Agricultural Policies in Emerging and Transition Economies 1999

OECD Publishing, 30. kol 1999. - Broj stranica: 391

What impacts have the Asian and Russian economic crises had on economic growth, agricultural trade and output in emerging and transition economies? What have been the key policy developments in major agricultural economies, such as Brazil, China, India and South Africa? What progress has been made in restructuring the agro-food sector in the central and eastern European countries (CEECs) and New Independent States (NIS)? These are some of the questions addressed in the 1999 edition of Agricultural Policies in Emerging and Transition Economies. This seventh edition also takes a critical look at two issues which are crucial to the on-going reform in the agro-food sector: labour adjustment in rural areas, and the development of agricultural land markets. This edition also features: - a statistical annex of major agricultural indicators for 21 countries; - a watch on support to agriculture, featuring producer and consumer support estimates (PSEs/CSEs) in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and the Slovak Republic; - possible implications of the Agenda 2000 agreement on eastward enlargement of the European Union; - an assessment of the global medium-term outlook for agricultural commodity markets. Special supplement This edition is accompanied by a special supplement entitled Agriculture at a Glance in Emerging and Transition Economies. It provides a profile of the key policy developments and trends in 18 emerging and transition economies, with a country-by-country coverage of the following policy issues: What have been the major macroeconomic changes and their effects on the agricultural sector? What are the underlying trends in the performance of primary agriculture? How are the ongoing structural policies and processes affecting agriculture? What have been the major changes in price and income support policies? What impacts are recent changes in trade policies likely to have on trade flows? For each country the policy highlights are supported by key agricultural statistical indicators.


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