Chemical Manipulation: Being Instructions to Students in Chemistry on the Methods of Performing Experiments of Demonstration Or Research, with Accuracy and Success

J. Murray, 1842 - Broj stranica: 664

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Stranica 62 - If on the contrary it weigh one grain and a fraction, it will be counterpoised by the heavy gold weight at the extremity, and one or more of the lighter ones placed in some other part of the beam. This beam...
Stranica 656 - MAWE'S (HL) Journal of a Passage from the Pacific to the Atlantic, crossing the Andes in the Northern Provinces of Peru, and descending the great River Maranon.
Stranica 660 - FARADAY'S (MICHAEL) Chemical Manipulation; Being Instructions to Students in Chemistry, on the Methods of performing Experiments of Demonstration or Research, with Accuracy and Success.
Stranica 4 - Triflers may find or make any thing a trifle ; but since it is the great characteristick of a wise man to see events in their causes, to obviate consequences, and ascertain contingencies, your Lordship will think nothing a trifle by which the mind is inured to caution, foresight, and circumspection.
Stranica 61 - The fulcrum is a bit of plate brass, the middle of which lies flat on my table when I use the balance, and the two ends are bent up to a right angle so as to stand upright. These two ends are ground at the same time on a flat hone, that the extreme surfaces of them may be in the same plane ; and their distance is such that the needle when laid acftss them rests on them at a small distance from the sides of the beam.
Stranica 61 - I can learn the weight of any little mass from one grain, or a little more, to the y^^ of a grain. For if the thing to be weighed weighs one grain, it will, when placed on one extremity of the beam, counterpoise the large gold weight at the other extremity.
Stranica 61 - ... also a number of small rings of fine brass wire made in the manner first mentioned by Mr. Lewis, by appending a weight to the wire, and coiling it with the tension of that weight round a thicker brass wire in a close spiral, after which the extremity of the spiral being tied hard with waxed thread, I put the covered wire in a vice, and applying a sharp knife which is struck...
Stranica 110 - This step being taken, the next is to combine this process with the ordinary one of propelling air directly from the lungs through the mouth, in such a way that, when the action of the lungs is suspended during respiration, the blast may be continued by the action of the mouth itself from the air contained within it.
Stranica 116 - ... with soda is put into an acid. It has evidently not been intended to enumerate all the means by which the presence of each acid in the soda bead could be perceived or established. Little has been said beyond what appeared required and sufficient. Mention has been made above of small plates of clay. They are formed by extending a white refractory clay by blows with the hammer, between the fold of a piece of paper, like gold between skins. The clay and paper, are then cut together with scissars...
Stranica 316 - ... 728. Such a trough is best made of japanned copper, and supported in a wooden frame, so as to stand about 39 inches from the ground. Two depressions, like small wells, should be made in the shelf, each about seven inches long, two wide, and one and a half deep. They should be placed with one of their narrowest ends about one inch and a half from the end of the shelf which is furthest from the well, and about eight inches apart. These depressions are to receive the beaks of retorts delivering...

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