Slike stranica

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The oration delivered in 1852 was not printed. The oration for 1889 contains a list of the orators, 1783-1889.

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14. 80. The addresses for 1822-30 are printed in Quincy's "Municipal history of Boston; the addresses for 1832-34, '36, '37 were not printed.

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89. 7 v. 8°.

10th, 15th-20th report. Bost., 1886

Contents: - X. Miscellaneous papers. XV. Records of Boston selectmen, 1736-1742. XVI. Boston town records, 1758 to 1769. — xvii. Selectmen's minutes from 1742-3 to 1753.

xviii. Boston town records, 1770 through 1777. xix. Selectmen's minutes from 1754 through 1763. - XX. Selectmen's minutes from 1764 through 1768.

The 1st-9th, 11th-14th reports are already in the Library. For most of the above Boston documents the Library is indebted to Hon. Thomas L. Hart, Mayor of Boston. Other Boston documents are recorded on pp. 39 and 62 of this vol. of the BULLETIN.

Bradstreet's; a journal of trade, finance, and public economy. Vol. xvii. w. N. Y., 1889. fo.

To be continued.

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1. 8°. pp. xi +128+ (1). Map.

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[blocks in formation]

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Contents: First congress, first-fourth sessions. Second congress, first session.

The text of the private laws and the text of the public laws are paged each continuously with itself throughout the five sessions. The private laws of each session follow the public laws of the same session; the signatures, when present, are separate for each session and consecutive throughout both public and private laws. The public and also the private laws are each preceded by a t-p. and contents, separately paged, and followed by an index, also separately paged.

The statutes at large of the provisional government of the Confederate States of America from the institution of the provisional government, Feb. 8, 1861, to its termination, Feb. 18, 1862; with the constitution of the provisional government, and the permanent constitution of the Confederate States and the treaties concluded by the Confederate States with the Indian tribes; edited by J. M. Matthews. Richmond, 1864. 8°. pp. xv +41 + xlviii.

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Edited by I. C. Barrows.

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Contents: The basis of socialism: Shaw, G. B. Ecou omic. - Webb, S. Historic. Clarke, W. Industrial. Olivier, S. Moral. -The organization of society: Wallas, G. Property under socialism. Besant, Mrs. A. Industry under socialism. The transition to socialism: Shaw, G. B. Transition. — Bland, H. The outlook.

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Contents: i. 1235-1685. ii. 1688-1770. — iii. 17701800. - iv. 1801-1811. v. 1812-1823. -vi. 1824-1831. vii. 1831-1836. viii. 1837-1842.ix. 1843-1846. X. 1847-1850. xi. 1851-1853. xii. 1854-1856. xiii. 18571861.xiv. 1862-1865.-XV. 1866-1868. Supplement. xvi. 1869-1872. — xvii. — 1873-1875. -xviii. 1876-1878. Debates. Hansard's parliamentary debates. 3d series. Vol. cccxxxii-cccxl. 12 Dec., 1888-30 Aug., 1889. L., 1888-89 9 v. 80.

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Contents: i. Deutsche Wirthschaftsgeschichte bis zum Schluss der Karolinger periode

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Contents: i. Sezioni fisico-matematica, di agrimensura, di agronomia, di commercio e ragioneria, e sottosezioni relative, ed industriale.

Disposizioni regolamentari didattiche; orario, istruzioni e programmi d' insegnamento per le scuole tecniche del regno. [Roma], 1885. fo. pp. 118.

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Published by the Brotherhood of Liberty.

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The French translation by G. Regnier and A. Bournet, 2me éd., 1987, is also in the Library.

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Tom. i.-iv. are 2e éd.

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X., I."

Tom. vi., vii., xvi. are each in two parts. Tom. i.-vi., 1, have also t.-pp. : "Supplément au Recueil des traités, tom. v.Tom. v. is continued by C de Martens, tom. vi.-ix. by F. Saalfeld, tom. x.-xvi., with additional t.-pp.: "Nouvelle série, tom. i.-vii.," by F. Murhard.

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Tom. i-vii. are edited by C. Samwer and J. Hopf, tom. viii-x. by J. Hopf, tom. xi., xii. by F. Stoerk. Tom. v. and x. contain alphabetical and chronological indexes to five and ten volumes respectively.

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bany, 1890. 80.


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Albany, 1887-90.
4 v. 8o.
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"This volume is one of an edition of one hundred of which

this is no. 42. From the author, with his autograph.

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Vol. i.-xiv. are called "Quarterly journal," vol. xvi.-xxviii. are new series"; in vol. xxix.-xxxii. the serial no. appears in the signatures but not on the t.-pp. Beginning with vols. xxxiii. and xxxiv the "Transactions and Abstracts of chemical papers" are published separately in alternate vols., vol. xxxiii. containing "Transactions." Vol. i., ii. are edited by E Ronalds, iii by H. Watts, iv.-xvi. by the "Committee of publication," xvii -xliv. by H. Watts, xlv., xlvi. by Watts and C. E. Groves, xlvii.-liv. by Groves.

To be continued.

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2 v.

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To be continued.

[blocks in formation]

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Contents:-1877-78. Appareils nerveux terminaux des muscles de la vie organique, coeu sanguin cœurs lymphatiques, œsophage, muscles lisses; leçons recueillies par Mm. Weber et Lataste. 1878-79. Terminaisons nerveuses sensitives cornées; leçons recueillies par M. Weber.

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Edited by C. Roumeguère. To be continued.

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[blocks in formation]

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Useful and Military Arts,
Including Sports and Games.

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This and other publications relating to the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées recorded in this BULLETIN are the gift of the French Ministry of Public Works.

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[blocks in formation]

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n. p.,

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and wdcts. (Kulturbiider aus dem klassischen Altertume. iv.)

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