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BREWER, WILLIAM M., Assistant State Geologist. A preliminary report on the upper gold belt of Alabama, in the counties of Cleburne, Randolph, Clay, Talladega, Elmore, Coosa, and Tallapoosa. (See Geological Survey of Alabama: Bulletin No. 5, 1896.)

Gold mining in Alabama.

In Proceedings Alabama Industrial and Scientific Society, 1896, vol. vi, pt. 1, pp. 42-49.


-), Lawyer, M. C. from Ala. The Children of Issachar | (1 Chronicles, xii: 32.) | A story of wrongs and remedies | [Quotation 5 lines]. | New York & London | G. P. Putnam's sons | The Knickerbocker Press | 1884 |

12mo. pp. iv. 11. 297.

"This small volume is meant to expound a principle as applied to a particular fact or state of facts. This fact is a part of American history, some true incidents of which are herein set forth, laid in the years 1867 and 1868, but limited and localized as becomes the romantic features of the story."-Preface.

Deals with Reconstruction in Alabama.

Copies seen: Congress.

The fiery furnace of thirty years ago.

In Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser, April 19 and June 7, 1891.

Description of the exciting events of 1861, during the first days immediately preceding and following the assembling of the Alabama secession convention, January 7 of that year.

Foam and spray. Democracy in the light of some history.

In the Birmingham (Ala.) Age-Herald, July 15, 1891.

Review of some incidents of the legislative history of Alabama in the preceding twenty-five years.

The late Thomas W. Sims.

In the Daily Register, Mobile, Ala., April 14, 1895.

Reminiscences of Judge William Russell Smith.

In the Daily Register, Mobile, Ala., March 15, 1896; also in the Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser, March, 1896.

Contested election case of. (See Goodwyn vs. Brewer.)

BREWER, WILLIS. Alabama: | her history, resources, | war record, and public men. | From 1540 to 1872. | By W. Brewer. | [Quotation, 12 lines.] | [Seal of the State.] | Montgomery, Ala.: | Barrett & Brown, steam printers and book binders. | 1872. |

8vo. pp. 712.

This book must be regarded as the most valuable general contribution to the history of the State yet made. In the preparation of it the author has displayed wonderful industry in collecting so much of interest and importance. His work possesses the greatest merit, however, in that its accuracy of statements of fact is in the main without fault. The county histories give it a local flavor, at the same time increasing its utility. The biographies are numerous, but their presentation is so excellent, that personal interest in the work is enhanced. The War Record here presented is the fullest account that has been published about Alabama troops in the several wars.


Title, 1 leaf, verso copyright.

Dedication, p. 3, verso blank.

Preface. pp. 5-7.

Chapter i. The Spanish inroad. pp. 9-13.

Chapter ii. The Indian tribes of Alabama. pp. 13-18.

Chapter iii. The French colonization and wars, and the British and Spanish occupancy. pp. 19-26.

Chapter iv. The first Territorial organization, and the great Indian War. pp. 26-38.

Chapter v. Alabama as a Territory, and a cursory review of her condition in 1820. pp. 38-46. Enabling act of March 2, 1819, for the admission of the Territory is given, pp. 40-44.

pp. 61-74.

Ordinance of

Chapter vi. From the year 1820 to the year 1840. pp. 47-55. Chapter vii. From the year 1840 to the year 1860. pp. 56–61. Chapter viii. From the year 1860 to the year 1872. secession is given. pp. 62-63. Chapter ix. A brief review of the material aspects of Alabama. pp. 75-91. Chapter xi. Lists of officials: Governors, judges of the supreme court, judges of the circuit court, chancellors, attorney-generals, reporters of the supreme court, members of the Federal Congress from Alabama, members of the Confederate Congress from Alabama, secretaries of state, State treasurers, State auditors, and superintendents of public instruction. pp. 92-104, 1 1.

Chapter x. List of the counties of the State. pp. 105-106. [The numbering of the chapters is irregular as here given.]

Chapters xi-lxxv. Autauga-Winston. These chapters give sketches of the several counties in alphabetical order, with biographies of their prominent citizens. pp. 107-585.

The war record:

Preliminary observations. pp. 586-587.

Part I. The war with Mexico. pp. 588-589.
Part II. The war between the states.

Under this head is given in numer

ical order sketches of all of the known Alabama organizations in this war. pp. 589-705.

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