Slike stranica

folios are immaculate, and cannot now be duplicated. He collected the early editions which followed the folios and illustrated them with autographs and portraits. He had also a taste for the early English drama, and for the French, Spanish, and Italian dramatic writers and early chroniclers. The department of early voyages and travels he also took in, and indulged in DeBry, Purchas, and Hakluyt. Besides these acquisitions, he made a scholar's general library. His widow, in order that the library might be kept together and might perpetuate the name of her husband, in 1873 sold the entire collection to the Boston Public Library at a nominal price, on the conditions that it should be kept in a room by itself; that no book should be taken from the library; that a catalogue should be prepared ; and that it should be known as the " Barton Collection." In 1880, a catalogue of the Shakespeare portion of the library was published, as Part I.; and now Part II., called "Miscellaneous," is issued, which includes all of the Collection not Shakespearian in its character. It is a royal octavo volume of 631 pages, and is printed in a typography befitting the subject matter. Mr. James M. Hubbard prepared the part relating to Shakespeare, and Mr. José Francisco Carret has prepared the miscellaneous part. The subjective and cross references are very full. Titles of books, dramas, poems, etc., appear in the alphabetical arrangement, as well as authors, making the work a valuable contribution to bibliography. The work is "Published by the Trustees," and presumably may be bought.

May, 1889.

Agnosticism. Henry Wace. Popular Science.
Agriculture, Professional. J. K. Reeve. Harper.
Applause, Abuse of. P. G. Hubert, Jr. Century.
Australasia. Josiah Royce. Atlantic.

Banks, Cooperative. D. C. Wells. Andover.
Beet-Sugar. A. H. Almy. Popular Science.
Botanical Gardens. F. Hoffman. Popular Science.
Brandywine. John Fiske. Atlantic.
Bryce's "American Commonwealth.”
Clausius, Rudolf. Popular Science.



Convict-Island of Brazil. J. C. Branner. Popular Science.
Diabolism and Hysteria. A. D. White. Popular Science.
Drama, American. Brander Matthews. Harper.
Educational Books. E. P. Anderson.
Eggs. P. L. Simmonds. Popular Science.
Egypt, Missions in. C. C. Starbuck. Andover.
England, Our Separation from. L. Seers. Andover.
Freight-Car Service. Theo. Voorhees. Scribner.
Glass-Making. C. H. Henderson. Popular Science.
Gobi Desert. F. E. Younghusband. Popular Science.
Harrisons in History. Mag. Am. History.
Horses, Trotting. H. C. Merwin. Atlantic.
Indiana's First Settlement. Mag. Am. History.
International Usages, Maine on. J. O. Pierce. Dial.
Ireland, Monasteries of. Chas. De Kay. Century.
Japan, Church Union in. Andover.

Japanese Industries. F. W. Gookin. Dial.
Jerusalem. E. L. Wilson. Century.

Labor Problem, Conciliation in. Overland.


Lawyer in Politics. F. G. Cook. Atlantic.
Lincoln. Hay and Nicolay. Century.
Mars. G. P. Serviss. Popular Science.
Masters, Old Italian. W. J. Stillman.
Meadow Mud-Hole, A. C. C. Abbott. Harper.
Millet, Jean François. Wyatt Eaton. Century.
Mugby School, Science at. J. E. Taylor. Pop. Science.
Oak Hill. Mrs. M. J. Lamb. Mag. Am. History.
Paris Exposition. W. H. Bishop. Atlantic.
Photography. John Trowbridge. Scribner.
Profit Sharing. W. H. Ray. Dial.

Realists in Prose Fiction. Wilbur Larremore. Overland.
Reality. F. H. Johnson. Andover.
Royal Academy. F. Grant. Harper.

Russian Social Life. Eugène de Vogüé. Harper.

Samoa, Life in. S. S. Boynton. Overland.
Samoa, Our Relations to. G. H. Bates. Century.
Samoa, Tuscarora's "Mission to. Century.
Soldiers' Memorial Services. Century.
Sportsmen, Western. F. Satterthwaite. Harper.
Tears. J. T. L. Preston. Atlantic.

Temperance Legislation. C. W. Clark, Atlantic.
Tolstoy, Leo. Eugene Schuyler. Scribner.
Trans-Balkal. Geo. Kennan. Century.

Washington's Luncheon in Elizabeth. Mag. Am. History.
Western Soldiers. Henry King. Century.
Winanishe, Land of the. L. M. Yale. Scribner.


[The following list includes all books received by THE DIAL during the month of April, 1889.]

BIOGRAPHY-HISTORY. Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte. By Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne. With Anecdotes and Illustrative Extracts from all the most Authentic Sources. Edited by R. W. Phipps. New and Revised Edition. In 4 vols. Numerous Illustrations. 12mo. Gilt top. Uncut Leaves. T. Y. Crowell & Co. $5.00.

Life of General Lafayette. With a Critical Estimate of His Character and Public Acts. By Bayard Tuckerman. In 2 vols. With 2 Portraits. 16mo. Dodd, Mead & Co. $3. Life and Times of the Right Hon. John Bright. By William Robertson, author of "Old and New Rochdale." With Portrait. 12mo, pp. 604. Cassell & Co. $1.50. Henry the Fifth. By the Rev. A. J. Church. 16mo, pp. 155. "English Men of Action" Series. Macmillan & Co. 60 cents.

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David Livingstone. By Thomas Hughes. 16mo, pp. 208. "English Men of Action" Series. Macmillan & Co. 60 ets The Washington Centennial Souvenir, By Frederick Saunders, author of "Salad for the Solitary and the Social." Illustrated. Large Svo, pp. 41. Paper. Thos. Whittaker. 25 cents.

The History of Ancient Civilization. A Hand-book Based upon M. Gustave Ducoudray's "Histoire Sommaire de la Civilisation.' Edited by Rev. J.Verschoyle, M.A. Illustrated. 12mo, pp. 295. D. Appleton & Co. $1.75.

The Leading Facts of French History.

By D. H. Montgomery. With Maps. 16mo, pp. 321. The Leading Facts of History" Series. Ginn & Co. $1.25. The Story of Phoenicia. By George Rawlinson, M.A., author of "The Five Great Monarchies of the Ancient Eastern World." Illustrated. 12mo, pp. 356. The Story of the Nations" Series. G. P. Putnam's Sons. $1.50.

Historical Memorials of Canterbury: The Landing of Augustine, the Murder of Becket, Edward the Black Prince, Becket's Shrine. By Arthur Penryhn Stanley, D.D., late Dean of Westminster. Illustrated. 2d American from the 11th London Edition. 12mo, pp. 361. A. D. F. Randolph & Co. $1.50.


The Counter Reformation. By Adolphus William Ward, Litt. D. Fep. Svo, pp. 203. Epochs of Church History." A. D. F. Randolph & Co. 80 cents.

LITERARY MISCELLAN Y. Lost Leaders. By Andrew Lang. 12mo, pp. 226. Uncut. Longmans, Green & Co. $1.50.

My Autobiography and Reminiscences. By W. B. Frith, R.A. Vol. II. 12mo, pp. 333. Harper & Bros. $1.50. An Author's Love: Being the Unpublished Letters of Prosper Mérimée's "Inconnu." 12mo, pp. 335. Uncut. Macmillan & Co. $1.50.

My Religion. By Count L. N. Tolstoï. Translated from the French by Huntington Smith. 12mo, pp. 274. Paper. T. Y. Crowell & Co. 50 cents.

Essayes of Montaigne. Translated by John Florio. Edited by Justin Huntley McCarthy. With two Portraits. In two volumes. 32mo. "The Stott Library.' London: David Stott. $1.50.

Chopin, and other Musical Essays. By Henry T. Finck, author of Romantic Love and Personal Beauty.' 12mo, pp. 273. Charles Scribner's Sons. $1.50. Solitarius to His Dæmon. Three Papers by Charles Edward Barnes. 12mo, pp. 237. Uncut. Parchment-paper Binding. Willard Fracker & Co. 50 cents. Romances of Real Life. By Leigh Hunt. 2 vols. 16mo. Roberts Bros. Each vol., 75 cents.

The Pleasures of Life. Part II. By Sir John Lubbock, Bart., M.P. 16mo, pp. 280. Macmillan & Co. 60 cents. Fairy Tales in Prose and Verse. Selected from Early and Recent Literature. Edited, with Notes, by William J. Rolfe, A.M, Litt. D. Illustrated. 16mo, pp. 187. Harper & Bros. 36 cents.


Through Broken Reeds. Verses by Will Amos Rice. 16mo, pp. 143. Charles H. Kilborn. $1.25. The Afternoon Landscape. Poems and Translations. By Thomas Wentworth Higginson. 16mo, pp. 106. Longmans, Green & Co. $1.00.

The Amaranth and the Beryl. An Elegy. By Charles Edward Barns, author of "Solitarius to His Dæmon." 12mo, 248. Uncut. Parchment-Paper Binding. Willard racker & Co. 50 cents. Horace. The Odes, Epodes, Satires, and Epistles. Translated by The Most Eminent English Scholars and Poets, including Ben Jonson, Milton, Dryden, etc. 12mo, pp. 392. Uncut. "The Chandos Classics." F. Warne & Co. 75 cents.

From Darkness to Light. An Easter Poem. By Mrs. E. B. Tallmadge. Square 18mo. Paper. Chicago: J. D. Tallmadge. 25 cents.

The Choral Book. For Home, School, and Church. Translated by Friedrich Zuchtmann and Edwin L. Kirtland. 8vo, pp. 96. Boards. Ginn & Co. 70 cents. FICTION.

The Open Door. By Blanche Willis Howard, author of
One Summer." 12mo, pp. 436. Houghton, Mifflin &
Co. $1.50.
Greifenstein. By F. Marion Crawford, author of "Mr.
Isaacs." 12mo, pp. 357. Macmillan & Co. $1.50.
The Two Chiefs of Dunboy; or, An Irish Romance of the
Last Century. By J. A. Froude. 12mo, pp. 456. Charles
Scribner's Sons. $1.50.

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Far in the Forest. A Story. By S. Weir Mitchell, M.D., LLD., Harv., author of Hephzibah Guinness." 12mo, pp. 298. J. B. Lippincott Co. $1.25.

Alan Thorne. By Martha Livingston Moodey. 12mo, pp. 367. D. Lothrop Co. $1.25.

The Alpine Fay. A Romance. From the German of E. Werner. By Mrs. A. L.Wister. 12mo, pp. 360. J. B. Lippincott Co. $1.25.

Stories of the Seen and the Unseen. By Margaret O. W. Oliphant. 12mo. Roberts Bros. $1.25.

The Last of the Macallisters. By Amelia E. Barr, author of "Jan Vedder's Wife." 12mo, pp. 304. J. B. Lippincott Co. $1.25.

John Charaxes: A Tale of The Civil War in America. By Peter Boylston. 12mo, pp. 289. J. B. Lippincott Co. $1.25.

The Mouse-Trap and Other Farces. By W. D. Howells. Illustrated. 12mo, pp. 184. Harper & Bros. $1.00.

The Little Pilgrim. Further Experiences. 16mo, pp. 190. Roberts Bros. 60 cents.

A Venetian_Study in Black and White. By Charles Edward Barns. 12mo, pp. 172. Parchment-paper. Uncut. Willard Fracker & Co. 50 cents.

A Dreamer of Dreams. A Modern Romance. By the author of "Thoth." 12mo, pp. 250. Paper. Appleton's "Town and Country Library."

50 cents.

A Man of the Name of John. By Florence M. King, 12mo, pp. 185. Paper. Cassell's "Rainbow Series." 25 cents.

The Man From the West. A Novel Descriptive of Ad-
ventures from the Chapparal to Wall Street. By a Wall
Street Man. 12mo, pp. 245. Paper. "Echo Series."
Pollard & Moss. 50 cents.
Rented-A Husband. By Voisin. 12mo, pp. 299. Paper.
Cassell's Sunshine Series." 50 cents.
The Country Cousin. A Novel. By Francis Mary Peard,
author of "Madame's Grandaughter." 8vo, pp. 371.
Paper. Harper's "Franklin Square Library." 40 cts.
The Phantom Future. A Novel. By Henry Seton Merri-
man. 8vo, pp. 239. Paper. Harper's "Franklin Square
Library.' 35 cents.

Time's Scythe. By James Valentine, author of The Old Stone House." 12mo, pp. 209. Paper. Cassell's "Sunshine Series." 50 cents.


A Critique of Kant. By Kuno Fischer. Translated from the German by W. S. Hough. Authorized Englis Edition. Svo, pp. 188. London: Swan Sonnenschein, Lowrey & Co. $2.10.

Treatise on Co-operative Savings and Loan Associations. Including Building and Loan Associations, Mutual Savings and Loan Associations, etc. Appendix containing Laws, Precedents, and Forms. By Seymour Dexter. 12mo, pp. 299. D. Appleton & Co. $1.25. Marriage and Divorce in the United States: As They Are and as They Ought to Be. By D. Connors, S.S.J.E. 16mo, pp. 266. J. B. Lippincott Co. $1.25.

Prisoners of Poverty Abroad. By Helen Campbell, author of "Prisoners of Poverty." 12mo, pp. 248. Roberts Bros. $1.00.

The Tramp at Home. By Lee Meriwether, author of “A Tramp Trip." Illustrated. 12mo, pp. 296. Harper & Bros. $1.25.


Word Studies in the New Testament. By Marvin R. Vincent, D.D. Vol. II, The Writings of John, The Gospel, The Epistles, The Apocalypse. Svo, pp. 607. Charles Scribner's Sons. $4.00.

Catalogue of the Barton Collection, Boston Public Library. In two Parts:-Part I, Shakespeare's Works and Shakespeariana; Part II, Miscellaneous. 4to, pp. 858, Paper. Published by the Trustees of the Boston Public Library.

A Manual of Historical Literature. Comprising Brief Descriptions of the Most Important Histories in English, French and German, together with Practical Suggestions as to Methods and Courses of Historical Study for the Use of Students, General Readers, and Collectors of Books. By Charles Kendall Adams, LL.D. Third Edition. 8vo, pp. 720. Harper & Bros. $2.50.

A Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Medrashic Literature. Compiled by M. Jastrow, Ph.D. Part III. 4to, pp. 95. Boards. G. P. Putnam's Sons. $2.00.

Cassell's Complete Pocket-Guide to Europe, Revised and Enlarged. 32mo, pp. 497. Flexible Cover. Cassell & Co. $1.50.

National Academy Notes and Complete Catalogue Sixtyfourth Spring Exhibition National Academy of Design, New York. Edited by Charles M. Kurtz. Illustrated. 16mo, pp. 150. Paper. Cassell & Co. 50 cents.


Christian Doctrine Harmonized and Its Rationality Vindicated. By John Steinfort Kedney, D.D., author of "The Beautiful and the Sublime." In 2 vols. Large 8vo. Gilt Top. G. P. Putnam's Sons. $5.00. The Way: The Nature and Means of Revelation. By John F. Weir, M.A., N.A. 12mo, pp. 430. Houghton, Mifflin & Co. $1.75.

A Plain Argument for God. By George Stuart Fullerton.
16mo, pp. 110. J. B. Lippincott Co. $1.00.
Living Questions. Studies in Nature and Grace. By

Warren Hathaway. 12mo, pp. 365. Fords, Howard &
Hulbert. $1.25.

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From Japan to Granada. Sketches of Observations and Inquiry in a Tour Round the World in 1887-8. By Jas. Henry Chapin, Ph.D., author of "The Creation.' Svo, pp. 325. G. P. Putnam's Sons. $1.50. European Glimpses and Glances, By J. M. Emerson, author of New York to the Orient." With Portrait. 16mo, pp. 221. Cassell & Co. $1.00.

EDUCATION-TEXT BOOKS. Physiological Notes on Primary Education and the Study of Language. By Mary Putnam Jacobi, M.D. 12mo, pp. 120. G. P. Putnam's Sons. $1.60. Algebraic Analysis. Solutions and Exercises Illustrating the Fundamental Theorems and the Most Important Processes of Pure Algebra. By G. A. Wentworth, A.M., J. A. McLellan, LL.D., and J. C. Glasham. Part I. 12mo, pp. 418. Leather back. Ginn & Co. $1.60.

Homer's Odyssey. Books I-IV. Edited on the Basis of the Amesis-Hentze Edition, by B. Perrin. 8vo, pp. 228. "College Series of Greek Authors." Ginn & Co. $1.50. A Concise Vocabulary to the First Six Books of Homer's Iliad. By Thomas D. Seymour. 12mo, pp. 105. Ginn & Co. 80 cents.


Psychology as a Natural Science.

Applied to the Solution of Occult Psychic Phenomena. By C. G. Rave, M. D. 8vo, pp. 541. Porter & Coates. $3.50. Nerve Waste, Practical Information concerning Nervous Impairment in Modern Life, Its Causes, Phases, and Remedies, with Advice on the Hygiene of the Nervous Constitution. By H. C. Sawyer, M.D. Second Edition.

8vo, pp. 160. San Francisco: The Bancroft Co. The Playtime Naturalist. By Dr. J. E. Taylor, F.L.S., editor of "Science-Gossip." 366 Illustrations. pp. 289. D. Appleton & Co. $1.50.


[Any book in this list will be mailed to any address, post-paid, on receipt of price by Messrs. A. C. MCCLURG & Co., Chicago.]

ΤΟ AUTHORS.-The New York BUREAU OF REVISION gives critical opinions on manuscripts of all kinds, edits them for publication, and offers them to publishers. George William Curtis says in Harper's Magazine: Reading manuscripts with a view to publication is done, as it should be, professionally, by the Easy Chair's friend and fellow-laborer in letters, Dr. Titus Munson Coan." Send stamp to Dr. COAN for prospectus at 20 West 14th St., New York City.

In Confidence.

When you make a change, settle an estate, or for any cause, desire to sell your Library, we can help you quietly, expeditiously, and for a large sum. We know our business completely, having been "Book Auctioneers" for 64 years, we are adept and prompt. Why not correspond with M. Thomas & Sons, Phila., Pa., at once-why not? Why not? Why Not?


With April, 1889, THE DIAL completed

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This edition is an exact reproduction of the expensive latest English edition, containing all the notes, portraits, medallions, maps, etc. Attention is called to the fact that all the portraits in this edition have been engraved on wood at great expense, and will be found, on comparison with those reproduced by "process," to be far superior. A full and accurate INDEX, which is indispensable to a work of this kind, is also a special feature of this edition, and will be of great convenience to all readers.

"If you want something to read both interesting and amusing, get the Memoires de Bourrienne. These are the only authentic memoirs of Napoleon which have as yet appeared.' -Prince Metternich.

13 Astor Place, New York.



its Ninth Year. A full Index and Title-Page EAGLE No. 2 GOLD PENCILS

are issued for each volume. Subscribers wishing their copies bound can send them to the publishers for that purpose. Price of Cloth Binding, $1.00 per volume.

A. C. McCLURG & CO., Publishers, Cor. Wabash Avenue and Madison Street, CHICAGO.

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By HENRY JAMES. 12mo, $1.50.




By F. MARION CRAWFORD, author of "Mr. Isaacs," Dr. Claudius," "Saracinesca," etc,, etc. 12mo., $1.50.

"So Greif makes up his mind that he must break with Hilda. How well she plays the part of true-hearted womanhood in this period of trial, and how Rex's friendship is put to the severest test that can befall an impetuous nature to come unscathed from the ordeal, the reader may, perhaps, prefer to discover. As a story it has many and decisive attractions, and it is marked by that extraordinary command of resources which one has come to expect from Mr. Crawford's later works."-Boston Beacon.

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Being the Unpublished Letters of PROSPER MERIMEE'S “Inconnue." Globe Svo, $1.50.


Part II. By SIR JOHN LUBBOCK, Bart., M.P., F.R.S., D.C.L., LL.D. 12mo, paper, 35 cents; cloth, 60 cents. CONTENTS: Ambition-Wealth - Health-Love-ArtPoetry Music-The Beauties of Nature The Troubles of Life Labor and Rest-Religion-The Hope of Progress— The Destiny of Man.

Now Ready: Vols. I., II., and III. 12mo, cloth limp, each, 60 cents; edges uncut, 75 cents. ENGLISH MEN OF ACTION.



"It is the best biography of Gordon that has yet appeared." -Nonconformist.


"The incidents in Henry's life are clearly narrated, the account of the battle of Agincourt is masterly, and the style is eminently readable.-St James's Gazette.


"The volume is an excellent instance of miniature biography, for it gives us what we seek in such a book-a sketch of his deeds, not a picture of the man."-Spectator.


Buddhism and its Connection with Brahminism and Hinduism, and its Contrast with Christianity.

By SIR MONIER-WILLIAMS, K.C.F.E., M.A., Hon. D.C.L. With fifteen illustrations. 8vo, $5.25.

"He is the first to give in one volume a connected view of the course of Buddhism in the past 2,000 years, for which his knowledge of Pali, the language the Buddha must have spoken, especially fits him. There is little but praise

to award to the way in which Sir Monier attacks his subject and gives his well-defined views."-New York Times.



Sketches of Church History in Biography. By FREDERIC W. FARRAR, D.D,. F.R.Š., Archdeacon of Westminster, and Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen. Two vols., large 12mo, $5.00.

MACMILLAN & CO., New York,
And all Booksellers.



Poems and Translations. BY THOMAS WENTWORTH HIGGINSON. 12mo., cloth, gilt top, $1.00. [Just Ready.] "One of those rare and choice collections of the singer's art, a book to be enjoyed and loved."-Boston Traveller. "It touches a high plane of poetic sentiment, and is at once manly and delicate in tone. Several of the poems recall the author's military experience."-Critic.


His Statement as made to his Three Grandchildren, during the Hard Winter of 1734, of the Adventures that befell him during the Western Rebellion. Compiled day by day from his own narration, by JOSEPH CLARKE. Now for the first time collected, corrected, and rearranged from the original manuscripts. By A. CONAN DOYLE. Crown 8vo., $1.50.

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'From every point one of the most admirable and interesting historical tales of our generation."-Academy.

"Easily the best example of the class of fiction to which it belongs, of the year. Two descriptions of battles in this story are among the most brilliant and spirited bits of writing we have had.-Christian Union.


Political and Physical; for the Use of Schools and Private Persons. Consisting of 40 4to. and 16 8vo. Maps and Diagrams, besides Insets and 16 4to Plates of Views, etc. Engraved and Lithographed by EDWARD STANFORD. Edited by G. G. CHISHOLM. Imp. 8vo., $4.00.

**A Descriptive Circular embodying the chief characteristics of the Atlas will be sent on application. HISTORICAL REVIEW OF THE LEGISLATIVE SYSTEMS OPERATIVE IN IRELAND FROM THE INVASION OF HENRY THE SECOND TO THE UNION. (1172-1800). By the Right Hon. J. T. BALL, LL.D., D.C.L. 8vo., $2.25. 'A valuable contribution towards the formation of clear views regarding the settlement of the Irish question. We are not aware of any other work in which the history of the legislative systems operative in Ireland is so clearly traced." The Nation.

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The latest edition has 118,000 Words in its vocabulary, about 3,000 more than any other American Dictionary. It contains 3,000 Illustrations in the body of the work (nearly three times the number found in any other American Dictionary), and these are repeated and classified at the end of the work.


In the GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE, and with the U. S. SUPREME COURT. It is recommended by the State Sup'ts of Schools in 36 States, and by the leading College Presidents of the U. S. and Canada. It is the only Dictionary that has been selected in making State Purchases.


CHIEF JUSTICE WAITE, of the U. S. Supreme Court, says: Webster's Unabridged Dictionary is recognized as Standard
Authority in the Court over which I preside.
GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE, Washington, Oct. 1886.-Webster will continue to be the Standard in the use of the English
Language in this office.-T. E. BENEDICT, Public Printer.

HON. GEORGE BANCROFT, the Historian says: Webster is superior to all others as a household Dictionary.

THE LONDON TIMES says: It is the best and most useful Dictionary of the English Language ever published.

THE TORONTO WEEK says: It may regarded as the one final authority, safely to be relied on where others are emphatically differing among themselves.

THE NEW YORK TRIBUNE says: It is recognized as the most useful existing "word-book" of the English Language all over the world.

Nearly all the School Books published in this country are avowedly based on Wesbter. Four leading firms state that they publish annually 17,000,000 copies, and to this number may be added the publications of nearly all the other School Book Publishers. It is well within bounds to say that 25,000,000 School Books, based on Webster, are published annually. The children of the country are thus educated by Webster.



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Works Camden, N. J.]


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