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-1887), Gen., Judge U. S. Sup. Court. Proceedings of the bench and bar | of the | Supreme Court of the United States | In Memoriam | William B. Woods. | Washington: | Government printing office. | 1887. |

8vo. 21.

He was a Brig.-Gen. in the Civil War, and after the close of hostilities settled in Alabama. He successively became Chancellor of the Middle Division of Alabama, Circuit Judge for the 5th Judicial Circuit of the U. S., and an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S.

Copies seen: Jonns Hopkins Univ.

WOODWARD, JOSEPH. The relations of the North and South | considered in connection with the principles of the American Party: | an address, delivered at Talladega, 6th Sept., 1855, | before the | American Party of Talladega County, | by | Hon. Jos. A. Woodward, of S. C. | Published by request. | Montgomery: | Barrett & Wimbish's book and job office. 1855. |

8vo. pp. 15.

Subsequently removed to Ala., where he died.
Copies seen: Curry.

WOODWARD, THOMAS SIMPSON (1797-1861), Maj. Georgia Volrs., Lt. Col.
Cmd't Indn. Volrs., Brig. Gen. of Militia. Woodward's reminiscences
of the Creek, or Muscogee Indians, | contained in letters to friends
in | Georgia and Alabama. | By Thomas S. Woodward, of Louisiana, |
(formerly of Alabama.) | With an appendix, | containing interesting
matter relating to the general subject. | Montgomery, Ala. : | Barrett
& Wimbish, book and general job printers. | 1859. |

8vo. pp. 168.

The greater number of these letters were originally published in the Mont gomery Mail.

A very valuable book now quite rare.


"Few men have had better opportunities for studying the Indian character and investigating their customs than Gen. Woodward. Very early in life . . he was brought into contact with the Red Man; and, stirred by the Indian blood in his own veins, he studied his character and traditions lovingly and earnestly. The unpretending pages which follow contain a very great deal of matter of high historical value to the people of Alabama and Georgia."-Introduction. "A small volume of reminiscences about the Indians, which attempts to confute many of the statements made by Pickett, Meek, Coxe, and others, which have been in part adopted in this volume. He was an interesting man, tall and erect, and brusk (sic) in manner."-Brewer's History of Alabama.

Copies seen: Curry.

WOOTEN, H. V., M. D. The topography and diseases of Lowndesboro, and its vicinity, during the year 1850.

In Fenner's (E. D.) Southern Medical Reports, 1850, vol. ii, pp. 330-345. New Orleans, La.

WORCESTER, JOSEPH EMERSON (1784-1865), A. M. A gazetteer of the United States | abstracted from the universal gazetteer of the author; with enlargement of the principal articles. | By J. E. Worcester, A. M. | Andover: | printed for the author by Flagg and Gould: | 1818. |

8vo. Not paged.

Contains short account of Alabama, with sketches of counties and towns. One of the first of the kind.

Copies seen: Hamner.

WRIGHT, JOHN WILLIAM ALBERT (18 -1894). Our mountains and natural bridge.

In Birmingham (Ala.) Age-Herald, Feb'y 1, 1892.

State reminiscences.

Ibid. Sept. 18, 1892.

Relates to location of early Indian places in East Alabama.

Dr. Carlos G. Smith. Sketch of the life of that eminent educator.
Ibid. Oct. 25, 1892.

Sixth president of the State University.

WYMAN, WILLIAM STOKES ( -), LL. D., Prof. Latin University of Alabama. The Study of Virgil.

In Alabama Educational Journal, Montgomery, Ala., June, 1859, vol. i, pp. 265– 270.

Exercises | in | Latin prose composition: | mainly in the syntax | of the compound sentence. | By | William S. Wyman, | professor of latin | in the University of Alabama. | Tuscaloosa. | M. I. Burton | 1888.

8vo. pp. 20.

Copies seen: Bureau of Education.

Henry W. Hilliard. More interesting reminiscences of the departed


In Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser, Dec. 25, 1892.

Earliest times in and around Montgomery.

Ibid. June 7, 1893.

More history, an interesting letter on the Indians.

Ibid. June 11, 1893.

The first European settlement in Alabama.

Ibid. July 9, 1893.

Also published in Proceedings Alabama Educational Association, 1893. pp. 70-80.

The drama in Montgomery.

Ibid. Oct. 28-Nov. 4, 1894.

Old Augusta, the first town settled by the whites in Montgomery County.
Ibid. Dec. 29 and 30, 1896.

The historic name-"Tuscaloosa."

In the Tuscaloosa (Ala.) Times, Souvenir Edition, Oct. 28, 1896.

The Cradle days of Tuscaloosa.

In the Tuscaloosa (Ala.) Times, Trade Edition, Oct. 1898.


YANCEY, WILLIAM LOWNDES (1814-1863), Lawyer, M. C. from Ala., Conf. States Senator from Ala., Statesman and Orator. Speech of William L. Yancey, of Autauga, | in the Senate of the State of Alabama, | on the 4th of January, 1814; | upon a joint memorial to Congress in relation to the imprisonment of Amos Kendall, | Post Master General, on account of the claim of Stockton & Stokes; and in reply to | Mr. Dougherty of Macon county. | n. p. n. d.

8vo. pp. 10.

Favors relief by Congress.

YANCEY, WILLIAM LOWNDES. Speech | of | Hon. Wm. Lowndes Yancey, | of Alabama, on the | annexation of Texas to the United States. [ Delivered in the House of Representatives, Jan. 7, 1845. | Printed by Harris & Heart, "Constitution" office. | n. d.

8vo. pp. 14.

Advocates annexation; contains also scathing attack on Mr. T. L. Clingman's (of N. C.) position. This speech led to the duel between Messrs. Yancey and Clingman, an account of which is given in Du Bose's Life of Yancey.

Copies seen: Johns Hopkins Univ.

Oration on life and character of Andrew Jackson. Wetumpka: Printed by B. B. Moore. 1845.

8vo. pp. 16.

Also in the Democrat, Huntsville, Ala., Aug. 27, 1845.

Delivered by request of citizens at Wetumpka, Ala., July 11, 1845.

Speech of Mr. Yancey, of Alabama | on the | Oregon question. | Delivered in the House of Representativos, | January 7, 1846. | Washington: Printed at the Union office. | 1816. |

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8vo. pp. 8.

Also in the Democrat, Huntsville, Ala., Feb. 4, 1846.

Speech on harbors and rivers bill. Washington: Printed by Blair &
Rives. 1846.

8vo. pp. 13.

Also in the Democrat, Huntsville, Ala., Sept. 23, 1846.

Delivered in the House of Representatives March 10, 1846.

Remarks of | Mr. Yancey, of Alabama, | on | Mr. C. J. Ingersoll's resolutions of inquiry into the conduct of Daniel Webster, in | expending the contingent fund | while Secretary of State. | Delivered in the House of Representatives, April 9 and 10, 1846. | Washington: | printed by John T. Towers. | 1846. |

8vo. pp. 16.

[An address on the dignity and rights of woman, delivered before the young ladies of Rev. Mr. Hamner's High School, at Baltimore, April 3-29, 1846.]


See the Democrat, Huntsville, Ala., April 29, 1846, for account of.

An oration on the life and character of Andrew Jackson, delivered at Baltimore May 23, 1846, before the Jackson Monument Convention. Baltimore: Printed by James Lucas. 1846.

8vo. pp. 24.

This address is remarkable in its variation from the Wetumpka address above. Remarks of Mr. Yancey of Alabama in the House of Representatives, June 16, 1846, on the Mexican War, and in reply to Mr. Stephens, of Georgia.

In the Democrat, Huntsville, Ala., July 15, 1846.

Alabama Resolutions.

In the Democrat, Huntsville, Ala., March 8, 1848.

Prepared for and adopted by the Alabama Democratic Convention, Montgom. ery, Ala., Feb. 14 and 15, 1848.

An address | to the people of Alabama, | by W. L. Yancey, | late a delegate, at large, for the State of Alabama, | to the | National Democratic Convention, | held at Baltimore, on 22d May, A. D. 1848. | Montgomery: | Printed at the Flag and Advertiser job office. | 1848. |

8vo. pp. 78,1 1.

The 1 1. contains a statement, concurring with Mr. Yancey, from P. A. Wray,
also a delegate.

Copies seen: Curry.

A later edition was issued with the following title:

YANCEY, WILLIAM LOWNDES. An | address | to the people of Alabama, |
by W. L. Yancey, | late a delegate, at large, from the State of Ala-
bama, to the | National Democratic Convention, | held at Baltimore,
May 22d, 1848. | With a supplement, | containing | two letters from
Mr. Buchanan, | and the late | letter of Martin Van Buren. | Mont-
gomery | Barrett & Wimbish, book and job printers. | 1856. |
8vo. pp. 63.

Contains Yancey's address, pp. 53; Letters from Mr. Buchanan, pp. 54-57, and
Mr. Van Buren's letter, pp. 57-63.

An address on the life and character | of | John Caldwell Cal-
houn. | Delivered | before the citizens of Montgomery, Alabama, | on
the Fourth July, 1850. | By William L. Yancey. | Montgomery: | Job
office Advertiser and Gazette print. | 1850. |

8vo. pp. 67.

Referred to in Southern Quarterly Review, Charleston, S. C., Sept. 1850, vol. ii,
n. p., p. 269.

Copies seen: Curry.

[An appeal for the unity of Alabama, delivered before the Demo-
cratic and Anti-Know Nothing Convention, Montgomery, Ala., Jan. 8,

In Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser, Jan. 1856.

See the Democrat, Huntsville, Ala., Jan. 17, 1856, for full report of proceedings
of convention, platform, etc.

[Letter, dated Tuskegee, Ala., Jan. 21, 1856, from W. F. Samford
addressed to William L. Yancey asking him " for an expression of your
views on . . . . the . . . questions involved in the coming Presiden-
tial contest." Reply of Yancey, dated Montgomery, Ala., Feb. 6, 1856.]
In the Democrat, Huntsville, Ala., March 14, 1856.


[Letter to J. D. Meadow, of Dadeville, Ala., dated June 16, 1859, on
the fatal political course of Stephen A. Douglas.]

In Montgomery, (Ala.) Advertiser, June, 1859.

[Speech on political issues at Columbia, S. C., July 28, 1859.]

In the South Carolinian, Columbia, July, 1859.

Speech of | Hon. W. L. Yancey, | delivered in the Democratic State
Convention, of the State of Alabama, | held at Montgomery, on the
11th, 12th, 13th and 14th of January, 1860. | Montgomery: | Advertiser
book and job steam press print. | 1860. |

8vo. pp. 31.

Copies seen: Curry; Owen.

Speech of the Hon. William L. Yancey, of Alabama, delivered in the
National Democratic Convention, Charleston, April 28th, 1860. With
the protest of the Alabama delegation. From the report of the
"Charleston Mercury." [Colophon: Walker, Evans & Co., print.,

8vo. pp. 20. No title page.
Copies seen: Curry.

YANCEY, WILLIAM LOWNDES. Substance of the speech made by Hon. Wm. L. Yancey, in the Democratic meeting at Marion, Perry County [Ala.], May 19, 1860. n. p. n. d.

8vo. pp. 24. No title page.

Political issues.

Copies seen: Curry.

[Speech in Baltimore Democratic Convention, June 28, 1860, congratulating the country on the nomination of Breckinridge for President.] In Daily Baltimore American, June, 1860.

[Speech at Memphis, Tenn., Aug. 14, 1860, on the Presidential campaign of 1860.]

[blocks in formation]

This was the opening speech of a canvass which included the North.

[Political addresses, campaign of 1860.]

Speech at Cooper Institute, New York, Oct. 10, 1860.

In New York Herald, Oct. 1860; also in New York World, Oct. 1860.

Speech at Faneuil Hall, Boston, Oct. 12, 1860.

In Boston Post, Oct. 1860.

Speech at Rochester, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1860. 8vo. pp.-.

Speech at Albany, N. Y., Oct. 16, 1860.

In an Albany paper.

Speech at Syracuse, N. Y., Oct. 16 [P. M.], 1860.

In a Syracuse paper.

Speech at Pike's Opera House, Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 22, 1860.

In Cincinnati Gazette, Oct. 1860; also in Louisville Courier, Oct. 1860.

Speech at Louisville, Ky., Oct. 25, 1860.

In Louisville Courier, Oct. 1860.

Speech at Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 26, 1860.

In Nashville American, Oct. 1860.

Speech at New Orleans, La., Oct. 29, 1860.
In New Orleans Delta, Nov. 1860.

[Communications from Confederate States Commissioners, W. L. Yancey, P. A. Rost, and A. Dudley Mann, dated Aug. 14, 1861, addressed to Right Honorable Earl Russell, Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of Foreign Affairs, in explanation of the right of the Confederate government to recognition by Her Majesty's government.]

In Du Bose's Life and Times of Yancey, pp. 609-621.

Constitution of the Montgomery League of United Southerners.
In Du Bose's Life and Times of Yancey, pp. 377-378.

Speeches of | William L. Yancey, Esq., | Senator from the State of Alabama; made in the Senate of the Confederate States, | during the session commencing on the 18th day of August, A. D. 1862. | Montgomery, Ala.: | Montgomery Advertiser book and job office. | 1862. |

Retaliation, Aug. 21. 1862; Secret sessions, Aug. 22, 1862; Conscription, Sept. 4, 1862; Exemptions of State officers, Sept. 10. 1862; Appointment of brigadier-generals, Sept. 22, 1862; The pay of soldiers, Oct. 1862.

Copies seen: Owen.

Account of portraits of Yancey.

In Montgomery (Ala.) Mail, March 1, 1871.

Sketch of Benjamin Cudworth Yancey.

In O'Neall's Bench and Bar of South Carolina, vol. ii, pp. 322-324. Charleston, S. C. 1859. 8vo.

Father of William L. Yancey.

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