The Admiralty regrets: British warship losses of the 20th century

Sutton, 1999 - Broj stranica: 275
"The Admiralty Regrets ..." is the phrase used in countless official communiques to announce the loss of one of HM ships. Here are the details of over 800 British warships (including those of the various Dominion and Commonwealth navies) lost this century in peace and in war whether as a result of grounding or a guided missile. In presenting the cases chronologically, the author also traces the development of naval warfare and weaponry in this century.

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Losses 19041914
Losses 1915
Losses 1916
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Paul Kemp is a documentary producer and writer whose credits include the acclaimed television documentary, Canada's Brain Drain. He has conducted close to 300 on-camera television interviews on public affairs issues facing Canada and was a government and economic policy commentator. A University of Manitoba graduate, Paul now resides in Toronto.

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