Slike stranica
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In raised letters for the use of the blind.



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In raised letters for the use of the blind.

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V. 8°.

Contents.-1. Kinematics.

The quarterly lists of new books heretofore printed in the Library

Bulletin have been discontinued.

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Office of Publication at the Boston Public Library, Boylston Street, Boston. Published weekly. Subscription, $1.50 a year.

Entered at the Boston, Mass., Post Office, as second-class mail matter, October 23, 1893.

The numbers under 2110 will be found in Lower Hall.



Catalogue de [sa] bibliothèque.

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Cartas, seguidas de documentos que as elucidam publicadas de ordem da classe de sciencias moraes, politicas e bellas-lettras da Academia real das sciencias de Lisboa, e sob a direcção de Raymundo Antonio de Bulhão Pato. T. 1.

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Année 1-16.


Par N. Gateuil &C. Daviet.

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Two roving Englishwomen in Greece.


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[blocks in formation]



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Contents.-1. Essai sur la transmission de la science antique au Moyen âge. Doctrines et pratiques chimiques. Traditions techniques et traductions arabico-latines, avec publication nouvelle du Liber ignium de Marcus Græcus, et impression originale du Liber sacerdotum. 2. L'alchimie syriaque. Comprenant une introduction et plusieurs traités d'alchimie syriaques et arabes d'après les manuscrits du British museum et Cambridge. Texte et trad., avec notes [etc.] avec la collaboration de Rubens Duval. 3. L'alchimie arabe. Comprenant une introduction et les traités de Cratès, d'El-Habib, d'Ostanès et de Djâber, tirés des manuscrits de Paris et de Leyde. Texte et trad., notes [etc.] avec la collaboration de O. Houdas. BLACK, William.

The handsome Humes, a novel.


[blocks in formation]


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Catalogue of a collection of early New England books made by the late John Allen Lewis and now in the possession of the Boston Public library.

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From the Bulletin, July, 1892 [*6200a.32.11=*6200a.33.11].

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[blocks in formation]

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A treatise on highway construction. 2d ed.



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[blocks in formation]

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Bibliography, pp. 291–303.



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of Orleans.

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