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RAMBAUD, Alfred Nicolas, ed.


La France coloniale: histoire, géographie, commerce. 6e éd.
Paris. Colin. 1893. (3), vi, (1), 790 pp. 13 maps. 8°.

REED, Andrew, jr.

Edgar Nelthorpe; or, the Monmouth rebellion.


fair maids of Taunton. A story of the

Lond. Shaw.

[1881.] 442 pp. Pl. Sm. 8°.



Lexique de la langue de J. de La Fontaine, avec grammaticale.

une introduction

Paris. Hachette. 1892.

1892. 2 v. [La Fontaine, Jean de. Œuvres.

T. 10, 11.] 8°.

REID, Mayne.


No quarter.

Lond. Sonnenschein. n. d. viii, 456 pp. Illus. Sm. 8°.

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REVUE orientale et américaine. Publiée par Léon de Rosny. 1-14. Nouv. série, t. 1, 4.

Paris, 1859-80. 16 v.

1-15, 18.] 8°.

16 v. [Société d'ethnographie. Mémoires. T.

REYNOLDS, Frederick.

[The blind bargain. A comedy.]

[N. Y. Longworth. 1805.] 3-64 pp. Same. N. t. p., n. d. 163-227 pp. 24°. REYNOLDS, Frederick.

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The free knights or the edict of Charlemagne. A drama, in three acts, interspersed with music. (From the first London ed. of 1810.) N. Y. Longworth. 1810. 56 pp. 24°.

RITSCHL, Friedrich Wilhelm.
Poesis Satvrniae spicilegivm 1.

Bonnae. Georg. [1854.] (1), 15, (1) pp. Sm. 4°.

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of God." An historical romance. King "By the grace of God." Lond. Bentley. 1871. 3 v. Sm. 8°.

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Die Jungfrau von Orleans. Mit einer Einleitung von Gustav Wendt. Berlin. Grote. 1871. xii, 156 pp. Illus. Portrs. 16°.

SCHMIDT, Friedrich Wilhelm August.

Musen und Grazien in der Mark. (Gedichte.) Herausg. von Ludwig Geiger.

Berlin. Paetel. 1889. (1), xxii, (2), 71 pp. [Berliner Neudrucke. Serie 1. B. 4.] 16°.

SCHMIDT, Friedrich Wilhelm Valentin.


Zweiter oder Komischer Anhang zu Tausend griechischen Wörtern, welche in den Wörterbüchern von I. G. Schneider und F. W. Riemer 1820. (1), 17 pp. 4o.


Berlin. Maurer. 1820.

[blocks in formation]

Old Mortality.

Edin. Black. 1893. xvii, 441 pp. Pls. [Dryburgh ed. No. 6.] 8°. SERCAMBI, Giovanni.


Le croniche di Giovanni Sercambi pubblicate sui manoscritti originali a cura di Salvatore Bongi. Lucca. Giusti.



Giusti. 1892. 2 v. Illus. [Istituto storico italiano. la storia d'Italia. Scrittori, sec. XIV-XV.] 8°.


2874.103. 1st series, 4


The masque of anarchy. A poem. A type-fac-simile reprint of the original edition, 1832. Ed. by Thomas J. Wise.

Lond. Reeves & T. 1892. XXX, 47
No. 13.] Sm. 8°.

Publications. 2d ser.

pp. [Shelley society.


SHEPHERD, The, of Grove Hall. A story of 1662.
Lond. Snow. 1862. viii. 231 pp. Sm. 8°.

SMITH, Mrs. W. H.
The children's Japan.


Tokio. Hasegawa. [189-?] (2), 20 pp. Illus. Sm. 4°. SODEN, Franz Ludwig, Freiherr von.


Kriegs- und Sittengeschichte der Reichsstadt Nürnberg vom Ende des 16ten Jahrhunderts bis zur Schlacht bei Breitenfeld, 1631. Erlangen. Bläsing. 1860-62. 1860-62. 3 v. Col. pls. 8°.


ST. ANDREWS, Scotland. Churches. Priory of the cathedral church. Liber cartarum prioratus Sancti Andree in Scotia. E registro ipso in archivis baronum de Panmure hodie asservato. [Edidit Thomas Thomson.] Edin. 1841. lxiv, (1), 432, lvii pp. Fac-similes. [Bannatyne

club.] 4° STAPPERS, Henri.


Dictionnaire synoptique d'étymologie française. 2e éd., augm.
Paris. Larousse. [1892.] (11), 959 pp. 12o.

STINDE, Julius Ernst Wilhelm.
Waldnovellen. Ste Aufl.

Berlin. Freund & J. 1887. (7), 152 pp.




STOLBERG-STOLBERG, Friedrich Leopold, Reichsgraf zu. Travels through Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Sicily. Trans. by Thomas Holcroft. 2d ed.

Lond. Robinson. 1797. 4 v. Pls. Map. 8°.

STREDDER, Eleanor.

Lost in the wilds of Canada.

Lond. Nelson. 1893. 227 pp. Illus. Sm. 8°.

SURREAU, Pierre.



Inventaire de Pierre Surreau receveur général de Normandie, suivi du Testament de Laurens Surreau et de l'Inventaire de Denise de Foville. Publiés pour la première fois avec notes et glossaire par J. Félix. Rouen. Lestringant. 1892. xii, 444, (1) pp. [Soc. de l'hist. de Normandie.] 8°.

SWARTH, Hélène.

Rouwviolen. [Gedichten.]


Amsterdam. Van Kampen. 1889. (3), 94, (2) pp. 16°.


3972.127 The theory and practice of the preparation of malt and the fabrication of beer, with especial reference to the Vienna process of brewing. Trans. by William T. Brannt. Ed. . . . by A. Schwarz, and A. H. Bauer. Phila. Baird. 1882. 1882. 815 pp. Illus. Pls. 8o.

THEOCRITUS Syracusius.


Le Siracusane, mimo,' per cura di L. A. Michelangeli. Introd., testo riveduto, note, appendice critica.

Bologna. Zanichelli.

1893. xii, 77, (1) pp. 8°.



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The earliest English translation of the first three books of the De imitatione Christi, now first printed from a Ms. in the library of Trinity college, Dublin, Also the earliest printed translation of the whole work (books 1-3 by W. Atkynson, book 4 by the Lady Margaret, mother of K. Henry VII). Ed., with preface, notes, and glossary, by John K. Ingram.

Lond. Kegan Paul. 1893. xxxi, 296 pp. [Early English text society. Extra series. 63.] 8".


TISSUS ANCIENS, Les, des XVIe, XVIIe, XVIIIe siècles. 28 pl. Fo.
TOTTEN, Charles Adelle Lewis.


Nativity its facts and fancies, legends and lore. By Ten Alcott [pseud.].

N. Y. Wiley. [1887.] x, 112 pp. Pl. 8°, obl. TOWNSEND, George Fyler.


The siege of Colchester; or, an event of the civil war, A.D. 1648.
Lond. Soc. for prom. Christian knowledge. n. d.

pp. Illus. Plan. Sm. 8°.

TOWNSEND, Luther Tracy.

xii, (1), 199


The story of Jonah. 2d ed.

Bost. Arakelyan. 1887. 55 pp.


TUBBS, Charles.


Osceola in the war of the Rebellion. Appended an historical sketch of [Alfred J. Sofield post G. A. R.] by O. S. Kimball.


Wellsboro, Pa. 1885. 52
52 pp. 8°.

**K.38.26=No. 4 in **G.3646.10

Rudolph, or the robbers of Calabria; a melo drame, in three acts.
Bost. True. 1807. 47 pp. 24°.

[blocks in formation]

Paris. Hetzel. [1893.] (4), 337 pp. Illus. Pls. [Les voyages extraordinaires.] 12°.

WILLIAMS, Catherine R.

The neutral French; or, the exiles of Nova Scotia.
Prov. [1841.] 2 v. in 1.

YALE COLLEGE. Classes. Class of 1856.




Record. [1876-1891. Prepared by Joseph R. French, class secretary.
New Haven, Tuttle, M. & T. 1892. 86

86 pp.



YIH KING. Le yi: King, ou livre des changements de la dynastie des Tsheou. Trad. pour la première fois du chinois en français par P. L. F. Philastre. Partie 2.

[Musée Guimet. Annales. Tome 23.] 4°.

[Paris, 1893.] [Musée Guimet.

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