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Judaism on the | social question. | By | Rabbi H. Ber

kowitz. | New York: | John B. Alden, publisher. | 1888. |

12mo. pp. 130.

The author resided in Mobile at the date of publication.

BERNEY, SAFFOLD, Lawyer. Handbook of Alabama: | A complete index to the State; | with a geological map, | and an appendix of useful tables. By Saffold Berney, | attorney at law, Mobile, Ala. | [Quotation, 2 lines.] | [Price, etc., 2 lines. ] | Mobile Register print. | 1878. | 8vo. pp. xxxix. 338. 1 leaf inset before title. Map, by Eugene A. Smith, State Geologist.


Constitution of Alabama. pp. ix-xxxix.

Part first. Geography and historical chronology. pp. 1-11.

Part second. Government of Alabama. pp. 12-26.

Part third. Tax laws and other statutes. pp. 27-43.

Part fourth. School system, universities, and colleges. pp. 44-53.

Part fifth. State institutions. pp. 54-72.

Part sixth. Sketches of Mobile, Montgomery, Selma. Huntsville, Birmingham, and Cullman. pp. 73-88.

Part seventh. Water transportation lines and projected canals

pp 89-113.

Part eighth. Railroads, the postal, telegraph, and express facilities of the State. pp. 114-128.

Part ninth. Outline of the geology of Alabama, by Eugene A. Smith, Ph D. State geologist. pp. 129-196.

Part tenth. The soils of Alabama, by Wm. C. Stubbs. pp. 197-220.

Part eleventh. The forests of Alabama, by Charles Mohr. pp. 221-235.

Part twelfth. The grasses and other fora ge plants of Alabama, by Charle Mohr. pp. 236–247.

Part Thirteenth. Agricultural divisions, capabilities, and advantages. 248-255.


Part Fourteenth. Coal and coal mines, iron and iron works of Alabama. pp. 256-267.

Part Fifteenth. Cotton manufacturing in Alabama, by H. A. Haralson. pp. 268-278.

Part Sixteenth. Miscellaneous [lime works, Daniel Pratt Gin Co., stock raising, game, fish, poultry, vegetables, trade statistics, values of domestic exports, of imports, entrances and clearances at Mobile, and value of Mobile fish and oyster trade]. pp. 279-283.

Part Seventeenth. Climate of Alabama, by W. H. Anderson, M. D.
Appendix. [Sundry data.]

There is also, p. 306, a short bibliography.
Copies seen: Owen.

pp. 284-294.

Second and revised edition. | Hand-book of Alabama | a complete
index to the State, with map. | By | Saffold Berney, attorney at law, |
Mobile, Alabama. [Quotation, etc., 3 lines.] | 1892. | Birmingham,
Ala. | Roberts & Son, printers and binders, | 1892. |

8vo. pp. 565. Map by Eugene A. Smith, State geologist, 15 illustrations.

Academy for the Blind.

Capitol of Alabama.

East Lake Athenæum.

Insane Hospital.

Institute for the Deaf.

Judson Institute.

Marion Female Institute.


Southern Female University.

Southern University.

Spring Hill Cottage.

Tuscaloosa Female College.

University of Alabama.

View of Dexter avenue and Court square, Montgomery.

View of Royal street, Mobile.

View of Twentieth street, Birmingham.


Constitution of Alabama. pp. 9-58.

Part First. Name; geography; rivers: population; principal historical events, and Indian tribes once inhabitants of the State. pp. 59-87.

Part Second. Government of Alabama. pp. 88-110.

[blocks in formation]

Part Fourth. Business laws and statutes of Alabama. pp. 127-169.

Part Fifth. Education in Alabama. pp. 170-244.

Part Sixth. Insane Hospital, by Dr. Peter Bryce. pp. 245–253.

Part Seventh. Convict system of Alabama, as it was and as it is, by R. H. Dawson. pp. 254–266.

Part Eighth. Countries-description and statistics. pp. 267-338.

Part Ninth. Principal cities and towns, [Mobile, Birmingham, Montgomery, Anniston, Huntsville, Selma, Florence, Bessemer, Tuskaloosa, Gadsden, Sheffield, Fort Payne]. pp. 339-374.

Part Tenth. Railroad and telegraph lines, [with sketch of each.] pp. 375–386. Part Eleventh. Sketch of the geology of Alabama, by Eugene A. Smith, State geologist. pp. 387-422.

Part Twelfth. Agricultural divisions of Alabama and their soils and products. pp. 423-448.

Part Thirteenth. Forests of Alabama and their products. pp. 449-455.
Part Fourteenth. Iron and iron works of Alabama. pp. 456–470.

Part Fifteenth. Coal and coal mines of Alabama. pp. 471–474.

Part Sixteenth. Cotton manufacturing in, and the cotton mills of Alabama, by Henry V. Meigs. pp. 475-490.

Part Seventeenth. Miscellaneous industries and resources of Alabama, [lime, stock raising, sheep husbandry, game, fish, poultry, vegetables, cotton seed oil, water power.] pp. 491-494.

Part Eighteenth. Climate and health of Alabama, by Wm. H. Anderson. pp. 495-502.

Addendum Water lines of Alabama. pp. 503-530.
Appendix, pp. 535-552:

Bonded debt

Valuation, rate of taxation, and amount of taxes collected in Alabama since


Population of Alabama at each decennial census since admission of State into the Union,

Table of altitudes.

Election returns.

Judicial circuits.

Chancery divisions and districts.

Newspapers in Alabama.

Banks and banking institutions of Alabama.

United States courts, land, and revenue districts of Alabama.

Histories and books descriptive of Alabama.

Postal statistics in Alabama.

Copies seen: Owen.

BESSEMER. The facts of | Bessemer, Alabama. | Some information concerning the city of Bessemer; | the section in which it is located; | the natural resources of that section; | its climatic conditions; | its

transportation facilities; | the opportunities for capital and industry. Issued by the | Bessemer Land and Improvement Company. | Published by the | Bessemer Printing and Publishing Company. | November, 1888. |

8vo. pp. 32. Map of Bessemer and contiguous country. Illustrations. BESSEMER. By-laws of | Myrtle Lodge, | No. 53. ¦ [Design.] | Bessemer, Alabama. | Organized June 7th, 1888. | P. P. XXV. | Birmingham, Ala. | Roberts & Son, printers and binders, | 1888. |

16mo. pp. 20.

Another edition: 1891. pp. 35.

Charter | and | by-laws of the | Bessemer | Land and Improvement | Company, | of Bessemer, Ala. | Bessemer: | Bessemer Journal print. | 1889. |

8vo. pp. 30.

Constitution, | by-laws | and | rules of order | of | Bessemer Lodge, No. 109, | I. O. O. F. | Bessemer, Alabama. | Instituted November 18, 1889. | Printed by the Bessemer Printing and Publishing Co. | 1889. | 16mo. pp.28.

Contract between the Bessemer Land and Improvement Company and the City of Bessemer for water supply. Bessemer Printing and Publishing Co., Bessemer, Ala.

8vo. pp. 7.


A circular of information about Bessemer City, Alabama.


tion, 20 lines.] Printers and engravers: The South Publishing Co., New York. July 1, 1889.

8vo. pp. 48. 2 maps. Illustrations.

Mining and manufacturing | advantages | at | Bessemer | in the heart of mineral Alabama. | [Printers and engravers: | Lucas & Richardson, Charleston, S. C.] [1890.]

[blocks in formation]

By-laws of the | Knickerbocker Klub | of | Bessemer, Alabama. | Bessemer Journal print. n. p. n. d.

16mo. pp. 4.

Second | annual report | of the | Bessemer | Public Schools | for the year 1890-91. | Course of study | and | Rules of the Board of Education of the city of Bessemer, Alabama. | Issued by the Board of Education. | Bessemer: | Journal book and job rooms. | 1891. | 8vo. pp. 47.

Contains act of the legislature, February 11, 1891, creating the Board of Educa


Copies seen: Owen.

- Constitution | of the Young People's Society | of | Christian Endeavor of the | Presbyterian Church. | Bessemer, Alabama. | 1892. Į The Bessemer print.

16mo. pp. 6.

[Description of Bessemer.] n.d.

12mo. Folder.

Pocket directory of. Bessemer print. 1892.

16mo. pp. [8].

BESSMER. Constitution and by-laws of the Merchants and Manufacturers Association, | of | Bessemer, Alabama. | Bessemer: | Journal job rooms, 1892. |

16mo. pp. 16.

Bessemer Land and Improvement Company. Annual reports. 18881893.


First, for year ending March 31, 1888. pp. 7.

Second, March 31, 1889. pp. 8.

Third, April 3, 1890. pp. 15.
pp. [4.]

Fourth, March 31, 1891.

Fifth, March 31, 1892. pp, [6.]

Sixth, March 31, 1893. pp. [3.]

Copies of all the Bessemer titles in the library of the compiler.

BESTOR, DANIEL P., Lawyer. Sketch of Gibson Young Overall.
In Proceedings Alabama State Bar Association, 1896, Appendix, pp. cl-cli.

8vo. pp. 4.


Session 1890-91. Located at Fort Deposit, Ala.; J. B. McIver, principal.

BETTS, E. C. Address of E. C. Betts, commissioner of agriculture, | to the State Agricultural Society at Talladega, August 18th, 1886. | n. p. n. d.

8vo. pp. 34.

Succinct sketch of present agricultural situation, and industries of the State.

See also Agricultural Experiment Station; and Agriculture, Dept. of.
Copies seen: Owen.


Relation of the conquest of Florida pre

sented by Luys Hernandez De Biedma in the year 1544 to the King of Spain in Council.

In Ternaux-Compan's Recueil des pièces sur la Floride (vol. xx of his general collection of Voyages, relations et mémoires), pp. 51-106. See infra.

This account, which long remained in manuscript in the Archivo General de Indias at Seville, was first published in the above French edition. A copy of the original Spanish manuscript is in the New York Public Library.

Also in Rye's Discovery and Conquest of Terra Florida, pp. 173-200. (See Elvas, Gentleman of.) Translated for the Hakluyt Society from Ternaux.

Also in French's Historical Collections of Louisiana, part ii, pp. 95-109. (See French, B. F.) Abridged from Ternaux.

Also in Buckingham Smith's Narratives of the Career of De Soto, pp. 229–261. (See Elvas, Gentleman of.) No. 5 of the Bradford Club Series.

Also in Coleccion | de varios documentos | para la historia de la florida y tierras adyacentes. | Tomo 1. | En la casa de Trübner y Compañia, | núm. 60, Paternoster Row, | Londres. | [Se han tirado 500 ejemplares | por José Rodriguez, | Madrid, ano de 1857.]| pp. 47-64. Folio. 4 prel. leaves, pp. 208.

The Relation of Biedma adds some curious details to those we already pos sessed, relating to the fatal expedition of De Soto."-Field's Indian Bibliography, p. 390.

BIRD, WILL E. A general index of the statute laws of the | State of Alabama; | passed since Aikin's Digest of 1833: | referring to the year and page of the pamphlet acts. | By Will E. Bird, Esq. | Cahawba, Ala. | Printed at the office of the | Southern Democrat. | 1838. |

8vo. pp. 28.


In St. Louis (Mo.) Magazine, Oct. 1889, vol. x, pp. 455-466.
Copies seen: Owen.

· Constitution | and | by-laws | of | Birmingham | Rifles, | Jones Job Office print, Birmingham, Ala. | np. n. d.

16mo. pp. 16.

Roll, June 1, 1889.

The Timmons case. | An account | of the | pleadings, evidence and rulings in the case of | McElrath et al. | vs. | The Elyton Land Company, commonly known as the Timmons Case. | Published for the information of the profession and | purchasers of lots in the disputed territory. Birmingham, Ala.: | press of the Dispatch printing company. | 1892. |

8vo. pp. 32.

Copies seen: Owen.

Birmingham | Alabama. | September 1893. | Plain statement | for the homeseeker, the investor and the manufacturer. | [1893.]

Oblong 12mo. pp. 32. Illustrated.

Issued by the Commercial Club.
Copies seen: Owen.

City directory | of Birmingham | and | gazetteer of surrounding section. | For 1884-5. | Vol. II. | By the | Interstate Directory Company, | Atlanta Ga. | Atlanta, Georgia: | H. H. Dick| 1884. |



| Price $2.50 son, book and job printer

8vo. pp. 368.

# *

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Sketch of Birmingham, pp. 361–367; and Gazetteer of principal points contiguous to the city, pp. 299–336.

Copies seen: Supreme Court.

Birmingham, | suburban | and | Bessemer | directory | 1888. | Containing | [etc., 9 lines. ] | Volume IV. | Published by | R. L. Polk & Co. n. p. [1888.]

8vo. pp. 596.

All in one alphabet.

Copies seen: Owen.

Annual report of the Birmingham public schools. Birmingham, 1887-1891.


Fourth report. 1886-87. pp. 160.

Eighth report, 1890-91. pp. 159.

Copies seen: Owen.

Report on operations of State troops, at Birmingham, Dec. 4–9, 1883, in the "Posey Riot."

In Adjutant General's Report, 1883-1884, pp. 6–17.

Report on operations of State troops, at Birmingham, Dec. 9, 1888, in the "Hawes Riot".

Ibid. 1889-1890, pp. 33-52.


8vo. pp. 16. 11.

Sixtieth session, Woodlawn Church, Jefferson County Sept. 26-28, 1893.

Formerly Canaan Association, organized Sept. 16, 1833, at the meeting house of that name, near Jonesboro, Jefferson County.

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