History of Carniola Volume Ii: From Ancient Times to the Year 1813 with Special Consideration of Cultural Development, Opseg 2

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A realistic portrayal of the Turkish invasions and their effect on the population's daily lives is brought to light in Volume II of Dimitz' work. Peasant uprisings plagued the region's growth. The beginnings of the Reformation take root, especially in Laibach (Ljubljana) where most of the nobles and better educated Slovenes lived; Primus Truber, one of the leaders of the Protestant movement, wrote and published the first book in the Slovene language; and the cultural history of the cities is documented regarding trade and industry, mining and land management, law and government, finance, estates and nobility, sanitary matters and humanitarian activity, clergy and religious orders, schools, morality and police, arts, authors, and famous men.


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First Chapter The Times of Maximilian I 14931519
Second Chapter Charles V and Ferdinand I Until the Partitioning 15191522
Third Chapter The Age of Ferdinand I 15221564
Fourth Chapter Beginnings of the Reformation
Fifth Chapter Cultural History 15221564
Glossary German to English
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