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FINISHED was his successor's, too: behold,

In all the pomp of blazing gems and gold,
And molten brass, and Tyrian cedars hoar,
And polished pillars tall, and burnished floor;
Midst incense-wreaths, and glittering altars, bright
With heaven-lit flames, and branched and tempered light,
(Yet, most its glory that the Heaven's great Lord
Had on the deed His sovereign blessing poured,
And smiled upon the work of mortal hands,)
Stately and fair the mighty structure stands !

Stupendous scene! None such e'er witnessed earth Since, without earthly fanes, she took her birth; Nor shall again, till earthly fanes be gone, And Heaven's great Lord earth's temple be alone; Be it, unblamed, our aim, though dim and faint The hues, the wondrous spectacle to paint,

With pencil by eternal truth supplied,

And taking reverend Faith for our unerring guide.

Amidst the finished labours of his hands, The youthful King in manly beauty stands: Solemn his garb, as sacred rites beseemed, Yet Royalty through air and aspect beamed; While large and thronging thoughts seemed o'er his face And mien to throw a more than mortal grace. A great and happy people gird him; there The heads and fathers of the tribes repair; Princes and judges, statesmen, captains, old And young, there gather countless, to behold Achieved the pride and glory of each heart, In whose achievement each had borne his part; Where all in loftier form would worship pay; Which reflex honour would to all convey. In goodly companies, in ordered place, In fair and comely garb arrayed, the Race To holy rites devoted, thick around


Clustered, and graced the consecrated ground.
Offerings unnumbered their vicarious blood
Poured forth, a rich propitiatory flood;
The fragrant incense soft the air o'erspread,
And through the throngs its grateful odours shed;
While tuneful bands, trained the resounding song
With trembling chords symphonious to prolong,
Rolled the high notes, the startled echoes rent,
And to the heavens anthems and allelujahs sent.

Then, with high pomp, and stately bands before, With reverend step and gladsome heart, they bore

(Pledge of Heaven's favour to his chosen race)
The Ark and Covenant to its destined place;
That seat oracular, the rest assigned

By the deep counsels of the Eternal mind;
There to remain, the nation's high defence,
The guard and bulwark of Omnipotence.


And now fresh signals of Jehovah's
Pervade and fill the consecrated place;
Clouds hide its splendours from the mortal eye,
And darkness veils the present Deity;

While, sent from inmost Heaven, ethereal fires
Blaze, and consume the sacrificial


Then reigned deep silence; all upstood, all turned To their great Leader; every spirit burned With mingled flames of gratitude and love,— Chief to the mighty Source of Good, above, Author, inspirer; who from Heaven bent down, The fair emprise to consecrate and crown; And, with subordinate, yet fervid glow, To the vicegerent of His rule below, Whose youthful zeal the sacred work achieved, Which his great sire's impassioned soul conceived.

And now, with upraised look, and outspread hands, And swelling breast, and beaming eye, he stands; Till the deep heavings of his full-fraught soul

Thus, in a solemn invocation, roll:

“The Lord hath said, in the thick darkness He, "And clouds, His dwelling hath; yet hath He deigned "That I this house should, for His sacred presence, "And everlasting habitation, build.”

Then, next, the regal diadem he laid
Aside; and, with uncovered, lowly head,
As in the presence of their God revealed,
Monarch and people reverently kneeled ;
And, on their house and on themselves, implored
Blessings; and solemn litanies outpoured.
Yet first, as one, with eye abashed, and awe,
And lips unclean, Infinitude who saw,
And, like the blushing cherubims, would place
The pinioned veil before his sin-stained face;
(While, at the mighty vision, seemed above,
Around, below, the massy walls to move ;)
Thus, as in rapt self-communing, with high
Ejaculation mingled; to the sky

Upsent, the tumult of his labouring thought,
O'ermastering measured accents, broken utterance sought.

"Lord God of Israel!

None is there in heaven

"Or earth like Thee, who dost Thy covenant keep, "And mercy ever show, to those who walk

"With perfect heart before Thee! Who hast kept

"Thy sacred promise with my father, as

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