Theoretical Issues in Reading Comprehension: Perspectives from Cognitive Psychology, Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, and Education

Rand J. Spiro, Bertram C. Bruce, William F. Brewer
L. Erlbaum Associates, 1980 - Broj stranica: 586
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Failures to comprehend and levels of processing in reading / Marilyn Jager Adams--Schemata : the building blocks of cognition / David E. Rumelhart--multiple theory formation in speech and reading / William A. Woods--Syntactic aspects of reading comprehension / A.W.F. Huggins and Marilyn Jager Adams--Pragmatics and reading comprehension / Jerry L. Morgan and Georgia M. Green--Syntax beyond the sentence : anaphora / Bonnie Lynn Webber--Discourse and linguistic theory / Jerry L. Morgan and Manfred B. Sellner--Psychological correlates of text structure / Ernest T. Goetz and Bonnie B. Armbruster--Literary theory, rhetoric, and stylistics : implications for psychology / William F. Brewer--Constructive processes in prose comprehension and recall / Rand J. Spiro--category structure and the development of categorization / Carolyn B. Mervis--Theories of semantic memory : approaches to knowledge and sentence comprehension / Edward J. Shoben--The meaning of words in context / Richard C. Anderson and Zohara Shifrin--Metaphor / Andrew Ortony--Plans and social actions / Bertram C. Bruce--Interference in text understanding / Allan Collins, John Seely Brown, and Kathy M. Larkin--A theoretical taxonomy of the differences between oral and written language / Andee Rubin--On the dialect question and reading / William S. Hall and Larry F. Guthrie--Metacognitive development and reading / Ann L. Brown--Study strategies and adjunct aids / Thomas H. Anderson--The role of illustrations in reading comprehension / Diane Lemmonnier Schallert--Topic interest and children's reading comprehension / Steven R. Asher--Skill hierarchies in reading comprehension / Barak V. Rosenshine--Teaching reading comprehension in the middle grades / Joseph R. Jenkins and Darlene Pany.

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Multiple Theory Formation in Speech
The Building Blocks of Cognition
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