Science Communication: A Practical Guide for Scientists

John Wiley & Sons, 25. lis 2012. - Broj stranica: 384
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Science communication is a rapidly expanding area and meaningfulengagement between scientists and the public requires effectivecommunication.

Designed to help the novice scientist get started with sciencecommunication, this unique guide begins with a short history ofscience communication before discussing the design and delivery ofan effective engagement event. Along with numerous case studieswritten by highly regarded international contributors, the bookdiscusses how to approach face-to-face science communication andengagement activities with the public while providing tips to avoidpotential pitfalls. 

This book has been written for scientists at all stages of theircareer, including undergraduates and postgraduates wishing toengage with effective science communication for the firsttime,  or looking to develop their science communicationportfolio.

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Scientists Communicating with the Public
Encouraging Scientists to Communicate
Communication Learning and Writing
Monitoring and Evaluating your Event
Getting Started With Public Science
expertise and people CEEP
Direct Public Communication
Indirect Public Communication
Getting Started with Science
Demonstrating Interactions between
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O autoru (2012)

Laura Bowater has recently been awarded a Public and Community Engagement Award from CUE (Community University Engagement) East, the Beacon of Excellence in the Eastern region.

Kay Yeoman's work has been recognized by a nomination for the Royal Society Kohn Award in 2008 and also a Public and Community Engagement Award from CUE East the Beacon of Excellence in the Eastern Region.

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