Report of Proceedings at the Annual Trades Union Congress, Opseg 26

Trades Union Congress., 1893
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Stranica 94 - If a publisher fails to comply with this section, he shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding five pounds and the value of the book, and the fine shall be paid to the trustees or authority to whom the book ought to have been delivered. (7) For the purposes of this section, the expression
Stranica 94 - ... the workman, or in case the injury results in death, the legal personal representatives of the workman, and any persons entitled in case of death, shall have the same right of compensation and remedies against the employer as if the workman had not been a workman of nor in the service of the employer, nor engaged in his work.
Stranica 52 - ... man living could not sit at his feast, unless he sat blindfold. Raise the veil boldly ; face the light ; and if, as yet, the light of the eye can only be through tears, and the light of the body through sackcloth, go thou forth weeping, bearing precious seed, until the time come, and the kingdom, when Christ's gift of bread and bequest of peace shall be Unto this last as unto thee...
Stranica 101 - When personal injury is caused to an employee who is himself in the exercise of due care and diligence at the time: 1. By reason of any defect in the condition of the ways, works, machinery, or plant, connected with or used in the business of the employer...
Stranica 96 - No part of any money invested in the name of the registrar of any county court in the Post Office Savings Bank under this Act shall be paid out, except upon authority addressed to the Postmaster-General by the Treasury or by the judge of the county court.
Stranica 23 - That the President be and is hereby requested to invite from time to time, as fit occasions may arise, negotiations with any government with which the United States has or may have diplomatic relations, to the end that any differences or disputes arising between the two governments which cannot be adjusted by diplomatic agency may be referred to arbitration, and be peaceably adjusted by such means.
Stranica 29 - Nay, never falter: no great deed is done By falterers who ask for certainty. No good is certain, but the steadfast mind, The -undivided will to seek the good: 'Tis that compels the elements, and wrings A human music from the indifferent air.
Stranica 62 - That in the opinion of this House, it is the duty of the Government in all Government contracts to make provision...
Stranica 96 - Any person deriving any benefit from any moneys invested in a post office savings bank under the provisions of this Act may, nevertheless, open an account in a post office savings bank or in any other savings bank in his own name without being liable to any penalties imposed by any statute or regulations in respect of the opening of accounts in two savings banks, or of two accounts in the same savings bank.
Stranica 83 - Where, after the commencement of this act, personal injury is caused to a workman (1) By reason of any defect in the condition of the ways, works, machinery, or plant connected with or used in the business of the employer...

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