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PENNSYLVANIA ACADEMY of the fine arts.


Examples of the English pre-Raphaelite school of painters, with a

collection of the works of William Blake.

Exhibited Dec. 8.

Phila. 1892. 30, (2) pp. 16o.

PERCY'S guide to the Royal jubilee exhibition, Manchester.
Manchester, 1887. 64 pp. Illus.
Illus. Plan. 8o.

PERRY, William Stevens, bishop of Iowa.



The relations of the clergy to their vestries and congregations.
Davenport, 1892. 27 pp. 12o.

Mr. Phillips in Alamance.

No. 3 in 4428.194

N. t. p., n. p. [1870.] 2 pp. 8°.



Outline of the Phillips genealogy for 300 years, and of the Coventry branch for 100 years.


Munsell. 1887.] Broad-side. 8o.



1892. (3), vi, 134 pp. [Bibliothèque slave

L'Italie & la Russie au XVIe siècle.

Paris. Leroux. 1892.

elzévirienne.] 18°.

Contents.-Voyages de Paoletto Centurione à Moscou.-Dmitri Guérasimov à Rome.Gian Francesco Citus à Moscou. PITCAIRN, Robert, ed.


Historical and genealogical account of the principal families of the

name of Kennedy. From an original мs.

With notes.

Edin. Tait.
Tait. 1830. ix, (1), 218 pp. Fac-simile. 4°.

POOR, Henry Varnum.


The tariff: its bearing upon the industries and politics of the United States. N. Y. Poor. 1892. iv, 121 pp. 8°.


POPE, Albert Augustus.
Highway improvement. Address before the Carriage builders'

national assoc., Syracuse, Oct. 17, 1889.

N. p. 1889.

1889. 18 pp. 12o.


A memorial to Congress on the subject of a comprehensive exhibit of roads, their construction and maintenance, at the World's Columbian exposition. [Bost. 1892.] 110 pp. 8°.

Road making a branch of instruction in colleges.
Bost. Pope. 1892. 32 pp.



POPE, Albert Augustus.

Wagon roads as feeders to railways.

Bost. A. A. Pope. 1892. 22 pp. 8°.

PORTER, Edward Griffin.



[Record of marriage of John Hancock and Dorothy Quincy. Remarks at a meeting of the Mass. historical soc., April, 1891.] [Bost. 1891.] 2 pp.


From the Proceedings of the Mass. hist. soc., 1891 [*2355.12. 2d ser. v. POTTER, William James.

. 6].



The Free religious association: its twenty-five years and their meaning. Bost. Free relig. assoc. of America. 1892. 31 pp. PRINZIVALLI, Virginio, ed.


1492. IV centenario della scoperta dell' America. 1892. Cristoforo Colombo. Pubblicato in occasione della grande rivista navale internazionale passata nel porto di Genova.

Roma. E. Perino. 1892. 24 pp. Illus. Portrs. Fo.
PUTNAM, James Jackson.

On chronic arsenic poisoning, especially from wall-paper.
[Bost. Damrell & U. 1889.] 23 pp. 16o.


From the Bost. med. and surg. journ., 1889 [*7774.5.120].

QUEROL, Vicente Wenceslao.

Rimas. Con un prólogo de Teodoro Llorente.


Madrid. Tello. 1891. xliv, (1), 365
1891. xliv, (1), 365 pp. Portr. [Colección de

escritores castellanos. Líricos.] 16°.
QUEYRAT, Frédéric.


L'imagination et ses variétés chez l'enfant. Étude de psychologie expérimentale

Paris. Alcan. 1893. (3), 162 pp. [Bibliothèque de philosophie contemporaine.] 12°.

RANDALL, Samuel Sidwell.

Mental and moral culture, and popular education.


N. Y. Francis. 1844.

1844. 336 pp. 16°.

RIAÑO, Juan Facundo.
El arte monumental americano.


Conferencias.] 8°.

Madrid. Rivadeneyra. 1892. 20 pp. [Ateneo de Madrid.


La miseloque. Choses et gens de théâtre.


Paris. Charpentier. 1893. 270 pp. 12o.

ROGERS, William Augustus.

**E.5140a.55.1. Pt. 5 Catalogue of 8627 stars between 49° 50′ and 55° 10′ of north declination 1855, for the epoch 1875, from observations made according to the programme of the Astronomische Gesellschaft at the astronomical observatory of Harvard college, 1870 to 1884.

Leipzig. Astronomische Gesellschaft. 1892. 176 pp. 4o.

RUTGERS COLLEGE, New Brunswick, N. J.


Addresses at the inauguration of Austin Scott, as president of Rutgers college, New Brunswick, Feb. 4, 1891.

SHELDON, Hezekiah Spencer.


P., 1891. 36 pp. 8°.


Documentary history of Suffield, in the colony and province of Massachusetts bay. 1660-1749.

Springfield [etc.]. Bryan [etc.]. 1879-88. (4), 343 pp. 3 pts. in 1 v. 8°.

[blocks in formation]

Memoirs of Sergeant Dale, his daughter, and the orphan Mary.

[blocks in formation]

Berwick. Melrose. 1830. 34 pp. Pls. 24°.

SIGURÐAR, þáttr Hranasonar.


Sigurd Ranessöns Proces. Udgivet efter Haandskrifterne af Gustav Storm.

Kristiania. Malling. 1877. (4), 68 pp. [Norsk historisk Kildeskriftfond.] 8°.

SMISSEN, Alfred Louis Adolphe Graves, baron van der. 4312.152 Souvenirs du Mexique. 1864-1867.

Bruxelles. Lebègue. 1892. (3), 232 pp. Maps. 8°.



The stories of the kings of Norway called the round world (Heimskringla). Done into English out of the Icelandic by William Morris and Eiríkr Magnússon. Vol. 1.

Sm. 8°.

Lond. Quaritch. 1893.

v. Map. [Saga library. Vol. 3.]

STACY, John.

A general history of the county of Norfolk graphical notices.

Norwich. Stacy. 1829. 2 v. Map.

[blocks in formation]

STATUE, La, de Voltaire érigée par lui-même. 2e éd., augm.
Douniol. 1867. 70, (2) pp. 16°.





Moral and instructive entertainment: a series of engaging stories for children.

Lond. Lacey. [182-?] (1), 73-140 pp. Pls. 24°. STORM, Gustav, ed.


En Tale mod Biskoperne. Et politisk Stridsskrift fra Kong Sverres Tid. Christiania. Gundersen. 1885. (1), xviii, 35 pp. [Norsk historisk Kildeskriftfond.] 8°.

TAIT, Lawson.

The discussion on vivisection at the Church congress.


Lond. Victoria street and internat. soc. for the protection of

[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

A welcome to Her royal highness the princess of Wales. Owen Jones, illuminator.

[Lond.] Day. 1863. L. 8°.


THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY of the Protestant episcopal church

in the diocese of Virginia.

Services and addresses in connection with the recent dedications.
Richmond, 1859. 43 pp. 8°.

[blocks in formation]

L'attelage de la marquise. Le secret de l'abbé Césaire. Comment

on devient pacha. 9e éd.

Paris. Lévy. 1890. (5), 398 pp. 12o.

TOMPKINS, Charles R.

The woodworkers' manual.

Dover. White. TUPPER, Henry Martyn.


1892. 60 pp. Pls. 8°.


The Tupper family.

[Raleigh, N. C., Jan., 1890.] 3 pp. TURNER, Elizabeth. 1775-1846.



The cowslip; or, more cautionary stories in verse. By the author

of... The daisy. 9th ed.

Lond. Harris. 1824.

68 pp.



UNDERWOOD, Francis Henry.

Quabbin, the story of a small town with outlooks upon Puritan life.
Bost. Lee & S. 1893. Illus. Portr.
Portr. 12°.

UNITED STATES hay-fever association.

Manual for 1892.

N. p. [1892.]


V. 16o.


VITERBO, Ettore.

Grammatica e dizionario della lingua óromonica (Galla).
Milano. Hoepli. 1892. 2 v. in 1. [Manuali Hoepli.] 16°.

WAKE, William, archbishop of Canterbury, tr.


The genuine epistles of the apostolical fathers, St. Barnabas, St. Ignatius, St. Clement, St. Polycarp; the Shepherd of Hermas, and the martyrdom of St. Ignatius and St. Polycarp.

Sin. 8°.

Lond. Routledge. 1893. [Sir John Lubbock's hundred books.]

[blocks in formation]

Bost. Privately printed. 1884. 262 pp. Portr. 8°.

WHITTIER, John Greenleaf.

Souvenir of Whittier. Portrait, with his autobiography.
Bost. Russell. 1892. 12 pp. Illus. 12o.

WILLIAMS, Catherine R.
Aristocracy, or, the Holbey family: a national tale.
Prov. Knowles. 1832. 312 pp.




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