philon & Harris, State printers. | 1843. |

8vo. pp. 24.

Copies seen: Curry.

Report of the Committee [of the House of Representatives] on Education, on the Report of the Trustees of the University of Alabama, etc. [Tuscaloosa, 1846?]


From British Museum Catalogue, 1881.

Report of the | Committee [of the General Assembly, Walter H. Crenshaw, Chairman] | on the State University. | House 1000 copies. Montgomery: | McCormick & Walshe, printers. | 1848. |

8vo. pp. 12.

House Doc. No. 10.

Report written by Joseph W. Taylor, of Greene Co.
Copies seen: Curry.

Report of the | Committee [N. H. Brown, Chairman] | on the | University of Alabama | together with the report of the | Board of Trustees | of the University. | House-500 copies. | Montgomery: | Bates

& Lucas, State printers. | 1856. |

8vo. pp. 12.

F. Bugbee & J. I. Ormond, trustees.
Copies seen: Curry.

UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA. Report | of the | special joint committee | appointed to visit the | State University at Tuscaloosa, | to the | General Assembly. | Montgomery: Barrett & Brown, State printers. | 1879. |

8vo. pp. 35 [1].

Contains reprint of laws and regulations, 1877, pp.
Copies seen: Owen.

9-35 [1].

A bill to be entitled an act: to adjust the claim of the University of Alabama upon an equitable basis, by declaring the endowment; and to enable deserving and indigent students in the several counties of the State, to obtain an education at that institution. n. p. n. d.

4to. pp. 3. No title page.

House Bill, No. 544; introduced by M. L. Stansel.

Edition, 300 copies.

Copies seen: Owen.

Report of the joint committee to visit Tuscaloosa and investigate the University. n. p. [1897.]

8vo. pp. 36. No title page.

Signed by B. L. Hibbard, Ed. Robinson, A. P. Longshore, Jno. Y. Kilpatrick, joint committee. Report made to General Assembly, 1896-97. Copies seen: Owen.


The Alabama University Monthly.

This publication covers a consecutive period of fourteen years, 1873-1887. It was entirely under the control of the two literary societies of the University-the Philomathic and the Erosophic-for its first four years, the editors being chosen by them. Beginning with the fifth year, the Faculty appointed the editors, the selection still being made from the membership of the Societies. It was discontinued by the Faculty after 1887, and the University was without a students' organ until Jan. 1891, when the Journal begun publication.

Detail of the several issues, editors, etc., is given below:

Vol. I., 1873-74, Dec., 1873; Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June, and July, 1874-8 numbers. 8vo. pp. 192. Editors: Philomathic Society, Thos. H. Watts, jr., editorin-chief, R. J. Padelford, A. D. Crawford; Erosophic Society, John H. Fitts and W. C. Jemison.

Vol. II., 1874-75, Nov., Dec., 1874; Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June, July, 18759 numbers. 8vo. pp. 346. Editors: Philomathic, T. W. Clark, R. J. Padelford; Erosophic, R. B. Bradfield.

Vol. III., 1875-76, Nov., Dec., 1875; Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June, July, 1876-9 numbers. 8vo. pp. 335. Editors: Philomathic, B. L. Wyman; Erosophic, J. W. Holliday and J. A. Kelly, jr.

Vol. IV., 1876-77, Nov., Dec., 1876; Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June-July, 1877-9 numbers in 8. 8vo. pp. 310. Editors: Philomathic, R. H. Baltzell, W. II. Patton; Erosophie, W. E. Richardson. Mr. Patton resigned, and R. Betts was elected to the vacancy.

Vol. V, 1877-78, Nov., Dec., 1877; Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr.-May, June-July, 18789 numbers in 7. 8vo. pp. 311-603. Editors: Philomathic, Chas. R. McCall, Daniel W. Speake; Erosophic, Tennent Lomax and C. W. Brown.

Vol. VI, 1878-79, Nov., Dec., 1878; Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June-July, 18799 numbers in 8. 8vo. pp. 695-1014. Editors: Philomathic, Chap. Cory, J. B. Durrett; Erosophie, L. T. Bradfield, J. E. Gray, and J. M. Weatherly.

Vol. VII, 1880, Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June, July-6 numbers. 8vo.
pp. 263.
Editors: Philomathic, S. G. D. Brothers, F. F. Caller, J. H. Little; Erosophic, R. E.
Spragins and J. J. Willett.

Vol. VIII, 1880-81, Dec., 1880; Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June, July, 1881-8 numbers. 8vo. pp. 320. Editors: Philomathic, T. W. Palmer, J. N. Gilchrist; Erosophic, Tancred Betts, C. W. Brown, and W. P. G. Harding.

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