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HOWARD, George William Frederick, 7th earl of Carlisle.
Travels in America. The poetry of Pope. Two lectures.

N. Y. Putnam. 1851. 135 pp. 12°.

The English edition, with a different title may be found on shelf-number No. 4 in *4505.56. IJZERMAN, J. W. *3040.135 Beschrijving der oudheden nabij de grens der residentie's Soerakarta en Djogdjakarta.

Batavia. Landsdrukkerij. 1891. Text, (7), 135 pp. 9 pl. Sm.

f. Atlas. Map. 30 [32] pl. F.

IMBERT DE SAINT-AMAND, Arthur Léon, baron.


Women of the Valois court. Trans. by Elizabeth Gilbert Martin. N. Y. Scribner. 1893. Portrs. [Famous women of the French court.] 12°.

JAMES, George Payne Rainsford.

Attila. A romance.

No. 1 in *4506.178

N. Y. Harper. 1839, 1844. 2 v. in 1. 16°.

JOHNSTON, William, M.A. 1829

Under which king?

Lond. Tinsley. 1872. vi, 308 pp. Sm. 8°.

A story of the time of James the Second.

KAUFMANN, Wilhelm.



Egyptian state debt and its relation to international law. From the German, with a synopsis, &c., by Henry Wallach.

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Historical outlines of English syntax.

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KENT, Walter G.

The water meter its difficulties, types, and applications.
Lond. Spon. 1892.
1892. (1), xi, 122 pp. Plans. 8°.

KILBON, George B.

Manual training. Elementary woodwork.
Bost. Lee & S. 1893. iii, 99




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KNIELE, Rupert.

KOOPMAN, Harry Lyman.

Bibliography of George Perkins Marsh.
Burlington, 1892.

Vermont.] 8°.


24 pp. [Library of the University of

LAFON, A. J., and A. MARCEL.
L'hôtel du Bourgthéroulde à Rouen.


Paris. Librairie des imprimeries réunies. 1888. 41, (1) pp.

11 pl. Fo.
LANDOR, Walter Savage.


Pericles & Aspasia. Ed. by C. G. Crump. With etchings by Herbert Railton, etc.

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The Wolfe of Badenoch: an historical romance.

Lond. Routledge. 1892. 267 pp. 8°.

Scotland, close of the fourteenth century.

LEFÈVRE, Julien.



Le chauffage et les applications de la chaleur dans l'industrie et l'économie domestique.

Paris. Baillière. 1893. (3), 354 pp. Illus. [Bibliothèque des

connaissances utiles.] 16°.

LEIGHTON, Alexander. 1800-1874.


Romances of the old town of Edinburgh.

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Papacy, socialism and democracy. Trans. by B. L. O'Donnell.
Lond. Chapman & H. 1892. xx, 311 pp. Sm. 8°.



The martyr's victory: a tale of Danish England.
Lond. Religious tr. soc. [1886.] 256 pp. Illus. Sm. 8°.


The golden book of India. A genealogical and biographical dictionary of the ruling princes, chiefs, nobles, and other personages, titled or decorated, of the Indian empire.

Lond. Macmillan. 1893. xxiii, (1), 584 pp. Illus. 8°.

LODGE, Oliver Joseph.

Pioneers of science.


Lond. Macmillan. 1893.
1893. xv, 404 pp. Illus. Portrs. Sm. 8°.

LOGAN, Robert. *Cab.24.17.3 Genealogical chart of the royal family of Great Britain in the Scotch, Anglo-Saxon, Norman, Welsh, Guelph, and Wetten lines. With collateral branches.

Edin. Macniven & W. [1891.] LONGUEIL, marquis de.

(5) ff. Folded chart. L. f.

(5) ff.


L'orphelin anglais, drame en trois actes et en prose. [Anon.] Nouv. éd. Paris. Delalain. 1770. 36 pp. 8°.


LOTHROP, Harriet Mulford.
Little Paul, and the Frisbie school. By Margaret Sidney [pseud.].
Bost. Lothrop. 1893. Illus. 12°.

LUCAS, Frederic A.

Notes on the preparation of rough skeletons.


Wash. 1891. 11 pp. Illus. [U. S. National museum.

Bulletin. No, 39. Part C.] 8°.

LYSONS, Rev. Samuel. 1806-1877.


Claudia and Pudens; or the early Christians in Gloucester: a tale

of the first century.

Lond. Hamilton, A., & co. 1861. 270 pp. Sm. 8°.



Genius and insanity.

Lewes, 1892. 12 pp. 8°.

From The journal of mental science, England, 1892 [*3800.20.38].

MACKAY, Charles. 1814-1889.

The legendary and romantic ballads of Scotland.


Lond. Griffin, B. & co. 1861. xi, 354 pp. Sm. 8°.

A reprint of William Motherwell's Ancient and modern minstrelsy, with additions. MACKENZIE, Harriot.

Lond. Simpkin. 1892. (5), ii, 216, xcvi pp. Sm. 8°.

Modern science unlocking the Bible.

MANUEL, R., pseud.



La comédie de salon. Comment on la monte et comment on la joue.
Paris. Kolb. [1892.] (3), 263, (1) pp. Illus.

vie pratique.] 12°.


On sledge and horseback to outcast Siberian lepers.
Lond. Record press. [1891.] xvii, 243 pp.

Pls. Fac-similes. 8°.
MELVILLE, William Henry Leslie, ed.

[Guides de la


[4th ed.]
Illus. Portr.


Leven and Melville papers. Letters and state papers chiefly addressed to George earl of Melville, secretary of state for Scotland. 16891691. Edin. 1843. lxxv, 668, viii pp. Fac-simile. [Bannatyne club.] 4°.

MICHIGAN. State board of agriculture.


General index of Michigan agricultural reports, including the Transactions of the State agricultural society, 1849-1859, and the annual reports of the state board of agriculture, 1862-1888.

Lansing, 1889. 370 pp. 8°.

MILMAN, Henry Hart. 7512.52 The history of Christianity, from the birth of Christ to the abolition of paganism in the Roman empire. With a preface and notes by James Murdock.

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Camb. Univ. pr. 1891. lxxvi, 208 pp. [Pitt press series.] Sm. 8°. MILTON, John.


Ode on the morning of Christ's nativity, L'allegro, Il penseroso and Lycidas. With introd., notes and indexes by A. Wilson Verity.

Camb. Univ. pr. 1891. li, 172 pp. [Pitt press series.] Sm. 8°. MINCHIN, George Minchin.


A treatise on statics, with applications to physics. 4th ed.
Oxford. Clarendon press. 1889, 90. 2 v. 8°.

RISON, George Shattuck.

The Bismarck bridge.


[N. Y.] 1884. (2), 44 pp. 26 pl. Fo, obl.

MORISON, George Shattuck.


The Blair Crossing bridge.

[N. Y.] 1886. (2), 25 pp. 19 pl. Fo, obl.


The Cairo bridge.

MORISON, George Shattuck.

[Chicago.] 1892. 41, (12) pp. 37 [38] pl. F°, obl.

MORTON, Thomas. 1764-1838.


Education: a comedy, in five acts. (From the 1st London ed., of


MULLER, Eugène.

N. Y. Longworth. 1813. 72 pp. 24°.


Le géant et l'oiseau. Conte de jadis ou d'aujourd'hui. Illustré de 40 dessins de Giacomelli . . . et . . . C. Gilbert. [2e éd.] Paris. Dreyfous. [1890.] (3), 267, (1) pp. L. 8°. NEWBROUGH, J. B.


Oahspe: a new Bible in the words of Jehovih and his angel ambas-
Bost. 1891. Illus. Pls.
Pls. Portrs. 4°.



NOVEL REVIEW, The. (Incorporating "Tinsley's magazine".) Vol. 1. Lond. [1892.] Portrs. 8°.

No more was published. OGLE, Octavius, ed.


Royal letters addressed to Oxford, and now existing in the city archives.

Oxford. Parker. 1892. x, (2), 388 pp. Fac-similes. L. 8°. OLDEN, Thomas.

The church of Ireland.


pp. Maps. [The national

N. Y. Pott. 1892. X, 439 churches. Ed. by Peter H. Ditchfield.] Sm. 8°. ORNELLAS, Agostinho de.


Memoria sobre a residencia de Christovam Colombo na ilha da Madeira. Lisboa. Typ. da Academia real das sciencias. 1892. 11 pp. 4°. O'SHEA, Henry. 3097.138 O'Shea's guide to Spain and Portugal. Ed. by John Lomas. 9th ed. Lond. Black. 1892. (1), exiii, 562 pp. Illus. Plans. Maps. Sm. 8°. PARDO BAZÁN, Emilia.

Polémicas y estudios literarios.


Madrid. [1892.] 304 pp. [Obras completas. T. 6.] 16°.

PATERSON, Lieut. William.


A narrative of four journeys into the country of the Hottentots, and Caffraria, in 1777, 8, 9.

Lond. Johnson. 1789. xii [x], 171, iii, (1) pp. 17 pl. Map. 4°. PEMBER, G. H.


Earth's earliest ages; and their connection with modern spiritualism and theosophy. 7th ed.


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Harrisburg, 1892. 24 pp. 8°.


From the annual report of the State librarian, 1891 [*6195.40. 1891]. PERRUCHON, Jules, ed.

Les chroniques de Zar'a Yâ'eqôb et de Ba'eda Mâryâm rois d'Éthiopie de 1434 à 1478. (Texte éthiopien et traduction.) Précédées d'une introd.

Paris. Bouillon. 1893. (9), xl, (1), 206 pp. Map. [Bibliothèque de l'École des hautes études. Fasc. 93.] 8°.

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