An Introduction to Meaning and Purpose in Analytical Psychology

Routledge, 2. ruj 2003. - Broj stranica: 304
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The question of meaning is central to Analytical Psychology. Human suffering results from meaning disorders both at an individual and a cultural level if we fail to find meaning through religion or philosophy. How can analytical psychology help us to find individual meaning and social purpose? An Introduction to Meaning and Purpose in Analytical Psychology is a highly original critique of fundamentalism in analytical theories. It encompasses the disciplines of cognitive psychology, developmental theory, ecology, inguistics, literature, politics and religion. By achieving a sense of individual meaning, it becomes possible for us to find our own creative purposes. Dale Mathers presents basic insights of analytical psychology as a set of useful tools that can help us answer fundamental questions of meaning, illustrated with a wide range of clinical examples. This book will be useful for those working in psychoanalysis, therapy, counselling and psychiatry as well as those involved with religious exploration and with concerns for society and social change.

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