Studies of Renaissance Miniaturists in Venice, Opseg 1

Pindar, 2003 - Broj stranica: 786
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The present volume collects Professor Armstrong's papers on miniaturists active in Venice and Northern Italy in the 15th and early 16th centuries, and on the impact of the new invention of printing on these artists and their patrons. Included are papers on Marco Zoppo, primarily a monumental"painter, who nevertheless also painted in manuscripts and incunables. The studies variously identify miniaturists and designers of woodcuts through stylistic groupings, trace iconographic traditions for Pliny's Natural History and Petrarch's De viris illustribus, demonstrate the importance of heraldry for studying patronage of Venetian printed books, and explore the distribution of Venetian incunables throughout Europe based on analysis of their decoration.

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Two Notes on Drawings by Marco Zoppo
Copies of Pollaiuolos Battling Nudes
Marco Zoppos Parchment Book of Drawings in
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