Department of Defense Appropriations for 1963: Hearings Before the Subcommittee ...Eighty-seventh Congress, Second Session, Opseg 34,Dij. 4-6

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1962
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Stranica 58 - ... proceeding, contract, claim, controversy, charge, accusation, arrest, or other matter in which the United States is a party or directly or indirectly interested, before any department, agency, court martial, officer, or any civil, military, or naval commission...
Stranica 58 - States, shall act as an agent or attorney for prosecuting any claim against the United States...
Stranica 576 - ... (16) he determines that (A) it is in the interest of national defense to have a plant, mine, or other facility, or a producer, manufacturer, or other supplier, available for furnishing property or services in case of a national emergency; or (B) the interest of industrial mobilization in case of such an emergency, or the interest of national defense in maintaining active engineering, research, and development, would otherwise be subserved; or (17) negotiation of the purchase or contract is otherwise...
Stranica 59 - Columbia, from any source other than the Government of the United States, except as may be contributed out of the treasury of any State, county, or municipality...
Stranica 54 - Government should make every effort to avoid any personal contact with respect to negotiations for contracts or grants with the department or agency which he is advising if the subject matter is related to the subject matter of his consultancy.
Stranica 576 - ... for technical or special property that he determines to require a substantial initial investment or an extended period of preparation for manufacture, and for which he determines that formal advertising would be likely to result in additional cost to the Government by reason of duplication of investment or would result in duplication of necessary preparation which would unduly delay the procurement of the property...
Stranica 600 - No part of the funds appropriated herein shall be available for paying the costs of advertising by any defense contractor, except advertising for which payment is made from profits, and such advertising shall not be considered a part of any defense contract cost. The prohibition contained in this section shall not apply with respect to advertising conducted by any such contractor, in compliance with regulations which shall be promulgated by the Secretary of Defense, solely for...
Stranica 131 - This appropriation pays for the procurement of ordnance equipment, ammunition, missiles, vehicles, radios, and other major equipment used by the ground elements of our operating forces — the Fleet Marine Forces.
Stranica 57 - ... instances, it will not be possible for a department or agency to obtain the services of a competent adviser or consultant who is not in fact employed or consulted by such contractors. In addition, an advisory group may of necessity be composed largely or wholly of persons of a common class or croup whose employers may benefit from the advice given.
Stranica 56 - In that event, he may not use such information for the special benefit of a business or other entity by which he is employed or retained or in which he has a financial interest.

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