Slike stranica
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Sung to the air of " Ballyhooly."

Tokyo. Hasegawa. 1892. 19 pp. Illus. Sm. 4°.





and baron Adalbert de

L'armée anglaise vaincue par Jeanne D'Arc sous les murs d'Orléans. Documents inédits et plan.

Orléans. Herluison. 1892.
1892. (3), 314 pp.



BROMIDE PAPER and how to use it. By an expert.

N. Y. Scovill & A. 1891. 28 pp. Pl.



BROTHER PLACIDUS, and why he became a monk. By a monk of
New Llanthony abbey, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.
Brighton. Bray. 1870. 155 pp. Sm. 8°.

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The farmer's companion; or, essays on the principles and practice

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Defensio fidei Nicænæ. A defence of the Nicene creed . . ; in which also is incidentally vindicated the creed of Constantinople; concerning the Holy Ghost. A new translation.

Oxford. Parker. 1851, 52. 2 v. [Libr. of Anglo-cath.

theol.] 8°.


Examen censuræ: or an answer to certain strictures on a book entitled Harmonia apostolica . Added, an Apology for the Harmony

in answer to T. Tully, in a book entitled Justificatio Paulina. Oxford. Parker. 1844. xix, 416 pp. [Libr. of Anglo-cath.

theol.] 8°.

BULL, George, bishop of St. David's.


Harmonia apostolica: or, two dissertations; in which the doctrine of St. James on justification by works is explained and defended: [and] the agreement of St. Paul with St. James is shewn. 2d ed. Oxford. Parker. 1844. xvi, 231, (24) pp. 1844. xvi, 231, (24) pp.

cath. theol.] 8°.

2d ed. of the transl. by Thos. Wilkinson, pub. in 1801.

[Libr. of Anglo


The judgment of the Catholic church on the necessity of believing that our Lord Jesus Christ is very God; The primitive and apostolic tradition of the doctrine concerning the divinity of our Saviour Jesus Christ; and Brief animadversions on a treatise of Gilbert Clerke. A new trans. Oxford. Parker. 1855. xiii, (1), 372 pp. [Libr. of Anglo

cath. theol.] 8°. BUTLER, John, major.


A sketch of Assam: with some account of the Hill tribes. By an officer in the Hon. East India company's Bengal native infantry. 1847. viii, (1), 220 pp. Illus. Col.

Lond. Smith, E. & co.

CAESAR, Carl Julius.

pls. Map. 8°.


Disputatio de Aristide Quintiliano et oratio prorectoris [Academiae Marburgensis] munere ineundo pridem habita.

Marburgi. Friedrich. [1884.] xii pp. 4o.

CAIRON, Claude Antoine Jules, and Adolphe JAIME. 2674.146
Le mouton enragé. Par Jules Noriac [pseud.] et Jaime fils.
Paris. Lévy. 1874. 15 pp. 12°.


CALENDAR of Dorset wills and administrations in the probate registry at Blandford. 1681-1792. Pp. 1-16.

[Lond. 1893.]

V. [Index library.] 8°.


CALENDAR of Gloucestershire wills. Proved in the consistory court of the bishop of Gloucester. 1541-1650. Pp. 1–32.

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CALIFORNIA. State board of horticulture.

California olive industry. Proceedings of the second State olive

growers' convention, July, 1892.

Sacramento. Supt. State pr. 1892. 59, (1) pp. 8°.


Soeur aînée.


Paris. Charpentier. 1890. (5), 332 pp. Pl. [La nouvelle

collection.] 12°.

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The life of St. Katharine of Alexandria. Ed. by Carl Horstmann, with forewords by F. J. Furnivall.

Lond. Kegan Paul. 1893. xlvi, 463 pp. [Early English text society. Original series. 100.] 8°. CARPENTIER, Émilie.

Sauvons-le !


Paris. Hachette. 1884. (3), 351, (1) pp. Illus. [Bibliothèque rose illustrée.] 16°.


La leggenda di Alessandro Magno. Studio storico-critico.
Mondovi. Issoglio. 1892. 375, (3) pp.

CAUSSE, Charles.

Un manuscrit. [Roman. Par] Pierre Maël [pseud.].




Paris. Charpentier & F. 1891. (3), 245 pp. Pl. [La nouvelle collection.] 12°.

CHAIGNET, Anthelme Édouard.


Essais de métrique grecque. Le vers iambique. Précédé d'une introd. sur les principes généraux de la métrique grecque.

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[Bost. Damrell & U. 1888.] 17 pp. 16°.

From the Boston med. and surg. journ., 1888 [*7774.5.119]. CHAPMAN, Abel, and Walter J. BUCK.


Wild Spain (España agreste): records of sport with rifle, rod, and

gun, natural history, and exploration.

Lond. Gurney & J. 1893. xx, 472 pp. Illus. Pls. Map. 8°.



Recollections of an Egyptian princess, by her English governess. Being a record of five years' residence at the court of Ismael Pasha, Khédive.

Edin. Blackwood. 1893. 2 v. Portrs. 8°.

CLARK, Alvan, & sons.

Notes on the telescope.


Cambridgeport, 1892. 22, (1) pp. 12°.
Literature of the telescope, by Charles R. Eastman, pp. 5-14.




Cruel persecutions of the protestants in the kingdom of France. 1st Amer. reprint of the Eng. trans. pub. in Lond. in 1707. With a sketch of the author by Narcisse Cyr, publisher.

Bost. 1893. xiv, 212 pp. Portr. 24°.

CLEAVELAND, Daniel Athearn.


Case of poisoning by water gas, with new method of treatment: recovery.

Bost. Damrell & U. [1889.] 10 pp.
From the Boston med. and surg. journ., 1889 [*7774.5.121].


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Added, his Palinode, 1600. With a


Original letters, 1582-1603.

memoir of the author. [Ed. by David Laing.]

Edin. 1858. (8), 1, viii, 407 pp. Fac-simile. [Bannatyne

club.] 4°. COMPAYRÉ, Gabriel.

L'évolution intellectuelle et morale de l'enfant.

CONDER, Josiah.

Italy. Vol. 1.


Paris Hachette. 1893. xxiv, 371, (1) pp. 8°.

Lond. Duncan. 1834. Map. Sm. 8°.


*5540.9 CONFESSIONAL REVISION: a collection of 395 articles that have appeared in the religious press between Sept., 1887, and Oct., 1890, on the subject of revising the Westminster confession of faith. [With appendix, Jan., 1891.]

Pittsburgh, 1890 [,91]. Scrap-book. F.

COOKE, Mordecai Cubitt.


Vegetable wasps and plant worms. A popular history of entomogenous fungi, or fungi parasitic upon insects.

Lond. Soc. for prom. Christian knowledge. 1892.

pp. Illus. Sm. 8°.

CORVIN-WIERSBITZKI, Otto Julius Bernhard von.
Erinnerungen aus meinem Leben. 3te Aufl.

Leipz. Thiel.

v, (1), 364


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Contents.-1. Claire d'Albe.-Élisabeth.-La prise de Jéricho. 2. Malvina. 3. Amélie Mansfield. 4, 5. Mathilde.

Same. Paris. Firmin Didot. 1838.
Firmin Didot. 1838. 3 v. in 1. 8°.

6674.25 *Cab.80.60.6

Solesmes. Les sculptures de l'église abbatiale, 1496–1553. Reproductions. État de la question d'origine. Par M. de la Tremblaye. Ouvrage publié avec le patronage de la Société historique et archéologique du Maine.

Solesmes. Impr. Saint-Pierre. 1892. 186, (2) pp. Illus. 38 pl. F. CUNNINGHAM, Sir Alexander, major-gen. 1814- 3040a.128 Ladák, physical, statistical, and historical.

1854. xii, (2), 485 pp. Pls. 8°.

Lond. Smith, E. & co. 1877. viii, 167 pp. Sm. 8°.


Lond. Allen. 1854.

DOMETT, Alfred.

Flotsam and jetsam : rhymes old and new.

DRAPER, Lyman Copeland.


A biographical sketch of Charles H. Larrabee.

[Madison, 1882.] 25 pp.


DRAYTON, Michael.

From the Coll. of the State hist. soc. of Wisconsin, 1882 [*4377.1.9].

The battaile of Agincourt: with introd. and notes by Richard Gar

Lond. Whittingham. 1893. xxiii, 120 pp. Portrs. Sm. 8".



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