Report of the Librarian of the State Library of Massachusetts

State Library of Massachusetts, 1891

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Stranica 213 - That all acts and orders of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Treasurer of the United States authorized by this Act shall have the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury...
Stranica 62 - A SHORT ENQUIRY INTO THE FORMATION OF POLITICAL OPINION, from the Reign of the Great Families to the Advent of Democracy.
Stranica 134 - ANNUAL REPORT RELATING TO THE REGISTRY AND RETURN OF BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS IN MICHIGAN FOR THE YEAR 1874. By the Superintendent of Vital Statistics, under the general direction of the Secretary of State.
Stranica 108 - Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Superior Court of the City of New York. By J. McSWEENEY. 1869-70. Two vols., 8vo.
Stranica 55 - Court, if the said Supreme Court shall in its discretion approve of and consent to the registry and publication of the same, no person or persons shall within the said Settlement of Fort William, print or publish, or cause to be printed or published, any...
Stranica 82 - A record of the forms and methods of government in Great Britain, her colonies, and foreign countries, with an introduction on the diffusion of popular government over the surface of the globe, and on the nature and extent of international jurisdiction.
Stranica 189 - The Silva of North America. A description of the Trees which grow naturally in North America, exclusive of Mexico.
Stranica 108 - Asbestos and its Uses. ASBESTOS: Its Properties, Occurrence and Uses. With some Account of the Mines of Italy and Canada. By ROBERT H. JONES. With Eight Collotype Plates and other Illustrations. Crown 8vo, 125. 6d. cloth. " An interesting and invaluable work.
Stranica 111 - North-west. 8vo. pp. 29. 1881. 10 Procter (JR) Report of the Progress of the Survey from January, 1882, to January, 1884. 8vo. pp. 42. 1884.
Stranica 69 - An Act to simplify the laws in relation to the collection of revenues...

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