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WILLIAMS, Rev. George Washington.


An open letter to Leopold II, king of the Belgians and sovereign of the independent state of Congo.

[Stanley Falls, July 18, 1890.] (1), 16 pp. 8°.

WILLINK, Arthur.



The world of the unseen, an essay on the relation of higher space to things eternal.

N. Y. Macmillan. 1893. 16°.


WILMOT, Sir John Eardley Eardley-, bart.
Mentoni florilegium. [Latin verses.]

WINTER, William.

Lond. Stanford. 1887. (19) ff. 12°.


George William Curtis. A eulogy delivered before the people of Staten Island, Feb. 24, 1893.

N. Y. Macmillan. 1893. (4), 113 pp. Portr. 24°.
WOODBURY, Charles Jeptha Hill.

The effects of atmospheric changes upon textile bands.
[Phila. 1879.] 4 pp.

From the Journal of the Franklin institute, July, 1879 [*4027.50.108].

Measurements of the friction of lubricating oils.




[N. Y. 1880-84.] 78 pp. 8°.

From the Trans. of the Amer. soc. of mechanical engineers, vol. 1, 4, 6 [*5910a.5]. YOUNG, Charles Grove.


Hints for the treatment of infants and young children, in hot countries.
Demerara, 1891. 7 pp. Sm. 8°.

The quarterly lists of new books heretofore printed in the Library Bulletin have been discontinued.

[blocks in formation]

Office of Publication at the Boston Public Library, Boylston Street, Boston. Published weekly. Subscription, $1.50 a year.

The numbers under 2110 will be found in Lower Hall.

ADDISON, Joseph.


Works. Including the whole contents of Bp. Hurd's ed., with letters and other pieces, not found in any previous collection; and Macaulay's essay on his life and works. Ed. with notes, by G. W. Greene.

N. Y. Putnam. 1853, 1854. 5 v.
5 v. Pls. Portr. 12°.

Contents.-1.-Life and writings of Addison, by Macaulay.-Translations.-Poems on several occasions.-Miscellaneous poems.-Dramas.-Poemata. 2. Dialogues on medals.Remarks on Italy, etc.-Miscellaneous prose.-Letters.-Political writings. 3. The freeholder. Notes on The freeholder, by Swift.—The plebeian, by Steele, with The old whig, by Addison.-The tatler.-The guardian.-The lover. 4, 5. The spectator. AINSWORTH, William Harrison.

John Law the projector. New ed.


Lond. Ward, L. & co. n. d. vi, 410 pp.

Sm. 8°.

AINSWORTH, William Harrison.


The Manchester rebels of the fatal '45.

Lond. Routledge. 1880. xvi, 356 pp. Illus. Sm. 8°.

ALARCÓN, Pedro Antonio de.


Viajes por España. 2a ed.

Madrid. Rivadeneyra. 1892. 335, (1) pp. 16°.

ALISON, Robert.


The anecdotage of Glasgow; comprising anecdotes and anecdotal incidents of Glasgow and Glasgow personages.

Glasgow. Morison. 1892. 367 pp. 8°.


ALTENGLISCHE BIBLIOTHEK, herausg. von Eugen Kölbing.
Heilbronn [etc.]. Henninger [etc.]. 1883-90. 5 v.
5 v. 16.

Contents.-1. Osbern Bokenam's Legenden, herausg. von C. Horstmann. 2. Amis and Amiloun zugleich mit der altfranzösischen Quelle herausg. von Eugen Kölbing. Nebst einer Beilage: Amicus ok Amilíus Rímur. 3. Octavian, zwei mittelenglische Bearbeitungen der Sage, herausg. von Gregor Sarrazin. 4. Arthour and Merlin, nach der Auchinleck-HS. Nebst zwei Beilagen herausg von Eugen Kölbing. 5. Libeaus Desconus, die mittelenglische Romanze vom Schönen Unbekannten. Nach sechs Handschriften kritisch herausg. von Max Kaluza.


AMERICAN illustrated pronouncing pocket dictionary of the English language.

N. Y. Hurst. [1878.] 352 pp. 24°. AMERICAN SURGICAL ASSOCIATION. *3753.67 A complete list of the officers and fellows, together with an index of vols. 1-10 [of the Transactions].

[Phila.] n. d. 31 pp. 8°.


The Transactions are on shelf-no. *3753.65.

ANUARIO histórico-crítico de 1892. Por Nemesio Fernández Cuesta.

Año 2.


Madrid. García. 1893. 16o.


Musée lyonnais. Art industriel. Spécimens de soieries et tissus. Faisant partie des collections du Musée d'art et d'industrie. Reproduits en photographie et publiés par F. Armbruster.

[blocks in formation]

Cours d'architecture qui comprend les ordres de Vignole, avec des commentaires, les figures & descriptions de ses plus beaux bâtimens, & de ceux de Michel-Ange.

Paris. Langlois. 1693, 94. 2 v. in 1.

Vol. 2 is entitled Dictionnaire d'architecture.

AVRIL, Adolphe d'.

2 v. in 1. Pls. 8°.


Le Cid campéador. Chanson de geste tirée du romancero, de la Geste de mon Cid et d'une tragédie de Corneille.

Paris. [Petithenry.] 1892. (5), 122 pp. 12°.

[blocks in formation]

Маленькіе оборванцы. (Изъ жизни заброшенныхъ дѣтей).

BARR, Amelia Edith.

N. p., n. d. 18 pp. 8o.


The mate of the "Easter Bell," and other stories.
N. Y. Bonner. [1893.] Illus. 12°.


BARRIONUEVO, Jerónimo de.
Avisos. (1654-1658.) Precede una Noticia de la vida y escritos

del autor por A. Paz y Mélia. T. 1.

Madrid. Tello. 1892.

tellanos. Historiadores.] 16°.

BASSE, William.

v. [Colección de escritores cas


Poetical works (1602-1653). Now for the first time collected and edited with introd. and notes by R. Warwick Bond.

Lond. Ellis & E. 1893. xlvi, (1), 343 pp. 2 fac-similes. Folded sheet. 8°.

BAXTER, Richard.


A call to the unconverted. 2d Canandaigua ed. Added, A discourse concerning a death-bed repentance. By William Assheton. Canandaigua. Bemis. 1822. 202 pp. 16°.


BECKER, Johann.
Die Ueberarbeitung des ursprünglichen Oedipus von Sophokles.
Cleve. Stens. 1891. 26 pp. 4°.

BENOIT, Auguste.

Du jus sepulcri à Rome.

Nancy. Crépin-Leblond. 1890. 7-162 [168] pp. 8°.

BERLINISCHE privilegirte Zeitung.


2874.103. 1st series 5, 6

Von gelehrten Sachen. Im Jahrgang 1751 der Berlinischen privil. Zeitung. Herausg. von B. A. Wagner. Th. 1, 2.

Berlin. Paetel. 1889. 2 pts. in 1 v. [Berliner Neudrucke. Serie 1. B. 5, 6.] 16°.

BEYLE, Marie Henri.

Souvenirs d'égotisme.


[1821-1830.] Autobiographie et lettres

inédites publiés par Casimir Stryienski.

Paris. Charpentier. 1892. (7), xxiii, 320 pp. 12o.

Ces pages complètent les mémoires de Stendhal qui forment ainsi trois volumes. Vie de Henri Brulard 1788–1800 [4650b.65], Journal 1801-1814 [4650b.66], Souvenirs d'égotisme, 1821-1830. Avant-propos.

BIRCH, Walter de Gray.

**3551.103 Memorials of Saint Guthlac of Crowland. Collected from the original manuscripts.

Wisbech. Leach. 1881. (9), liv, 80 pp. Pls. 8°.

No. 96 of an edition of 100 copies. BIRKMIRE, William H.



Compound riveted girders as applied in the construction of build

N. Y. Wiley. 1893. xii, (1), 117, xiv pp. Diagrams. 8°. BLANFORD, William Thomas.



Lond. Taylor & F. 1888-91. v, iii, xx, 617 PP. Illus. [Fauna of British India.] 8°.

BOBAN, Eugène.


Documents pour servir à l'histoire du Mexique. Catalogue raisonné de la collection E. Eugène Goupil. (Ancienne collection J. M. A. Aubin.) Avec une introduction de M. E. Eugène Goupil, et une lettre-préface de M. Auguste Génin.

Paris. Leroux. 1891. Text, 2 v. Portrs. Sm. fo. Atlas, 80 pl. Fo, obl.

[blocks in formation]

Lyon. Pillehotte. 1602. (16), 191, (29) pp. 16°.

[blocks in formation]

Périgueux. Imp. de la Dordogne. 1892. vii, 216, (1) pp. 4°.

No. 1 of an edition of 30 copies.

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