Public Relations in the Nonprofit Sector: Theory and Practice

Richard D. Waters
Routledge, 5. pro 2014. - Broj stranica: 342
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Nonprofit organizations are managing to carry out sophisticated public relations programming that cultivates relationships with their key audiences. Their public relations challenges, however, have routinely been understudied. Budgetary and staffing restraints often limit how these organizations carry out their fundraising, public awareness and activism efforts, and client outreach. This volume explores a range of public relations theories and topics important to the management of nonprofit organizations, including crisis management, communicating to strengthen engagement online and offline, and recruiting and retaining volunteer and donor support.


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List of Figures
Relying on Divine Intervention? An Analysis of Church
PR Capacity on Nonprofit Boards
Examining the Extent
Alumni Commitment OrganizationPublic Relationships
Attitudes and Giving Responses after
A Test of the Crisis
Legitimation Strategies in Radical Activist Issues
Framing by Energy Activist Groups
The Influence of Message Source and Cultivation Strategies
An Historical
A Comparative Analysis
Perceptions Resources and Effective
An Examination

A Case Study
Developing Brand
Creating Social Change through Technological

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O autoru (2014)

Richard D. Waters is an associate professor in the University of San Francisco’s School of Management. Author of more than 75 peer previewed articles and book chapters, he is the associate editor of Case Studies in Strategic Communication and serves on 7 editorial review boards.

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