The Emergence of Russia 750-1200

Routledge, 6. lip 2014. - Broj stranica: 472
This eagerly awaited volume, the first of its kind by western scholars, describes the development amongst the diverse inhabitants of the immense landmass between the Carpathians and Urals of a political, economic and social nexus (underpinned by a common culture and, eventually, a common faith), out of which would emerge the future Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The authors explore every aspect of life in Rus, using evidence and the fruits of post-Soviet historiography. They describe the rise of a polity centred on Kiev, the coming of Christianity, and the increasing prosperity of the region even as, with the proliferation of new dynastic centres, the balance of power shifted northwards and westwards. Fractured, violent and transitory though it often is, this is a story of growth and achievement - and a masterly piece of historical synthesis.

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Chapter One The SilverSeekers fromthe North c 750c 900
Chapter Two Turning South
Securing the
Chapter Four UTurns and Conversionc 9601015
Chapter Five Martyrs and Mercenaries c 101536
Chapter Six Cracked Facades 103654
the Development of Dynastic Political Culture
Chapter Eight ThePrinceand the Cityc 1070c 1120
Chapter Nine Integration andDiffusion c 1130c 1170
1185 and After
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