National infrastructure protection plan

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Protecting the critical infrastructure and key resources (CI/KR) of the United States is essential to the Nation's security, public health and safety, economic vitality, and way of life. Attacks on CI/KR could significantly disrupt the functioning of government and business alike and produce cascading effects far beyond the targeted sector and physical location of the incident. Direct terrorist attacks and natural, manmade, or technological hazards could produce catastrophic losses in terms of human casualties, property destruction, and economic effects, as well as profound damage to public morale and confidence. Attacks using components of the Nation's CI/KR as weapons of mass destruction could have even more devastating physical and psychological consequences. The overarching goal of the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) is as follows: Build a safer, more secure, and more resilient America by enhancing protection of the Nation's CI/KR to prevent, deter, neutralize, or mitigate the effects of deliberate efforts by terrorists to destroy, incapacitate, or exploit them; and to strengthen national preparedness, timely response, and rapid recovery in the event of an attack, natural disaster, or other emergency. The NIPP provides the unifying structure for the integration of existing and future CI/KR protection efforts into a single national program to achieve this goal. The NIPP framework will enable the prioritization of protection initiatives and investments across sectors to ensure that government and private sector resources are applied where they offer the most benefit for mitigating risk by lessening vulnerabilities, deterring threats, and minimizing the consequences of terrorist attacks and other manmade and natural disasters. The NIPP risk management framework recognizes and builds on existing protective programs and initiatives.

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52 The CIKR Protection Component of the Homeland Security Mission
53 Relationship of the NIPP and SSPs to Other CIKR Plans and Programs
532 State Regional Local and Tribal CIKR Protection Programs
54 CIKR Protection and Incident Management
Ensuring an Effective Efficient Program Over the Long Term
62 Enabling Education Training and Exercise Programs
623 Organizational Training and Exercises
624 Security Partner Role and Approach
632 The SAFETY Act
634 Cyber Security RD Planning
64 Building Protecting and Maintaining Databases Simulations and Other Tools
642 Simulation and Modeling
65 Continuously Improving the NIPP and the SSPs
Providing Resources for the CI KR Protection Program
711 SectorSpecific Agency Reporting to DHS
72 Federal Resource Allocation Process for DHS the SSAs and Other Federal Agencies
721 Department of Homeland Security
722 SectorSpecific Agencies
723 Summary of Roles and Responsibilities
74 Other Federal Grant Programs That Contribute to CIKR Protection
75 Setting an Agenda in Collaboration With CIKR Protection Security Partners
List of Acronyms and Abbreviations
Glossary of Key Terms
Special Considerations
International CIKR Protection
Authorities Roles and Responsibilities
NIPP Initial Implementation Initiatives and Actions
The Protection Program
Existing Protective Programs and Other InPlace Measures
National Asset Database
Organizing and Partnering for CI KR Protection Existing Coordination Mechanisms
Integrating CIKR Protection as Part of the Homeland Security Mission
Recommended Homeland Security Practices for Use by the Private Sector
Research and Development to Improve CIKR Protection Capabilities

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