Maps that Made History: The Influential, the Eccentric and the Sublime

Dundurn, 1. sij 2005. - Broj stranica: 191
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Few people can resist the appeal of old maps and plans. Even in these days of disposable mapping - from satellite navigation to customized road directions at the click of a mouse - the historical map continues to present a unique perspective on our changing world. Here we explore 25 glorious examples. The emphasis is on the story behind the map: what it reveals about its creator and users, from the first explorers to the railway builders. This thought-provoking collection features maps that chart societies as well as land, sea, and skies; maps that have influenced and inspired; and perhaps most revealing of all, maps that misrepresent.


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Recenzije se ne potvrđuju, ali Google provjerava ima li lažnog sadržaja i uklanja ga kad ga otkrije

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A beautifully printed British introduction to some of the world's most important maps (such as the Peutinger, Ptolemy's projection or Leo Belgicus). The author is particularly interested in land and ... Pročitajte cijelu recenziju


1 The Early Mapmakers
2 The Quest for Riches
3 Challenging Perceptions
4 Winning the Day
5 Fantasy and Fantastical
Exploring Further
Map and Picture Sources
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Dr. Lez Smart is a lecturer in education at Goldsmiths College, University of London. His interests include history and information technology; he has published widely on these subjects as they relate to education. Maps have always been a passion, informing his professional and leisure interests. He lives with his family in South London.

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