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INSANE HOSPITAL. An act to incorporate the Alabama Bryce Insane Hospital, to better provide for the management thereof, and to better regulate the admission into and the discharge of patients therefrom. [Colophon: Hospital print. 1893.]

8vo. pp. 7. No title page.

The legislature of 1892-93 changed the name as above to honor Dr. Peter Bryce, so long the able superintendent, 1861-1892.

Copies seen: Owen.

Annual report | of the Officers | of the | Alabama Insane Hospital, | at Tuscaloosa, for the year 1862 [-1896]. | Montgomery, Ala.: | Montgomery Advertiser book and job office. | 1862 [-1896].

8vo. pp. 47.

For the year 1862. pp. 47.

For the year 1867. pp. 40.

For the year to Oct. 1, 1869. pp. 24.

For the year 1870. pp. 59.

11th annual report for year 1871. pp. 34.

12th annual report for year ending Sept. 30, 1872. pp. 61. Another edition. pp. 53.
13th annual report for 1873. pp. 25.

14th annual report for year ending Sept. 30, 1874.
15th annual report for year ending Sept. 30, 1875.
16th annual report for year ending Sept. 30, 1876.
17th annual report for year ending Sept. 30, 1877.

pp. 19.
pp. 38.
pp. [36].

pp. 42.

pp. 38.

Not published; given in condensed form in 18th annual report. 18th annual report for year ending Sept. 30, 1878. pp. 57. 19th annual report for year ending Sept. 30, 1880. pp. 38. Biennial report for years ending Sept. 30, 1881 and 1882. Biennial report for years ending Sept. 30, 1883 and 1884. Biennial report for years ending Sept. 30, 1885 and 1886. Biennial report for years ending Sept. 30, 1887 and 1888. Biennial report for years ending Sept. 30, 1889 and 1890. Biennial report for years ending Sept. 30, 1891 and 1892. memorial sketch of Dr. Peter Bryce, first and only superintendent of the hospital, who died Aug. 14, 1892.

pp. 50.
pp. 41.
pp. 43.
pp. 104. Contains

Biennial report for years ending Sept. 30, 1893 and 1894. pp. 46.
Biennial report for years ending Sept. 30, 1895 and 1896. . pp. 44.
Copies seen: Owen.

The Meteor. | Lucus a non lucendo. | Vol. 8. | Alabama Insane Hospital, Dec. 24, 1881. | No. 21. |

Folio. pp. 8.

The introductory article of this number contains the account of its origin, issue, etc., viz:

The first number of our paper was issued July 4, 1872, and for five consecutive years it did not once fail to make its appearance or the first month of every quarter of the year. The editor, who was also the printer, disgusted with the long succession of years that still found him at the hospital, determined to strike a halt in the regular issue, and to print a number only when inclined to do so. Fortunately he had repeatedly warned his readers that any job dependent on the will of a hospital patient was likely to be irregularly achieved, so that his readers were not surprised when from a quarterly our paper changed to a semioccasionally."

The number 21 refers to the whole issue.
Copies seen: Owen.

INSURANCE CODE. Insurance code of Alabama. 1883-1893.

[blocks in formation]

INSURANCE COMPANIES. [Memorial to the general assembly of Alabama.] n. p. n. d.

8vo. pp. 6.

Prays for improvement in the insurance laws of the State.

Copies seen: Owen.

INTERNAL IMPROVEMENT. Report of the committee on internal improvement. n. p. [1849-50.]

8vo. pp. 6. No title page.
House edition, 1,000 copies.
Copies seen Curry.

Address of the internal improvement convention, | of the State of Alabama, | held in Mobile, May 29th, 1851. | Mobile: | Dade, Thompson & Co., printers. | 1851. |

[blocks in formation]


In The Colliery Guardian and Journal of the Coal and Iron Trades, 1875, vol. xxx, pp. 844, 846. London.

ISBELL FEMALE COLLEGE. | Catalogue | of | Isbell Female College, | Talladega, Alabama. | 1893[-1895–96]. |

8vo. pp. Cut of building in each.

1892-93. pp. 32.

1895-96. pp. 27.

Contains roll of alumnæ, 1849-1896.

Prospectus of Isbell Female College, | Talladega, Alabama. | 1895-96. | Talladega, Ala.: | press of Our Mountain Home | 1895. |

8vo. pp. 12. Cut of building.

Copies seen: Bureau of Education.


JACOBSON, ISIDORE G. He stoops | to conquer. | A comedy in four acts, | by Isidore G. Jacobson. | Copyrighted. | Mobile, Ala. | Graham & Delchamps. | 1894. |

8vo. pp. 96.

JACKSON, CRAWFORD M. (1820-1860), Gen. of Militia, Speaker of Ala. House of Reps. Address | delivered before | Montgomery Lodge, No. 6, | I. O. O. F. On the twenty-sixth of April, 1847. | By Crawford M. Jackson, | patriarch of St. Paul's Encampment. | Montgomery: | Bates, Hooper & Co. | Press of the "Daily Alabama Journal." | 1847. |

8vo. pp. 22.

Odd Fellowship.

Copies seen: Curry.

Address, delivered before | Wetumka Lodge, No. 9, | I. O. O. F. | on the 26th April, 1858, | By Crawford M. Jackson, | (of Autauga) Patriarch of St. Paul's Encampment. | Wetumka, Alabama. | “Spectator” book and job printing office, | 1858. |

8vo. pp. 23.

Odd Fellowship.

Copies seen: Curry.

JACKSON, CRAWFORD M. Brief biographical sketch of the late Col. Albert James Pickett, | of Alabama. | By Hon. Crawford M. Jackson, of Autanga County, Ala. | Montgomery: | Barrett & Wimbish, printers and binders. | 1859. |

8vo. pp. 15.

Valuable sketch.

Copies seen: Owen.

JACKSON, FRED M. Coal washing: description of Brookwood (Ala.) washer.

In Proceedings Alabama Industrial and Scientific Society, 1896, vol. vi, pt. 1, pp. 50-54.

JACKSON, HELEN HUNT. A century of dishonor | A sketch | of the United States Government's dealings with some of the Indian tribes | By H. H. [anon.] | Author [etc., line] | [Quotation, 7 lines.] | New York | Harper & Brothers, Franklin square | 1881 |

12mo. pp. x, 457.

Chapter viii, pp. 257-297, treats of the Cherokees.

Copies seen: Congress.


In Smith and De Land's Northern Alabama, Historical and Biographical, pp. 488-489.

JASPER. Sketch of.

In Smith and De Land's Northern Alabama, Historical and Biographical, pp. 173-174.

Announcement | of | Jasper High School | for the | Spring term, 1886. | [-etc., 3 lines.] | Non-denominational. | Atlanta, Ga.: | W. C. Dodson, [-etc., 1 line.] 1886. |

24mo. pp. 19.

Copies seen: Bureau of Education.

JEFFERSON COUNTY. The State of Alabama, | Jefferson County. | Road laws, general and special, | applicable to | Jefferson County. | Birmingham, Ala.: | press of Caldwell Printing Company. | 1889. | 8vo. pp. 15.

Copies seen: Owen.

List of State and county convicts in Jefferson county, 1888. Compiled by F. W. McCarthy for the [Democratic] Central Campaign Committee. n. p. n. d.

4to. 32 leaves.

Printed on one side only.

-Code of ethics for Jefferson County teachers. n. p. n. d. [189-.]

8vo. pp. 8. No title page.

Copies seen: Owen.

Report on operations of State troops in camp at Ensley City, 1894.

In Adjutant-General's Report, 1894, pp. 48-63.

To prevent disorder at Pratt Mines, Ala., during a strike.

Jefferson County and Birmingham, Alabama. Historical and biographical. (See Teeple, F. W., and Smith, A. Davis, Publishers.)

JEMISON, JOHN S., Editor. Alabama Law Journal, 1882-1885. (See Law Journal, The Alabama.)

JOHN, SAMUEL WILL (1845- ), Lawyer. Sketch of Selma, Ala.

In Smith and DeLand's Northern Alabama, Historical and Biographical, pp. 652-658.

JOHN, SAMUEL WILL. The impending crisis-our duty.

In Proceedings Alabama State Bar Association, 1892, pp. 188–196.
Read before the Association July 7, 1892.

A discussion of the duty of the legal profession in the matter of law reform. JOHNSON, LAWRENCE C., and SMITH, EUGENE A. Tertiary and cretaceous strata of the Tuscaloosa, Tombigbee, and Alabama Rivers. (See Smith, Eugene A.)

The geology of the regions contiguous to the Tombigbee, Warrior, and Alabama rivers.

In Geological Survey of Alabama: Report on the Coastal Plain of Alabama. 1894, pp. 1-367.

JOHNSON, WM. B., M. D. Report on the diseases which prevailed in the village of Marion, Perry Co., Alabama, from the year 1842 to the close of the year 1818.

In New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, Jan. 1850, vol. ví, pp. 442–453. JOHNSTON, JOSEPH FORNEY (1844 —), Gor. of Ala. Relation of banks to the development of our agricultural and industrial interests. In Proceedings Alabama Bankers' Association, 1890, pp. 18-24.

Resources of Alabama.

In Culver's Alabama's Resources, pp. 12-17.
Inaugural address as Governor.



-), Brig. Gen. C. S. A. The silver

In Proceedings Alabama Bankers' Association, 1890, pp. 9-15.


Problems of Southern civilization.

| An address | delivered before the Polytechnic Institute of Alabama, | on Wednesday, June 10, 1891, | by William Preston Johnston, LL.D., President of Tulane University. | [1891.]

8vo. Title, 1 leaf. pp. 19.

Copies seen: Owen.

JOHNSTONE, George (— -), Gov. of West Fla. An | appeal | to the | public in behalf of | George Johnstone, Esq.; | Governor of West Florida. | In answer to the north Briton Extraordinary, and in consequence of other matters not taken notice | of in that extraordinary publication. | London: | printed for C. Moran, under the Piazza, Convent-garden. MDCCLXIII. (Price one shilling). |

12mo. pp. 44.

In the Gentleman's Magazine, Oct. 1763, Vol. xxxiii. p. 475 and p. 516, and also in the Monthly Review, vol. xxix, p. 392, this pamphlet is referred to, but the author's name is not given.

It is a friend s defense of Gov. Johnstone. On Sept. 17, 1763, there appeared in the North Briton a paper "strongly reflecting on the appointment of Scotchmen to the Government of Fla." Gov. J. only recently appointed, and not yet having left the country, became incensed at this article, and addressed a note about it to the editor. Believing he had evidence that a Mr. Brooke wrote it, he went to the lodgings of Mr. B. and after questioning him without satisfaction, he assaulted him. Thereupon a warrant was issued for him. This pamphlet is written concerning these events.

It has practically nothing in it of local reference.

JONES, CHARLES COLCOCK, Jr. (1831–1893), LL. D. Antiquities | of the | Southern Indians, | particularly of the Georgia tribes. | By Charles C. Jones, Jr. | New York: | D. Appleton and Company, | 549& 551 Broadway. | 1873. |

8vo. pp. xvi, 532. 30 plates; 3 woodcuts.

"A striking similarity exists among the customs, utensils, implements, and

ornaments of all the Southern Indians; consequently, in elucidating the archa ology of a region often occupied in turn by various tribes, it seemed appropriate to mention and contrast the antiquities of Virginia, the Carolinas, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee."-Preface.

Copies seen: Congress; Hamner.

JONES, CHARLES COLCOCK, Jr. Harnando De Soto. | The adventures encountered and the route pursued by the Adelantado | during his march through the territory embraced within the present geographical limits of the State of Georgia. | By | Charles C. Jones, Jr. | (Read before the Georgia Historical Society.) | Printed for the author. | J. H. Estill, | Morning News steam printing house. | Savannah, Ga., 1880. |

8vo. pp. 42. 11. Portrait of Soto.
Copies seen: Owen.

The history of Georgia. | By | Charles C. Jones, Jr., LL. D. | Volume I. | Aborginal and colonial epochs. [-Volume-II. Revolutionary epoch.] [Design.] | Boston: | Houghton, Mifflin and Company. | New York: 11 East Seventeenth street. | The Riverside press, Cambridge, | 1883

8vo. Vol. i.,pp. xiv, 11., 556; vol. ii., pp. xiv, 1 1., 540. Illustrations.

Valuable for its treatment of the Indians, border life, boundaries, etc. Ala bama is called the daughter of Mississippi and the granddaughter of Georgia. Copies seen: Hamner; Congress.

JONES COLLEge for YounG LADIES. Annual catalogue | of the | Jones College for Young Ladies, | Gadsden, Ala., | on the Highlands | [-etc., 2 lines. For the collegiate year ending June 5, 1895. | Rev. A. B. Jones, D. D., LL. D., president. | [Quotation, 2 lines.] | Nashville, Tenn. | publishing house of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. | Barbee & Smith, Agents. | n. d.

8vo. pp. 34. Illustrations.

Copies seen: Owen.

JONES, JOHN G., Methodist Clergyman. A complete | history of Methodism as connected with | the Mississippi Conference | of the | Methodist Episcopal Church, South. | Written at the unanimous request of the Conference. | By Rev. John G. Jones, | one of its members. | Volume I. From 1799 to 1817. | Nashville, Tenn.: | Southern Methodist Publishing House. | Printed for the author. | 1887. |

12mo. pp. 461.

Volume ii never published.

An invaluable contribution, not only to the Church history of Mississippi, and of that part of Mississippi Territory now Alabama, but to the history of pioneer life and times in these States.

Copies seen Owen.

JONES, JOHN W., 28. SHELLEY, CHARLES M. Testimony in the contestedelection case of. Fourth Congressional district of Alabama. Feb'y 19, 1883. (House Mis. Doc. 21, 47th Cong., 2nd sess. In vol. 4.) 8vo. pp. 137. No title page.

Report submitting resolution that a special committee be appointed to proceed to the fourth district of Alabama, and there take evidence in contest, with views of the minority adverse. Jan. 23, 1883. (House Rep. 1886. Ibid. In vol. 1.)

8vo. pp 8.

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