Slike stranica

history.) N. Y., etc., 1886. I 20. pp. xx +381. Illus. (Story (The) of the nations. [iv.])

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Rhode Island Soldiers' and Sailors' Historical Society. Personal narratives of the battles of the Rebellion; papers read before the society. Series III., no. 1-10. Providence, 1883-85. 10 nos. bd. in I v. sq. 129. Portrs.

Contents: - iii. 1. Hutchinson, W. F. Life on the Texan blockade. 1883.-2. Simpson, T. My four months' experience as a prisoner of war. 1883.-3. Avery, W. B. Gun-boat service on the James river. 1884. - 4. Cory. E.A. A private's recollections of Fredericksburg. 1884. - 5. Peck, G. B., jr. Camp and hospital. 1884.-6. Bliss, G. N. Cavalry service with Gen. Sheridan and life in Libby prison. 1884.-7. Chase, P. S. Service with battery F., 1st R. I. light artillery, in North Carolina. 1884.-8. Butts, F. B. Reminiscences of gunboat service on the Nansemond. 1885. — 9. Denison, Rev. F. The battle of Groveton, Aug. 28, 1862. Providence, 1885.-10. Roe, A. S. Recollections of Monocacy. 1885.

Robbins, Rev. C. Memoir of William Appleton; with appendix. Bost., 1863. 8°. pp. 64. Port. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, 1862-63.

Robbins, Rev. T. Diary, 1796-1854; edited and annotated by I. N. Tarbox. Vol. i. Bost., 1886. 8°. pp. vii+1052. Port.

Contents: i. 1796-1825.

"Printed for his nephew. Owned by the Connecticut Historical Society."

Rosengarten, J. G. The German soldier in the wars of the United States. Phil., 1886. 12o. pp. 175

Royce, J. California, from 1846 to the 2d vigilance committee in San Francisco; a study of American character. Bost., etc., 1886. 16o. pp. xv+ 513. Map. (Scudder, H. E., editor. American commonwealths. [vii.])

Saint Simon, L. de Rouvroi, duc de. Mémoires. Nouvelle éd, par A. de Boislisle. Tom. v. P., 1886. 8. (Regnier, (J. A.) A., editor. Les grands écrivains de la France.)



Contents:-V. 1698. Appendice. Schumacher, G. Across the Jordan; an exploration and survey of part of Hauran and Jaulan; with additions by L. Oliphant and G. Le Strange. N. Y., 1886. 160. pp. xvi + 342. Illus.

Shumway, E. S. A day in ancient Rome; a revision of Lohr's " Aus dem alten Rom." N. Y., 1885. sm. 4o. pp. 96. Illus.

Sibley, J. L. A remarkable self-made man, [Cyrus Eaton]; with remarks by [J. H. Morison]. Camb, [Mass.,] 1886. 8°. Pp. 20.

One of 23 copies reprinted from the Unitarian review, April, 1875

Stanton, H. B. Random recollections. 2d ed. N. Y., 1886. 8. pp. 134.

Stephens, H. M. A history of the French revolution. Vol. i. N. Y., 1886. 8°. Map.

Stubbs, W. Bp. of Chester. Seventeen lectures on the study of medieval and modern history, and kindred subjects; delivered at Oxford, 1867-1884. Oxf., 1886. 80. pp. vi + (1) + 399.

Contents: - Inaugural. 1867. On the present state and prospects of historical study. 1876. On the purposes and methods of historical study. 1877. Methods of historical study. 1877. - Learning and literature at the court of Henry II. 1878. The medieval kingdoms of Cyprus and Armenia. 1878.

On the characteristic differences between medieval and modern history. 1880. The reign of Henry VIII. 1881. - Parliament under Henry VIII. 1881. The history of the canon law in England. 1882. The reign of Henry VII. 1883. A last statutory public lecture. 1884.

Surtees Society, Durham. Publications. Vol. lxxvii., lxxviii. Durham, etc., 1886. 2 v. 8°. Portrs.

Contents: 1xxvii. Yorkshire diaries & autobiographies in the 17th and 18th centuries. ii. lxxviii. Memorials of the church of SS. Peter and Wilfred, Ripon. ii.

Thompson, G. Prison life and reflections; or, A narrative of the arrest, imprisonment, and deliverance of Work, Burr, and Thompson, who suffered imprisonment for attempting to aid slaves to liberty. Oberlin, [O.,] 1847. 8°. pp. 417.

Tremain, Maj. Gen. H. E. Sailors' Creek to Appomattox Court House, 7th-9th April, 1865; or, The last hours of Sheridan's cavalry. Edited, with notes on Farmville, fording and bridging, by J. W. De Peyster. N. Y., 1885. 8°. pp. 75+ civ. Port. Appended is the editor's "La Royale," pt. 8. 2 copies.

In memoriam: Edgar Kelsey
Ithaca, [N. Y.], 1886.


Tyler, Sergt. D. A concise history of the Mormon battalion in the Mexican war, 1846-47. n. p., 1881. 80. pp. 376. [Tyler, Rev. M. C.] Apgar obiit A. D. 1885. 8°. pp. v + (1) +145. "Printed for private distribution." United States War Department. The war of the rebellion: a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies; prepared by Lieut. Col. R. N. Scott. Series I., vol. xvi., xvii., pt. I. Wash., 1886. 3 v. 8°.

Volcano (The) under the city; by a volunteer special. N. Y., 1887 [1886]. 160. pp. 350. Map. An account of the draft riot in New York, 1863.

Wachsmuth, C. Das alte Griechenland im neuen; mit einem Anhang über Sitten und Aberglauben der Neugriechen bei Geburt, Hochzeit und Tod. Bonn, 1864. 160. pp. 126. Walpole, S. conclusion of the

5 v. 8o.

A history of England from the great war in 1815. L., 1879-86.

The narrative of domestic affairs is brought down to 1853, of foreign affairs to 1856. Vol. i., ii., are 2d ed.

Walter, Maj. J. Memorials of Washington and of Mary, his mother, and Martha, his wife; from letters and papers of Robert Cary and James Sharples. N. Y., 1887 [1886]. 8o. pp. xii + (1) + 362. Illus.

Wilson, Commissary. Orderly book; expedition of the British and provincial army under Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Amherst, against Ticonderoga and Crown Point. 1759. Albany, [N. Y.], 1857. 4°. pp.


220. Map.

Winsor, J., editor. Narrative and critical history of America. Vol. ii.-iv. Bost., etc., [1886.] 3 v. 1. 8°. Illus.

Contents: ii. Spanish explorations and settlements in America, 15th-17th century. iii. English explorations and settlements in North America, 1497-1689. iv. French explorations and settlements in North America and those of the Portuguese, Dutch, and Swedes, 1500-1700.

The work contains bibliographical notes and elaborate critical essays on the sources of information.

Wurzbach, C. von. Biographisches Lexikon des Kaiserthums Oesterreich, 1750-1850. Th. 1.-liii. 80. Wien, 1884-85 4 v. bd. in 2. Contents:- 1.-liii. Vastag-Weigelsperg.


1. The Library Council. By resolution of the Board of Trustees, passed in 1883, the Library Council consists of seven members, as follows: - The President of the University and the Librarian, or Acting Librarian, ex officio; one member elected by the Trustees from their own number; and four professors nominated by the Faculty and confirmed by the Board. The elected members hold office one year, and the regular election takes place at the beginning of the Fall term in each University year. The members of the council for the year 1886-87 are President C. K. Adams, chairman, and G. Wm. Harris, secretary, ex officio; H. B. Lord, elected by the Trustees; Professors H. Corson, S. H. Gage, W. G. Hale, and L. A. Wait, elected by the Faculty.

To this council is committed the general supervision and management of the Library, and the apportionment of the book funds among the different departments of instruction. The President and Librarian are authorized to approve orders, signed by professors at the head of departments, for ordinary working books, but must refer to the council all orders for costly or otherwise exceptional works. All order slips for new books must be signed, or countersigned, by the professors in charge of the respective departments.

2. The Library Service. The regular service of the Library is at present performed by the following persons:- George William Harris, Acting Librarian; Edwin Hamlin Woodruff, Chief Cataloguer; Gertrude Frances Van Dusen, Assistant Cataloguer; Philip Price Barton and Charles Henry Hull, Assistants; Charles F. Lashier, Janitor.

3. Library Hours and Rules. - During term time the University Library is open every week-day from 8 A. M. till 9.30 P. M, except on Saturdays, when the hour of closing is 5 P. M. During vacations the Library is open every week-day from 9 A. M. till 5 P. M., or till sunset when that is before 5.

Under the existing regulations, books may be withdrawn by the officers of the University either for their personal use or for reference in the labora tories; but encyclopædias, dictionaries, and the books in the Reference cases in the reading-room must not be taken from the Library except by special permission. After a book belonging to the University Library has been retained in the possession of an officer of the University for three months it may be recalled by the Librarian, if desired by any other officer, and all books are called in at the close of the academic year in June.

Holders of University fellowships are permitted, by vote of the Library Council, to draw books from the Library under the following restrictions:- - Each fellow shall be entitled to have in his possession at one time five volumes, but not more, and may retain each volume two weeks, but no longer. The titles of books proposed to be drawn must be submitted to the professors in the departments concerned, and such books as they may consider necessary to be kept in the Library for reference must not be withdrawn.

For students of the University and others the Library is strictly a reference library. Graduate students are admitted to the alcoves, and, upon the recommendation of the professor in any department, members of the Senior and Junior classes engaged

in work requiring special research, are granted admission, for limited periods, to the alcoves, for purposes of consultation and investigation.

All Graduates and Seniors have free access during Library hours to the collections in the Seminary Room (adjoining the main Library), containing the current numbers of one hundred and fifty of the principal historical, literary, and philological periodicals, and some two thousand volumes of works relating to American History, English History, and Political Science, selected with special reference to the needs of students engaged in advanced work.

All Undergraduates have unrestricted access to the collection of encyclopædias, dictionaries, and general works of reference in the reading-room, and also to the cases containing the works reserved from time to time by professors for the use of their classes. Other books desired by students are supplied by the attendants, who are instructed to give every assistance in their power to those who use the Library.

4. Progress of the Card Catalogue.— The University Library's dictionary card catalogue, authors and subjects, which was begun April 1, 1882, now includes (1) all accessions to the Library since that date, and (2) all books which were in the Library before that date, on the following subjects:

American Literature; Education; English Literature; Folk-lore.

History (excepting the May anti-slavery collection, of which there is an author catalogue on cards). Law (excepting the King law library, of which there is a MS. finding list).

Natural Sciences (including Anatomy and Physiology, and excluding Astronomy, of which there is a classified printed list).

Philosophy; Political Economy; Political Science; Social Science.

The following aids are available for finding those books which were in the Library before the date named and which are not included in the above list as being among the subjects incorporated in the card catalogue:

A classified printed catalogue of works in the Library relating to Mathematics (including Astronomy, Engineering, Mechanics, Military Art and Science, and Navigation).

A printed author catalogue of the architectural works in the Library, published in no. 1 of the Library Bulletin.

A printed catalogue of the Bopp collection, comprising most of the works in the Library on Oriental Linguistics and Comparative Philology.

A MS. catalogue of the Anthon collection, mainly composed of Greek and Latin authors and works on Classical Philology.

A MS. catalogue of agricultural works.

In addition to the dictionary card catalogue and the supplementary aids mentioned, there is a subject index, on cards, of the whole Library, excepting American History; a consolidated accession list which is at all times an author catalogue of additions to the Library since Jan. 1, 1881; and two Ms. volumes containing lists of books, and articles in periodicals, relating to subjects which have been announced from time to time, since 1883, for essays and orations in the department of General Literature and Oratory.

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The documents include the City manual, the Mayor's annual address, and the annual reports of the various city departments. The documents for 1884 are in 2 v.

Statutes of Rhode Island relating to the city of Providence, and the ordinances of the city. Camb., [Mass.,] 1875. 8°. pp. 459.

Quebec (City), Can. - Council. An ordinance to incorporate the city and town of Quebec (3d & 4th Vict. cap. xxxv.), and an ordinance to amend the same (4th Vict. cap. xxxi.). Quebec, 1841. 16o. pp. 27+ 15.

Reading, Pa.. Select and Common Councils. A digest of the laws and ordinances of the city, in force June 1, 1886; compiled by Louis Richards. Reading, Pa., 1886. 80. pp. xi + 274.

Town Council. Ordinances of the corporation of the borough; with the act of incorporation. Reading, 1831. 80. pp. 42.

Richmond, Va. Common Council. The charters and ordinances of the city; with the Declaration of Rights, and constitution of Virginia. Richmond, 1859. 8°. pp. xlvi + 295. Rochester, N. Y. Common Council. dinances of the city; compiled by Jesse Shepherd. 1871. Rochester, N. Y., 1871. 80. pp. 131.

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Bd. with the next following.

Penal or

Revised charter of the city; with other acts applicable to the city and officers, [and] names of officers of the city; compiled by Jesse Shepherd. 1871. Rochester, N. Y., 1871. 80. pp. 155.

Roxbury, Mass.- City Council. The municipal register; containing the city charter, laws and ordinances, and rules and orders of the City Council, and a list of the officers of the city, for 1862. Bost., 1862. 8°. pp. 308.

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St. Louis, Mo.- City Council. The revised ordinances of the city; revised and digested 1843, '46, '50, '53, '56, '61, [81]. With the constitutions of the United States and Missouri, and the city charter. St. L., 1843-81. 7 v. 8°.

The revisions of 1846, '50, '53, '56 and '61 contain the various charters of the city; 1846 contains a list of the trustees and officers of St. Louis, 1810-46; 1881 contains the scheme for the separation of the governments of the city and county of St. Louis.

[blocks in formation]

Salem, Mass.- City Council. City documents for 1882. Salem, Mass., 1883. 8°. San Francisco, Cal. · - Common Council. Ordinances and joint resolutions; with a list of the officers of the city and county, and rules and orders of the Common Council. San Fran., 1854. 8°. pp. xliii+ (9)-525.

- Park Commissioners. 2d biennial report. 1872-3. San Fran., 1874. 8o. Maps and plate. Shakopee, Minn. - Common Council. Charter and ordinances of the city. Amended April, 1875. St. Paul, 1875. 8o. pp. 68+ ii.

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Springfield, Ill. City Council. The charter, with the amendments thereto, and revised ordinances of the city; with references to decisions of the Supreme Court of the state relating to municipal corporations, and with general laws of the state, etc., relating to the city; published under the supervision of W. J. Black. Springfield, [Ill.], 1858. 80. PP. xxxiii + 374.

Reports of officers of the city, for the year ending Feb. 28, 1886. Springfield, Ill., 1886. 80. pp. 164.

The Springfield city code; comprising the laws of Illinois relating to the city, and the ordi

Revised and codified

nances of the City Council. by J. Wallace and J. W. Patton. Springfield, [Ill.], 1884. 8°. pp. 529.

Terre Haute, Ind. - Common Council. Charter and revised ordinances; collated and annotated by T. C. Anderson. Terre Haute, Ind., 1886. 80. pp. xv+ 400.

Reports of the city officers, for 1885-6. Terre Haute, Ind., 1886. 8°.

Troy, N. Y.- Common Council. The ordinances of the city, and the acts of the legislature relative to the city; passed since 1838. Troy, N. Y., 1855. 8°. Pp. 167.

Washington, D. C.—City Councils. Corporation laws of the city (to June 3, 1853); revised by J. W. Sheahan. Also, acts of incorporation and other acts of Congress. Added, laws enacted June 3, 1853-June 1, 1860. Wash., 1853-60. 3 v. in 1. 8o. A digest of the general acts of the corporation of the city, to 1st Jan., 1818. Affixed, the acts of incorporation, the act of cession from Maryland, the building regulations, and acts of Congress relating to the District. Prepared by Wm. Hewitt. Wash., 1818. 80. pp. 90.

The laws of the corporation of the city; with a digest of the charter and other acts of Congress concerning the city. By W. B. Webb. Wash., 1868. 80. pp. vii + 649.

See also under District of Columbia, in vol. ii., p. 40, of this Bulletin.


Alexandria, Va.- Auditor. 106th annual statement of the finances of the city. 1886. With the revenue and license laws, and the official directory for 1886-87. Alexandria, Va., 1886. 80.

Boston, Mass.- Auditor. 50th, 51st, 74th annual report. 1861-63, '85-86. Bost., 1862-86. 3 v. 8o. Nos. 7, 10-49, 53-73, are already in the library.

City Council. The charter and ordinances of the city; with the acts of the legislature relating to the city; collated and revised by T. Wetmore and E. G. Prescott. Bost., 1834. 8o. pp. 300 + xxvii. Municipal register; containing rules and orders of the City Council, the charter and recent ordinances, and a list of officers of the city. 1843, '48, '51-64, '66, '68-77, '79, '80, '82-86. Bost., 184386. 34 v. 80. Plans.

The vols. for 1878, '81 are already in the library.

A supplement to the laws and ordinances of

the city. Bost., 1866. 8°. pp. 533.

Appended, "A digest of decisions of municipal interest of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, 1804-1865."

Commission to Revise the City Charter. Report; with a draft of a new charter. Bost., 1875. 80. pp. 67.

Concord, N. H.-City Council. Revised ordinances of the city; with the charter and amendments, and general laws relating to the government of cities; the rules of the City Council; and list of officers from 1853 to 1885. Concord, N. H., 1885. 8°. pp. iv + 183.

Lowell, Mass.- City Council. City documents. 1885-86. Lowell, Mass., 1886. 8°. Milwaukee, Wis.- Common Council. Department reports. 1880-86. Milwaukee, [Wis.], 188186. 6 v. 8°. Diagrs. and tables.

The above is the title on cover, there being no general titlepage. The title of the vol. for 1885-6 is "Consolidated annual reports. ." The vol. for 1880 contains the annual report of the City Comptroller, Fire Department, and Board of Public Works; those for 1881-86 contain, in addition, the annual report of the Chief of Police; those for 1883-86, the Mayor's annual address.

The Nashville, Tenn. - Board of Aldermen. laws of the corporation, as revised, re-enacted, and passed 20th Dec., 1827. Added, acts of North Carolina and Tennessee, relating to Nashville. Nashville, 1828.


I 20.

pp. 70.

Same. Passed 20th Dec., 1827 4th Nov., Nashville, 1830. 12o. pp. 26.

Bd. with the next preceding.

New Orleans, La. - City Council. Digest of the ordinances and resolutions of the 2d municipality, in force May 1, 1840. Compiled by John Calhoun. New Orleans, 1840. 80. pp. 392.

The laws and general ordinances of the city; with the acts of the legislature, decisions of the Supreme Court, and constitutional provisions relating to the city. Revised and digested by H. J. Leovy and C. HÍ. Luzenberg. New ed. New Orleans, 1870. 8°. pp. 685.

Comptroller. Reports. 1885. New Orleans, 1885-86. 2 v. 80. Tables.

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Norwich, Conn. — Common Council. The charter, by-laws, and ordinances of the city. Norwich, 1868. 8o. pp. 155.

Omaha, Neb.- City Council. The charter and ordinances of the city. Omaha, 1857. 80. pp. 74. Petersburg, Va.- Common Hall. Acts of the General Assembly of Virginia relative to Petersburg. Added, ordinances, bye-laws, and regulations of the corporation. Petersburg, 1824. 80. pp. 100. Philadelphia, Pa. Annual message, with accompanying documents. 1885. Phil., 1886.

8°. Tables.

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The ad annual report of W. B. Smith.

This collection of the charters, ordinances, and other documents of American cities has been brought together for the purpose of illustrating the development of municipal government in America, and is intended to be used in connection with the lectures on Theories and Methods of Municipal Institutions, and the seminary work in the President White School of History and Political Science. Forty cities are more or less fully represented in the collection, which now contains upwards of five hundred volumes. At present there is no fund available for filling up the deficiencies which exist in many of the sets, or for the increase of the collection. An appeal is therefore made for gifts of city documents, or of books and pamphlets on the subject of municipal government, which will be thankfully received, and will add much to the usefulness of the collection. Packages should be addressed to "Cornell University Library, Ithaca, N. Y.," and may be sent by express at the expense of the Library.



DECEMBER, 1886, TO APRIL, 1887.

Only the more important titles are given, including occasionally other than recent additions, for the purpose of correcting the old cataloguing or of calling attention to important books.


Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung. [1er-64er Jahrg.] Jan., 1785-Sept., 1848. Jena, Halle, etc., 1785-1848. 185 v. 3 pts. bd. in 130 v. 4°. Plates.

The no. of vols. published each year was: 1785, '88-1806, 4 V.; 1786, '87, 5 v.; 1807-31, 2 v.; 1832-43, 3 V.; 1844-48, 2 v. The indexes to Jahrg. 1793, '95-1802 are bd. together in i v.

Same. Ergänzungsblätter. 1806-1842. Jena, Halle, etc., 1806-42. 37 v. 4°.

Same. Intelligenzblätter. 1787-1807, 1829Sept., 1848. Jena, Halle, etc., 1787-1848. 40 v. 37

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Bibliotheca Nacional e Publica, Rio de Janeiro. Catalogo da exposição permanente dos cimelios; publicado sobra direcção do bibliothecario J. de Saldanha da Gama. Rio de Janeiro, 1885. 8°. pp. 1059+ (11). 5 plates.

Bibliotheca zoologica. II: Verzeichniss der Schriften über Zoologie welche in den periodischen Werken enthalten und vom Jahre 1861-1880 selbständig erschienen sind; mit Einschluss der allgemein-naturgeschichtlichen, periodischen und palaeontologischen Schriften; bearbeitet von O. Taschenberg. 1o, 2o, Lieferung. Lpz., 1886. 2 pts. 8°. The earlier vols., published in 1846 and 1861, covering the period from 1700-1860, are also in the library.

Börsenverein der Deutschen Buchhändler. Verzeichniss der Sammlungen des Börsenvereins. Bd. i. Lpz., 1885. 8°.

Contents:-i. Katalog der Bibliothek.

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L., 1886. 6 pts. 4o.

Contents: A. & B. New English and foreign books. Pt. lxxix., lxxx.-C. Old English books, also works in foreign languages printed in England. Pt. xxi., xxii.-D. Old foreign books. Pt. xxxv., xxxvi.

A subject index of the modern works added to the library, 1880-1885; compiled by G. K. Fortescue. L., 1886. 1. 8°. pp. (3) + 1044.

Brockhaus, F. A. publisher. ConversationsLexikon; allgemeine deutsche Real-Encyklopädie. 13e Aufl. Bd. xv. Lpz., 1886. 1. 8°. Illus.

Contents:-xv. Spaichingen-Uhrich.

Cincinnati, Ohio Public Library. Bulletin of books added during 1886. Cin., 1887. 4o. Encyclopædia Britannica (The). 9th ed. Vol. xxi. Edin., 1886. 4o.

Contents: xxi. Rot.-Sia.

English catalogue (The) of books, for 1886. L., 1887. 8°.

Ersch, J. S., and J. G. Gruber, editors. Allgemeine Encyclopädie der Wissenschaften und Künste. Lpz., 1886. 40.

Contents:-ze Section: H-N. Th. xxxix. Köppen, (Peter v.)- Kriegk.

Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Library. Subject catalogue of the memorial library of the International Electrical Exhibition, Sept.-Oct., 1884; compiled by E. Hiltebrand. Phil., 1884. 8o. pp. clxv. Frontispp.

Gomme, G. L. The literature of local institutions. L., 1886. 16o. pp. viii + 248. (Wheatley, H. B., editor. Book-lover's library.)

Hildeburn, C. R. A century of printing: the issues of the press in Pennsylvania, 1685-1784. Vol. ii. Phil., 1886. 1. 8°.

Contents:-ii. 1764-1784.

Papanti, G. Catalogo dei novellieri italiani in prosa. Livorno, 1871. 2 v. bd. in 1. 80.

[Poole, W. F.] An alphabetical index to subjects treated in the reviews and other periodicals to which no indexes have been published; prepared for the library of the Brothers in Unity, Yale college. N. Y., etc., 1848. 8°. pp. 154+ (1).

The 1st ed. of Poole's "Index to periodical literature." Statesman's year-book (The). 1887. L., etc., 1887. sm. 80.

Edited by J. S. Keltie.

Whitaker, J. Almanack. 1887. L., [1886.] 16o.

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