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ANTI-SLAVERY. An inquiry | into the | nature and results of the antislavery agitation, | with a view at the prospect before us. | By a citizen of Alabama. | Part I. | Mobile: | printed by Dade, Thompson & Co. | 1851. |

8vo. Cover title only, 1 leaf. pp. 50.

APPLETON & Co., D. Publishers. Appleton's | illustrated | hand-book of American travel. | Part II. | The Southern and Western States, and the | Territories. | [Illustration.] | New York. | D. Appleton & Co., | [etc., 1 line.] | London: Trübner & Co. | [1857.]

12mo. pp. 405. Maps; illustrations.

Alabama, pp. 285–290.

Copies seen: Hamner..

ARNOLD, JAMES M., Lawyer. Sketch of James T. Harrison, of Columbus, Miss.

In Southern Law Journal, Tuscaloosa, Ala., Sept. 1879, vol. 2; pp. 432-436. ASHLAND HIGH SCHOOL. Annual | announcement | Ashland High School, | Ashland, Ala. | 1889–90 [1890–91]. | [etc., 4 lines.] | Talladega, Ala.: | Press of Our Mountain Home. | 1889 [-1890.] |


For 1889-90. pp. 8.

For 1890-91. pp. 16.

Copies seen: Bureau of Education.

ASHLEY, WILLIAM ADAM (1822-1870). Remarks | of | Mr. Ashley, of Conecub, in the Senate of Alabama, Jan. 16, 1854, | upon the | resolution of Mr. Webb, | proposing to recommit the bill reported by committee on | Congressional apportionment and substitute offered by Mr. Blake, (both on the white | basis,) to the committee, with | instructions to report | a bill on the | constitutional, or federal basis. | Montgomery | printed at the "Alabama Journal" job office. | 1854. | 8vo. pp. 12.

Copies seen: Curry.

ATHENS FEMALE COLLEGE. Annual catalogue | of the | Athens Female College, Athens, Alabama. | [Cut of college building.] | For collegiate year ending June 8, 1887 [-1890-91.] | Chartered 1843. | Rev. M. G. Williams, president. |


For year ending June 8, 1887. pp. 27.

48th year, 1890-91. pp. 32.

Each contains roll of Alumnæ.

Copies seen: Bureau of Education.

ATKINSON, GEORGE F. Sketch of Nicholas Marcellus Hentz.

In Journal Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society, 1887, vol. iv, pt. 1, pp. 13-16.
Contains bibliography.

ATKINSON, W. D. A compilation | of the | laws of Alabama, | (and other States having statutes similar to this,) | on | administrators and executors, guardians and trustees, | descents and distribution, | devises and legacies, probate of wills, | widow's dower; | homestead of widows and minors, | suits by personal representatives, | suits against personal representatives; settlement of administrations, | estates of decedents generally, | persons non compos mentis, | apprentices and minors. To which is added, the jurisdiction of courts of Probate and

Chancery [etc. 6 lines.] | By | W. D. Atkinson, esq., | of the Evergreen (Ala.) Bar. | Montgomery, Ala. : | The Brown printing Co., State printers and binders. | 1890. |

8vo. Title, 1 leaf. pp. 682.

Copies seen: Congress; Owen.


In Smith and De Land's Northern Alabama, Historical and Biographical, pp. 500-501.

Auction sale of town lots, | at Attalla, Alabama. | Terms of sale [etc. 11 lines.] | Issued by the | Attalla Iron and Steel Co. | Attalla, Ala., | April 15th, 1890. | M. F. Dunn & Bro., printers, 70 Camp street, N. O. |

8vo. pp. 9 [1].

Copies seen: Owen.


[Communication of Attorney-General, Joshua Morse, Nov. 5, 1869, to the Governor, in relation to reports required to be made by the several circuit solicitors.]

In Documents accompanying governor's annual message, 1869, p. 70.
Copies seen: Owen.

Biennial Reports, 1882-1896. Montgomery, 1884-1896.


Report of Henry C. Tompkins, attorney-general, 1882-1884. pp. 239.
Report of Thomas N. McClellan, 1886. pp. 276.

Report of Thomas N. McClellan, 1888. pp. 304.

Report of W. L. Martin, 1890. pp. 404.

[blocks in formation]

Copies seen: Owen.

AUDITOR, THE STATE. Reports, 1844-1896. Tuscaloosa, 1845. Montgomery, 1849-1896.


The office of Comptroller of Public Accounts was created by the constitution of 1819, to be filled by an annual election by joint vote of both houses of the general assembly. The constitutions of 1861 and 1865 provided for a biennial election. The reconstruction constitution, 1868, changed the name of the office to Auditor, and provided for an election by the people for a term of four years. The only change made by the present constitution, 1875, is in limiting the term to two years.



Report of J. C. Van Dyke for year ending Nov. 27, 1845, to general assembly. Tuscaloosa, 1845. pp. 8, 11.

Edition, 233 copies.


Abstract of report of Joel Riggs, Nov. 27, 1847, to Nov. 1, 1849, to second biennial session of the general assembly. Montgomery, 1849. pp. 43.

House Doc. No. 5; edition, 7,500.

Report of Joel Riggs, 1850-1851, ending Nov., 1851, to third biennial session of the general assembly. pp. 52.

House Doc. No. 5; edition, 2,500.

Abstract of report, 1850-1851. pp. 72.

Substantially same as preceding title.

Report of Joel Riggs, Nov. 1, 1851 to Sept. 30, 1853, to fourth biennial session of the general assembly. pp. 192.

House edition, 5,000 copies.


Report of Joel Riggs, 1854-1855, to fifth biennial session of the general assembly. pp. 15.

Senate edition, 1,000 copies: House edition, 5,000 copies.

Report of Wm. J. Greene, 1856-1857, to sixth biennial session of the general assembly. pp. 48, 5 1.

Senate edition, 3,300 copies.

Report of Wm. J. Greene, 1858-1859, to seventh biennial session of the general assembly. pp. 77, 21.

Report of Wm. J. Greene for two years ending Sept. 30, 1861, to eighth biennial session of the general assembly. pp. 96.


Report [3d annual] of Wm. J. Greene, for year ending September 30, 1864, to fourth annual session of the general assembly. pp. 57, 11.

Report of M. A. Chisholm, Comp. of Pub. Acc. of the Provisional Government of Alabama, for the year ending Sept. 30, 1865, to the general assembly. pp. 30. Copies seen: Curry; Owen.


Special report of R. M. Reynolds to committee of ways and means of the general assembly, Nov. 10, 1868. pp. 8.

Report of R. M. Reynolds, for year ending Sept. 30, 1869, to the governor. pp. 103, 1xx.


pp. 87, xliii.
pp. 121, xliv.
pp. 123, li.
pp. 183 [1].

pp. 151, xxxvi.
pp. 127, lxxxi.
pp. 123, xcvi.

pp. 147, xliii.
pp. 127, lxvi.
pp. 131, lxxii.
pp. 129, lxxxiii.

pp. 133, lxxxiv.

Report of R. M. Reynolds, Sept. 30, 1870.
Report of R. M. Reynolds, Sept. 30, 1871.
Report of R. M. Reynolds, Sept. 30, 1872.
Report of R. T. Smith, Sept. 30, 1873.
Report of R. T. Smith, Sept. 30, 1874.
Report of R. T. Smith, Sept. 30, 1875.
Report of R. T. Smith, Sept. 30, 1876.
Report of Willis Brewer, Sept. 30, 1877.
Report of Willis Brewer, Sept. 30, 1878.
Report of Willis Brewer, Sept. 30, 1879.
Report of Willis Brewer, Sept. 30, 1880.
Report of J. M. Carmichael, Sept. 30, 1881.
Report of J. M. Carmichael, Sept. 30, 1882.
Report of J. M. Carmichael, Sept. 30, 1883.
Report of J. M. Carmichael, Sept. 30, 1884.
Report of Malcolm C. Burke, Sept. 30, 1885.
Report of Malcolm C. Burke, Sept. 30, 1886. pp. 179, clxxiv. Index, pp. 355-363.
Report of Malcolm C. Burke, Sept. 30, 1887-1888. pp. xxii, 492.
Report of Cyrus D. Hogue, Sept. 30, 1889. pp. 229, ceii.
Report of Cyrus D. Hogue, Sept. 30, 1890.
Report of Cyrus D. Hogue, Sept. 30, 1891.
Report of John Purifoy, Sept. 30, 1892.
Report of John Purifoy, Sept. 30, 1893.
Report of John Purifoy, Sept. 30, 1894.
Report of John Purifoy, Sept. 30, 1895.
Report of John Purifoy, Sept. 30, 1896.

pp. 113, xliii. CVIII.
pp. 129, cxxviii.
pp. 153, cxxx.

pp. 151, clxii.

pp. 219, cclxx.
pp. 231, eelviii.
pp. 271, celiii.

pp. 317, xlvi, CCXI.
pp. 339, ccxv, 12.
pp. 447, 1 l.

pp. -.

Report of W. S. White, Sept. 30, 1897. pp. 476, 1 1.
Copies seen: Owen.

History of.

In Smith and De Land's Northern Alabama, Historical and Biographical, pp.


AUSTILL, HURIEOSCO (1841-), Lawyer, Ala. Chancellor.

Dauphin Is

land, | a seaport for the exportation | of coal, iron and grain. | Pub lished by the | Dauphin Island Improvement Company. | Prepared by H. Austill. | Mobile: | Shields & Co., book and job printers. | 1885. | 8vo. pp. 20.

Copies seen: Owen.


BABER, S. P. Sketch of Cleburne County.

In Culver's Alabama's Resources, pp. 138-139.
Statistical and descriptive.

BACHELOR'S (THE) BUTTON. The Bachelor's Button: | a | monthly museum of Southern literature. | There is a divinity, they say, in odd numbers.-Falstaff. | Number V. | William R. Smith, | editor. | Tuscaloosa | printed by Ferguson & Eaton, | at the office of the "Flag of the Union." | 1837. |

8vo. Nos. 1-5. pp. 248.

The only copies of this publication that have been seen are number 2 and the above. As the cover of this copy of number 2 has been lost, the full title of the latter is given. Presumably the first issued was in December 1836, as number 2 is dated January 1837. The numbering of the pages in numbers 1 and 2 is separate, 64 in each. Number 5 shows continuous paging from number 1. The first four numbers were published in Mobile, and were probably regular monthly issues. Number 5 was published in Tuscaloosa, "after a delay of some months." The announcement is made that the sixth number would appear December 1837; and that beginning with January 1838, a new venture, The Southern Magazine, would supersede it. It is not known that the latter venture ever materialized.

The Bachelor's Button was purely literary in its character, and contained numer ous short stories, poems, and book reviews. It has the distinction of being the first periodical of the kind published in Alabama.

BACON, DELOS H. Sketch of Colbert County.

In Culver's Alabama's Resources, pp. 75-78.
Statistical and descriptive.

BAGBY, ARTHUR PENDLETON (1796-1858), Lawyer, Gov. of Ala., U. S. Senator from Ala., U. S. Minister to Russia. Speech | of | Hon. A. P. Bagby, of Alabama, on the | bill making appropriations for | harbors and rivers. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, Friday, July 24, 1846. | Washington: | printed at the office of Blair and Rives. | 1846. |

8vo. pp. 7. Double columns.

Copies seen: Curry.

To the public. Grantland & Mitchell, printers, Tuskaloosa. n. d.
Broadside: 18 x 20 in., 7 columns.

Consists of letter signed by A. P. Bagby in relation to an attack which he says has been made on him by John Gayle, jr., one of the Judges of the Supreme Court.

The code of Alabama, 1852. (See Codes of Alabama.) BAILEY SPRINGS. A history and description | of the | Bailey Springs, | Lauderdale County, Ala., | with an account of several remarkable cures of dropsy, dyspepsia, scrofula, and female diseases, | with certificates of and reference to men of undoubted veracity all over the county. | Memphis: | Wm. M. Hutton [etc., 1 line.] | 1860. | 8vo. pp. 34.

Discovered in 1843 by Jonathan Bailey, who continued sole proprietor until his death in October 1857.

Dr. A. C. Farrar, Jackson, Miss., wrote and published a pamphlet account of the springs in 1854.

BAILEY SPRINGS UNIVERSITY. Second annual catalogue | of the | Bailey Springs University, | for young ladies. | For the year ending | Monday, June 11th, 1894. | Press of Cincinnati Litho. Co. | n. d.

8vo. pp. 36.

Copies seen: Bureau of Education.

HIST 97-51

BAILY, FRANCIS. Journal of a tour in unsettled parts of North America in 1796 & 1797. | By the late | Francis Baily, F R. S., | President of the Royal Astronomical Society. With a memoir of the author. | London: | Baily Brothers, royal exchange buildings.— MDCCCLVI. [1856.]|

8vo. pp. xii. 439.

The tour extended from Norfolk, Va., to Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and then West by way of Washington, Pittsburg, down the Ohio and the Mississippi rivers to New Orleans, and thence by way of Natchez overland (“Departure across the Desert," he says), to Knoxville, Tenn. The latter portion is of much value to an early view of the territory soon (1798) erected into the Mississippi Territory, pp. 346-439.

Copies seen: Congress.

BAKER, ALPHEUS (1828-189–), Brig. Gen., C. S. A., lawyer. The Pope's jubilee. | Address | of | Gen. Alpheus Baker, | delivered at Montgomery, Alabama, June 3, 1877. | n. p. n. d.

8vo. Cover title only, 1 leaf. pp. 16.

Copies seen: Owen.

Sketch of E. C. Bullock.

In Southern Law Journal, Tuscaloosa, Ala., June 1878, vol. i, pp. 277-278. BAKER, PAUL DE LACY, M. D. The annual oration, | by | Paul De Lacy Baker, M. D., of Eufaula, Ala. | Delivered before the | Medical Association of the State of Alabama, April, 1880. | Published by authority of the Association. | Montgomery, Ala. :| Barrett & Brown, steam printers and book binders. | 1880. |

8vo. Cover title only, 1 leaf. pp. 16.

On Shall women be admitted into the medical profession?
Reprinted from the Transactions, 1880, etc., pp. 191–206.
Copies seen: Owen.

BALDWIN, A. M. Should days of grace on commercial paper be abolished?
In Proceedings Alabama Bankers' Association, 1892, pp. 8-10.


BALDWIN, JOSEPH G. (1811-1864), Lawyer,-Judge Cal. Sup. Ct. favoring resolutions to rescind the white basis in the formation of Congressional districts.]

8vo. pp. 16.

Referred to in Garrett's Public Men of Alabama, p. 358.

Delivered in the house of representatives of Alabama, 1843-44.

The flush times | of Alabama and Mississippi. | A series of sketches. | By | Joseph G. Baldwin. | New York: | D. Appleton and Company, | 200 broadway. | London: 16 Little Britain. | MDCCC.LIII. [1853.] |

[blocks in formation]

An edition from the same plates was issued in 1856, which is said on the title page to be the "Eleventh thousand."

Originally published in part in the Southern Literary Messenger.

"No other work with which he is acquainted, has been published in the United States designed to illustrate the periods, the characters, and the phases of society, some notion of which is attempted to be given in this volume."-Preface.

"A book replete with the richest anecdote and unsurpassed humor. In conversation he was the most entertaining man I ever knew, and his personal fascination made him the delight of every crowd he entered."-Reuben Davis' Recollections of Mississippi, etc.

Copies seen: Owen.

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