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ALDRICH, TRUMAN H., v8. UNDERWOOD, OSCAR W. Contested election case of, from the ninth Congressional district of Alabama. government printing office. 1895.

8vo. pp. 902.


Report in favor of contestant. May 26, 1896. (House Rep. 2006, 54th Cong. 1st sess. In vol. -.)

contestee. May 8, 1896. (House Rep. In vol.-.)

8vo. pp. 18. No title page. Views of minority in favor of 2006, pt. 2, 54th Cong. 1st sess. 8vo. pp. 21. No title page. Supplemental brief for contestant. 8vo. pp. 78.

n. p. n. d.

By L. E. Parsons, and Dudley & Michener.

Brief for contestee. Leslie Bros., printers, Birmingham. n.d.

8vo. pp 108.

By E. K. Campbell, Esq.

Supplemental brief of contestee.


n. d.

8vo. pp. 120.

By Brookshire & Yarrell.

Hayworth Pub. House, Washing

Speech of Hon. Oscar W. Underwood, in the House of Representatives, June 9, 1896. Washington. 1896.

8vo. pp. 15.

In his own behalf.

Copies seen: Owen.


Contested election case of,


from the fourth Congressional district of Alabama.

Government printing office. 1895.

8vo. pp. 314.

Report in favor of contestant. Feby. 29, 1896. (House Rep. 572, pt. 1, 54th Cong. 1st. sess. In vol.-.)

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I bid. In vol.-.)

March 7, 1896. (House

n. p. n. d.

n. p. n. d.

Contested election case |

of | W. F. Aldrich v. T. S. Plowman, | from the | fourth Congressional district of Alabama. | Washington: | Government Printing Office. | 1897. |

8vo. pp. 1487.

Copies seen: Owen.

ALEXANDER CITY. Catalogue of Graded High School, Alexander City,

[blocks in formation]

ALEXANDER, E. P. Argument | of | E. P. Alexander | on | railroad bills | before judiciary committee of the Senate of Alabama. | February, 1881.

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ALEXANDER, J. BELL. Malice: | a tale of real life in the South. | By J. Bell Alexander, | of Mobile. Mobile: | Published by Strickland & Benjamin, | No. 28 Dauphin street. | 1852. |

8vo. pp. 91. Illustrations.

Copies seen: Owen.

ALFRED AND INEZ; | or, | the siege of St. Augustine: | a drama, | in five acts. [quotation 3 lines.] | Mobile: | printed by Thompson & Harris. | 1849. |

12mo. Title, 1 leaf. pp. 172.

Dedicated to Judge G. F. Lindsay.

Founded on the invasion of Florida by the Carolinians in 1702.
Copies seen: Owen.

ALLEN, T. M. Directory of the | practicing dentists | in the | State of
Alabama | March 1st, 1889 | Showing who have and who have not been
licensed to practice dentistry in Alabama | under the new dental law,
approved February 11th, 1881, with a copy of the law regulating
the practice of dentistry in Alabama as amended | February 28th, 1887,
also names of members of the | Alabama Dental Association. | Com-
piled for the Alabama Dental Association and the State Board of
Dental Examiners | of Alabama. | By T. M. Allen, D. D. S., Birming-
ham, Ala. | Birmingham, Ala.: | Roberts & Son, printers, | 1889.
8vo. pp. 60.

Pp. 14-60, advertisements.

Copies seen: Owen.

ALLIANCE. The | Kolbiad of Alliance. | Charley at the dance, | or | an Alliance romance. | A poem in six cantos.-By Long Greene, | Poet. | Price 25 cents. | [1890.]

8vo. Cover title, 1 leaf. pp. 55.

A bit of poetic pleasantry, relating to the political campaign of 1890 in Alabama.

Copies seen: Owen.

ALMANAC. No. 10. | Kellogg & Co.'s | Alabama almanac, | for the year | 1840: [Design]. | Being bissextile or leap year, and until July 4th, the sixty-fourth of | American independence. | Adapted to the latitude and meridian of | Mobile. | North latitude 30° 43', longitude 88° 21′ west from Greenwich. | By David Young, Philom. | Mobile. | Published by J. S. Kellogg & Co., | Booksellers and stationers, 28 Dauphin street. | And sold by most of the merchants in the country. | 1840. | 12mo. pp. 47.

No earlier or later copies seen.

Alabama almanacs were published in the twenties.
Copies seen: Owen.

The gardener's calendar | for | Alabama, | South Carolina, Georgia, | and | North Carolina. | [Statement of contents, 8 lines.] | Published by Robert Squib.-1787. | Second edition by a lady of Alabama, with | alterations and improvements.-1842. | Mobile, Alabama: | pablished by S. W. Allen. | 1843. |

12mo. pp. 108.

Instructions for gardening, with directions as to all plants, soils, etc.
Copies seen: Owen.

ALMANAC. The | Alabama | and | Mississippi | Almanac, for the year of our Lord | 1856, | being bissextile, or leap year, | [etc., 5 lines]. | Mobile, Ala. | Published and sold by | Strickland & Co. | No. 28 Dauphin street. | Strickland & Co., printers. |

12mo. pp. [47].

J. B. Clark's | Alabama | almanac, | for the year of our Lord, | 1863, | being the third after leap year | and third of Southern independence. Containing much valuable information. | Selma: | J. B. Clark, bookseller and stationer. | 1863. |

8vo. Cover title only, 1 leaf. pp. 56. 1 1.

A condensed history of the State, pp. 17-34.
Copies seen: Owen.

Confederate States | almanac. For the year of our Lord | 1864. | Being bissextile, or leap year, and the 4th year | of the independence of the Confederate | States of America.-Calculations made at | University of Alabama. | Published for the trade by | Burke, Boykin & Co., | Macon, Ga. | S. H. Goetzel, | Mobile, Ala. |

16mo. pp. 20. 4 pp. advertisements.

Contains several items in reference to the Confederate States government, with lists of battles.

Copies seen: Hamner.

Alabama educational almanac, 1872. Montgomery, J. White, 1872.

8vo. pp. 20.

There is another edition, 12mo., pp. 35.

Titles from card catalogue of Congressional Library. White, Evans & Cogswell's Alabama almanac. S. C.]

8vo. pp. [29].

Copies seen: Owen.

1875. [Charleston,

AMERICAN (THE) PRESENT. The American Present, a journal of to-day, devoted to Southern literature, art, history and romance.


8vo. Vol. 1, No. 1, May 1891, pp. 150. No. 2, June 1891, pp. 104. Edited by Tom L. Cannon, at Sheffield, Ala. No others issued. The typograph ical work is very poor. Some of the papers are interesting, but none are prepared after a high standard. For special articles, see DuBose, J. W.; Watts, Thomas H.; Wheeler, Joseph.

Copies seen: Owen.

AMERICAN SHIPPING AND INDUSTRIAL LEAGUE. Proceedings of the | Gulf coast convention | A. S. & I. L. | Birmingham, Alabama, | November 8, 9, 10, 1887. | [Design of ship.] | The South demands American shipping. Birmingham, Ala.: the Herald Company, printers and binders. 1887. |

8vo. pp. [85].
Copies seen: Owen.

AMES, S., M. D. Some account of an epidemic, cerebro-spinal meningitis, which prevailed in Montgomery, Ala., in the winter and spring of 1848.

In New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, Nov. 1848, vol. v, pp. 295–331. and BOLING, W. M., M. D. Report on diseases of Montgomery, and vicinity, in 1848.

In New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, Nov. 1849, vol. vi, 1 table folded Opp. p 360.

Made in accordance with an appointment as committee for that purpose by Alabama State Medical Association, March 8-9, 1848.

ANDERSON AND TAYLOR, Compilers. Register | of superintendents, boards of trustees, | professors, and teachers | of the | educational institutions in the State of Alabama. | 1886. | Compiled and published by Anderson & Taylor, | Birmingham, Alabama. | Caldwell Printing Works, Birmingham, Ala. |

8vo. Cover title only, 1 leaf. pp. 65.

Copies seen: Owen.

ANDERSON, Rev. G. S. The sermon builder, | or | Anderson's | system of sermon structure, | a method revealing the inherent principles | which properly belong to all | discourse. | By Rev. G. S. Anderson. | [Quotation, 5 lines.] | Louisville, Ky.: | Baptist Book Concern. | 1892. | 8vo. pp. 102. 11. Portrait of author.

Originally delivered as a series of lectures before the Baptist Theological Institute, East Lake, Ala., in 1890 and 1891.

Copies seen: Congress.

ANDERSON, Rev. N. L. A history of the organization and growth of the Central Presbyterian Church, 1891-1897.

In Davis's Golden Anniversary First Presbyterian Church of Montgomery, Ala., pp. 43-49.

ANDERSON, RUFUS (1796-1880), Author. Memoir | of | Catharine Brown, | a | Christian Indian | of the | Cherokee Nation. | By Rufus Anderson, A. M. assistant secretary of the American Board of Commissioners | for Foreign Missions. | Boston: | Samuel T. Armstrong, and Crocker and Brewster. | New York: John P. Haven. | 1825. |

16mo. pp. 180. 1 illustration.

Contains full account of Brown family.

Copies seen: Hamner.

ANDERSON, WILLIAM H. (of Mobile), M. D. The diseases of Mobile, for the year 1850.

In Fenner's (C. D.) Southern Medical Reports, 1850. New Orleans, 1851, vol. ii, pp. 307-314.

Read before the Alabama State Medical Association, Dec., 1850.

Wm. M. Bolling (of Montgomery), and Cain, D. J. (of Charleston), Committee. Report of the committee on the epidemics of South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

In Transactions of the American Medical Association, 1852, vol. v, Alabama, pp. 368-433.

The city of Mobile, | and the contiguous country about the Gulf coast, as a winter resort | for | health and pleasure of invalids and others from the North and Northwest. | By | William H. Anderson, M. D., | Professor [etc., 4 lines.] | Mobile: | Daily Register steam print. | 1881. |

8vo. pp. 16.

Edition of 1882, 8vo. pp. 17.

Copies seen: Surgeon-General.

The climate of Alabama, and its adaptation to health and comfort.

In Berney's Hand Book of Alabama (1st ed.), pp. 284-294.

Climate and health of Alabama.

Ibid. (2d ed.) pp. 495–502.

Sketch of.

In Representative Men of the South, pp. 136-143.

Contains short bibliography.

ANDREWS, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS (1829– ), Brig. Gen., U. S. A. History of the | campaign of Mobile; including the coöperative operations of | Gen. Wilson's cavalry in Alabama. | By | Brevet MajorGeneral C. C. Andrews, | late commanding the Second Division, Thirteenth Army Corps, U. S. Vols. | With maps and illustrations. | New York: D. Van Nostrand, 192 Broadway. | London: Trübner & Co. | 1867.

8vo. pp.-. Portrait of Maj. Gen. E. R. S. Canby; 10 maps and illustrations. Fullest general account of the civil war in Alabama from the Northern side. Copies seen: Peabody, Hamner.

Report of the military services of C. C. Andrews, furnished at the request of the Adjutant-General's Office, U. S. Army, dated April 10, 1872.

n. p. n. d.

12mo. pp. 21. No title page.

Operations in Alabama, pp. 17-20.

Copies seen: Owen.

ANDREWS, D. W. (1801– ), Baptist clergyman. The history of David, | or | The preacher's looking glass, | together with a short history of the rise of the North River Association. | By Eld. D. W. Andrews. | Price, fifty cents. | Tuskaloosa, Ala.: | Gazette book and job print. | 1885.

[ocr errors]

8vo. pp. 74.

A mixture of personal experience and local Baptist Church history in west Alabama.

Copies seen: Owen.

ANDREWS INSTITUTE. [Circular announcements. 1876-78.]


For 1876-77. pp. [4].

For 1877-78. [4.]

Located in Dekalb County, Ala.

Copies seen: Bureau of Education.

ANNISTON. Facts about | Anniston, Ala. | n. p. [1890.]

Oblong 12mo. Ill. cover. pp. 19.

Copies seen: Owen.

The charter | and | ordinances | of the city of Anniston, Alabama. | Revised January 1, 1894. | Anniston, Ala. : | C. L. Sweets, book and job printer, | 1894. |

[blocks in formation]

City Directory | of Anniston, Oxanna, and Oxford, [1896.] | n. p. n. d. 8vo. pp. 145.

Prepared by the Maloney Directory Co. All in one alphabet.

ANTI-MASONIC CONVENTION. Proceedings of the adjourned meeting at Cahawba. Selma, Ala. 1830.

8vo. pp. -.

Proceedings and address at the meeting in Tuscaloosa Co. Tuscaloosa. 1830.

[blocks in formation]
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