History of Carniola Volume Ii: From Ancient Times to the Year 1813 with Special Consideration of Cultural Development (Google e-knjiga)

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Patriots have often expressed the desire for a history of Carniola. Since Valvasor, Linhart, and Vodnik, the historical research done by the Inner Austrian provincial societies, especially that done by the Carniolan (1846--1868), has produced a considerable accumulation of material for the history of the province, and most recently Th. Mommsen's monumental "Corpus Inscriptionum" (Volume III, 1873), bestowed on the Carniolan Historical Association through the munificence of the Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences, has provided us with the most important basis for our Roman era. Until now, however, no one has undertaken to set down the history of our fatherland in an account that combines the material at hand into a whole. If I have attempted to carry out this task, it was first of all in recognition of the fact that a history of Carniola is a necessity for school and home. In both places there should be cultivated a love of the homeland that can only be rooted in a more exact knowledge of its history. Moreover, interest in historical research, which for so many years yielded such gratifying results, needs a new stimulus and revival, and finally in my position as secretary of the Carniolan Historical Association I have felt the duty to offer the members, who have remained loyal to the Association, and the many learned societies that continue to inform us of their valuable publications with such generosity a replacement for the "Mittheilungen" ["Reports"], which has been discontinued since the year 1868 as a result of the unpropitious circumstances of the times. Admittedly, I could have fulfilled this task set before me more comprehensively had my situation been fortunate enough to enable me to devote myself entirely to scholarly pursuits. I was able, however, to pursue my historical work only in the meager spare time that my demanding professional activity left over for me. Apart from this considerable limitation, I had to surmount all the difficulties that are typical of historical research in Carniola. They include: the scattering of our historical material in the histories of neighboring countries because of our history's partial connection with such countries; the unreliability of several of our most important national archives, such as the episcopal, cathedral-chapter, and training-college archives; the deficiency of order and focus in our archival system; and finally the lack of preliminary work for an authoritative history, of a systematic abstract collection, or of a document register, as Chmel (Notizblatt der Akademie [Newsletter of the Academy] 1851, No. 4, page 50) deemed necessary. The felicitous start that Prof. Klun made in the year 1855 with his "Diplomatarium carniolicum" remained, regrettably, a fragment. My means did not allow me to utilize foreign archives for my work, unfortunately. With the general apathy for historical research and the political and national disruption, I could not count on support by lovers of history at home. And so I have undertaken this work in complete isolation, encouraged only by love for the homeland, and in the hope that, having made a start, I will at least stimulate the resumption of the historical work for the eventual production of a history of Carniola that meets all the demands of scholarship. That I have consulted the most recent works by the most prominent researchers for several important epochs of our history, such as Zeuss for the Celtic era, Dmmler for the period of Frankish rule, Baron von Czrnig for the Gorizian references, etc., is shown by my work itself, which is provided throughout with precise citations of sources.-August Dimitz

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First Chapter The Times of Maximilian I 14931519
Second Chapter Charles V and Ferdinand I Until the Partitioning 15191522
Third Chapter The Age of Ferdinand I 15221564
Fourth Chapter Beginnings of the Reformation
Fifth Chapter Cultural History 15221564
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