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P. and pp.-Page and pages.

L. and 11.-Leaf and leaves.

P. 1.—Preliminary leaves.

T., t. p., and n. t. p.-Title, title page, and no title page.

N. p., n. d.-No place, no date.

11.-A leaf printed on one side only and unnumbered.

[1].-An unnumbered page, always verso of a numbered page.

[2].-Two unnumbered pages, i. e., a leaf printed on both sides, neither numbered.

Brackets ([]) indicate words supplied in the title.

The following words, placed after a title or note, indicate the library where a copy of the particular work has been seen and examined by the compiler, viz:

Congress.-Library of Congress.

Smithsonian.-Library of Smithsonian Institution.

Surgeon-General.-Library of Surgeon-General.

Bureau of Education.-Library of Bureau of Education.

University. Library of University of Alabama.

Supreme Court.-Library of Supreme Court of Alabama.

Johns Hopkins University.—Library of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.

Peabody.-Peabody Library, Baltimore.

Curry.-Library of Dr. J. L. M. Curry, Washington, D. C.

Hamner.--Library of Dr. George W. Hamner, Washington.

Owen.-Library of Thomas McAdory Owen, the compiler, Carrollton,




The work here presented is an attempt in the widest sense at a complete State bibliography. An effort has been made to give the titles, arranged alphabetically by authors, of all known publications, whether books, pamphlets, newspaper and magazine sketches where of apparent value, articles printed in the transactions of societies, publications of societies, official documents, maps, etc. It therefore embraces not only the historical and biographical works relating to the State, its institutions, and its public men, but it includes as well the intellectual product of the literary and business life of the State. And yet it is by no means exhaustive, and of many omissions the compiler is aware.

Many difficulties have attended the satisfactory preparation of the work. The absence of any approximately complete collection of the material included in the scope of the bibliography has made the compilation slow, tedious, and after all incomplete. The principal sources consulted are the following: The library of the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa; the library of the Supreme Court of Alabama, Montgomery; the Johns Hopkins University and the Peabody libraries, Baltimore; the libraries of Congress, the Surgeon-General's Office, the Bureau of Education, and the Smithsonian Institution, Washington; and the private libraries of Dr. Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry, and Dr. George W. Hamner, Washington. Titles found and examined in these collections are so indicated.

Acknowledgment is made with pleasure to the many persons who have rendered assistance in the work. Special thanks are due Dr. Stephen B. Weeks, Bureau of Education, Washington, D. C., for encouragement and sympathetic sug gestions; Dr. J. L. M. Curry, Washington, for advice and the use of his unrivaled collection of pamphlets; Dr. George W. Hamner, Washington, for the use of his extensive library of are and early Southern and Indian books; Dr. Eugene Allen

Smith, State Geologist, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, for assistance in presenting geological titles; and to the obliging officials of the above libraries. The following have in various ways rendered assistance: Dr. W. S. Wyman and Prof. T. W. Palmer, University of Alabama; Dr. P. H. Mell, Auburn, Ala.; A. E. Caffee, Esq., Montgomery; Peter Joe Hamilton, Esq., Mobile; and T. L. Cole, Esq., Washington. Public acknowledgement also may not improperly be made to my wife, who has unselfishly and cheerfully assisted in copying, as well as in the reading and correction of proof. Mr. A. Howard Clark, of the Smithsonian Institution, Assistant Secretary of the American Historical Association, has rendered many courtesies connected with the publication of the work, for which thanks are here rendered.



April 12, 1898.



(For Additions and Corrections see APPENDIX.)


ABBOTT BENEDICT. Alabama's first monastery.

In the Birmingham (Ala.) Age-Herald, April 22, 1892.
Located at Cullman, Ala.

ABBOTT, JOHN STEPHENS CABOT (1805–1877), Author. The adventures | of the | Chevalier de la Salle | and his companions, | in their explorations of the ❘ prairies, forests, lakes, and rivers of the new world. | And their interviews with the savage tribes, | two hundred years ago. | By | John S. C. Abbott. | New York: | Dodd, Mead & Company, | publishers | [1875.]

12mo. pp. 384.

An interesting preliminary to the history of French settlement in the old Southwest.

Copies seen: Owen.


Report of Col. R. H. Abercrombie, | commissioner, | appointed to adjust, compromise and settle the indebtedness of the Counties of Chambers, Randolph, Tallapoosa, Lee and I Pickens. | Submitted to the Governor. | Montgomery, Ala.: | W. D. Brown & Co., State printers and book-binders. | 1883. |

8vo. Cover title only, 1 leaf. pp. 16.
Copies seen: Owen.

ADAIR, JAMES. The history of the | American Indians; | particularly | Those Nations adjoining to the Missisippi [sic], east and west Florida, Georgia, South and | North Carolina, and Virginia: | containing An account of their Origin, Language, Manners, Religious and | Civil Customs, Laws, Form of Government, Punishments, Conduct in | War and Domestic Life, their Habits, Diet, Agriculture, Manu- | factures, Diseases and Method of Cure, and other Particu'ars, suffi- | ci nt to render it | a | complete Indian system | With | Observations on former Historians, the Conduct of our Colony | Governors, Superintendents, Missionaries, &c. | Also | an appendix, | containing | A Description of the Floridas, and the Missisippi [sic] Lands, with their Produc- tions-The Benefits of colonising Georgiana, and civilizing the Indians—| And the way to make all the Colonies more valuable to the Mother Country. | With a new Map of the Country referred to in the History. | By James Adair, Esquire, | A Trader with

the Indians, and Resident in their Country for Forty Years. | London: | Printed for Edward and Charles Dilly, in the Poultry. | MDCCLXXV [1775]. |

4to. 6 prel. leaves. pp. 464. Map of the American Indian nations.
Reprinted in part as follows:

ADAIR, JAMES. History of the North American Indians, their customs, &c. By James Adair.

In King, E.: Antiquities of Mexico, vol. viii, pp. 273-375, London, 1848, folio. Contains Arguments i-xxiii of Adair's work, followed by "Notes and illustra tions to Adair's History of the North American Indians," by Lord Kingsborough, pp. 375-400.

A German edition was published at Breslau, 1782. 8vo.

"Indian trader and author, lived in the 18th century. He resided among the Indians (principally the Chickasaws and Cherokees) from 1735 to 1775, and in the latter year published his 'History of the American Indians.' In this he attempted to trace the descent of the Indians from the Jews, basing his assumption upon supposed resemblances between the customs of the two races. . . . Unsatisfactory as are his vocabularies of Indian dialects, they are the most valuable part of his writings."-Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography, vol. i, p. 10.

[blocks in formation]

ending Oct. 31, 1876. pp. 17.

pp. 95.

Report of William W. Allen, Adjutant General, Nov. 20, 1871. pp. 4.
Report of M. G. Candee, Nov. 17, 1873. pp. 7 [1].
Report of M. G. Candee, Nov. 14, 1874. pp. 7 [1].
Report of Thos. N. Macartney, for year
Report of John F. White, for 1879-80. pp. 23.
Report of J. N. Gilmer, Mar. 3, 1883, to Nov. 1, 1884. pp. 19.
Report of A. B. Garland, 1887 and 1888. pp. 73.
Report of Charles P. Jones. Nov. 1, 1888, to Oct. 1, 1890.
Report of Charles P. Jones, Oct. 1, 1890, to Oct. 1, 1891.
Report of Charles P. Jones, Oct. 1, 1891, to Oct. 1, 1892.
Report of Charles P. Jones, Oct. 1, 1892, to Oct. 1, 1894.
Report of Harvey E. Jones, Oct. 1, 1894, to Oct. 1, 1896.
These reports contain statistics as to the militia, and give full details of all
riots, or disturbances, in which the military was called to interfere. The report
for 1892-94 contains a full account of all the military records of Alabama to be
found in the Adjutant General's office, pp. 193-224.

Copies seen: Owen.

pp. 78.

pp. 70 [1]. pp. 224.

pp. 8. lix.

AGEE, G. W. Rube Burrow, | king of outlaws, | and his | band of train robbers. | An accurate and faithful history of their | exploits and adventures. | By | G. W. Agee, | superintendent Western Division Southern Express Company. | Copyright 1890 by | G. W. Agee. | [Cincinnati, O.


12mo. Ill. cover. pp. x. 194. Portrait of Burrow; illustrations.
Burrow was a native of Lamar county, Alabama.

Copies seen: Owen.

AGRICULTURAL AND HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY OF WESTERN ALABAMA. Premium list of the | second annual fair | of the | [etc. 3 lines] | to be held on the grounds of the society | at | Demopolis, Marengo County | [13-17,] Nov., 1860. [etc. 2 lines.] | Mobile: | Randall & Williams, booksellers [etc. 2 lines.] | 1860. |

8vo. pp. 16.
Copies seen: Owen.

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